WhenIComeHomeSnacks 09

Survived first week of school. It was okay actually!

How was your first week of school?

My snack dish that I got from Daiso. 

Panda Pocky, or I'd like to call an Oreo on a stick. 

Yogurt with fresh strawberries and a dollop peanut butter on top. 

These artistic looking Japanese cakes are called 'wagashi'. Very delicious! 

Pistachio nuts <3>

I'm Feeling: lazy
Music: Ellie Goulding - I know you care (live) - Love the sound of effortless to high note at the end! 
Food: eierkoek
Drink: tea


  1. Sooo much good food *drooling*. I have to buy pistachios again, they're quite addictive!

  2. The piggy plate is so cute <3 Ik heb die panda Pocky ook gekocht, maar nog niet geproefd ;) Mijn eerste week school ging ook goed :D

  3. Hooray for surviving the first week of school! Great photos, tehe. I just discovered Ellie Goulding's song I Know You Care when I watched the movie Now Is Good; I love her songs! Especially enjoying Burn lately :)

  4. Oh goodness, dit ziet er allemaal goddelijk uit. Soms zou ik echt willen dat Daiso in Nederland leverde.. al zou dat echt niet goed zijn voor mijn bankrekening. - Ik heb echt heel veel zin in pistache nootjes nu :o

  5. It has been more than a year since i had my last Pocky Stick x3
    *nice idea to call a oreo-cookie-look-a-like pocky a 'panda pocky'* ...if it was not so much asia related they could also call them 'dalmatian pocky' - which would suit better because of its chocolate dotted look :D

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  6. oh wow!! I should seriously try eating strawberries with mil or yogurt rather than eating them simply! they look delicious! :D

  7. These all look so good!


  8. Awww, that pig bowl is so cute

  9. omg, dat bord. Ik moet die hebben haha! Hij is echt zo schattig zeg :). En de panda/oreo on a stick lijkt me nog best lekker :)

  10. i still need to try the panda pocky and biscuit


  11. Dat ziet er lekker uit! :D

    Hm, eerste week, meteen al veel verslagen en huiswerk. En daarnaast het grote project natuurlijk... En vrijwillegerswerk.. Hm. Ben benieuwd.

  12. The wagashi are so pretty. I haven't tried the panda Pocky yet, but I've given it as a gift to some friends and they've all like it. ^^

  13. Them pocky sticks look goood *_*


  14. how many lot of good things to eat, yummy!
    my first week in new school was so interesting...

  15. Yum yum yums!
    I wish they sold those oreo sticks in the average asian supermarket here...
    The pork looking dish is soo cute :)

  16. Sigh Japanese snacks are the best.

    It's not my first week of school here haha, in fact I'm in the middle of exams and my holidays are in less than two weeks. Can't wait!

  17. That dish is sooo cute! I love going to Daiso, because I always find the cutest items! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  18. You always have the cutest food! Look at the pocky :o

  19. Omg everything make's drool >.<
    The pocky sticks are soooo adorable!
    and your snack dish hehee.


  20. Huuuungry! I love pistachio nuts.

  21. I love Daiso. It makes me feel like home haha

  22. Ouu the japanese cakes look so yummy. Kind of remind me of a similar chinese treat (forgot the name). Cool pics as always mei :)

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  23. love the pig plate! :) and panda pocky is adorable~~

  24. I love all these snacks! wow i didn't realize that pig is actually a plate! i didn't think of that! how adorable ;w; daiso has all kinds of adorable haha sigh,japanese and their stuff.
    i love love the pocky panda! :3 too bad it's not available here :s had to go back to HK's train station to get it lol
    wanna try wagashi as well~ TvT what's the filling?
    last but not least, pistachio is one of the best snacks >:) one of my favorite :3 love all your photographs, mei o/

  25. Well my first week back was quite stressful, it's the uva so a lot of things went wrong with my classes! And I had to do lots of reading and assignments already...
    But I'm also thinking of joining a nice studentenvereniging, one for traveling with no ontgroening and obligations :)


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