She wears polka dot and is a foodie

Did you know a ladybug aint really a bug but its a beetle? Yep.

On day, a ladybugbeetle landed on my desk and I thought it
would be fun to deliver a editorial of my model with miniature
props! With Hamtaro playhouse toys to be exact. God I loved
playing this thing when I was little.

All pictures are captured with Olympus E-PL1 4+ macro lens.

If all our favorite food are as big as we are, we'd have no starvation in this world I think. 

This picture totally reminds me of water skiing with that banana behind lol.

Yes, you are beautiful c: 

After a nice hour of shooting my model, I decided to let her go, in her green habitat. 

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  1. i'm embarrassingly sorta creeped out by ladybugs, but this is really cool. photography always on point.

  2. i love lady beetles! lolll
    awwwww these photos brightened up my day.
    thanks for taking them and posting!

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
    Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

  3. Such a photogenetic ladybug - urm - beetle, I mean! xD Once again really beautiful pictures. The 'water skiing' one and the one shot in nature are my favoure photos! <3

    I also had these Hamtaro playhouse toys when I was little! I have collected all of them, addicted me. As I was growing older my mum gave it to another families children for them to play with it. I kind of want to play with all these tiny miniature furniture and figures again... ;__;

    much loves,

  4. I love it how your Unexpected Visitor became your Model of The Day. You've got the "Be(e) Spontaneous" right on the dot ~

  5. Awww love it!!

  6. This is way too cute :) Amazing detail on those photos too.


  7. This is so cute !

  8. how cute !! great photograph btw

  9. I LOVE these pics :-D I think it is awesome that you captured this.

  10. SO cute! <3 Echt hele toffe foto's! :D

  11. aw she's so pretty :O oh she or he? why they call it a lady bug? It might be a guy! poor him if he's a guy... lol random thought.
    anyway, amazing photo's as always <3

    I invite you to join my first "giveaway" which is open international!


  12. wow I love this post so much :)
    it's so cute but I'm afraid of (all of the) insects :S

  13. Love it ,mazing Pictures ,super cuteeeeeeeeeee :)


  14. I'm surprised it didn't fly off. xD How agreeable it was as a model. Awesome pictures.

  15. I love ladybugs! They're really friendly. At school, one landed on my hand and wouldn't leave me, so I had to carry it around on my hand for two class periods without injuring it.

  16. This is so amazing! :) The fact that it didn't immediately flew away also says something about you as a human being. :D
    And the photographs turned out great. ^^

  17. hahaha this is absolutely fantastic! =)


  18. wowwww! these pics are absolutely gorgeous, what a cute model! :)

  19. Aww that's soo cute! Ladybug playing with miniature things :) I love the one with her banana haha.

  20. Really beautiful photos but the photo of it on your hand makes my skin crawl! What if it spontaneously flew right into your face :o There was one on my towel yesterday and I was just thinking how the hell did it get into the house! Also, in the UK we call them ladybirds (no idea why) but finding out their technically a beetle makes them even worse to me!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog


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