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Not sure if you have noticed but I've been
releasing a post everyday! And I'd be lying if I said it
was easy thing to do, coming up with a topic, writing
in proper English, uploading & editing pictures... it
requires some brain activity here! I look up to bloggers who 
sometimes updates 4 posts per day! 

The weatherman 
 lied about a sunny warm Sunday and even rated
an 8 out of 10 for a suitable 'BBQ day'. Uh, no not really
cuz the entire day was gray and had drizzled. Anyway
hope your weekend was well! Lets gets ready for
the sweet Monday!  

(Giveaway is closed and winner will be announced ASAP!)

This drink is mwah. I preper the real solid Maltesers more. 

 These 2 characters are called 'Jip & Janneke'. They used to be my favorite childhood characters! 

 I've tried out this fat midi Pocky. It was okay. The milk chocolate wasn't so nice... 

 These spongecake by Muji were lovely c: They were only 1 buck!


  1. Het is 5 over 1 en ik heb honger ;-;! Echt he, dat sommige mensen zoveel op 1 dag kunnen posten, niet normaal :'). Jouw foto's vind ik altijd zo leuk om te zien ^^!

  2. Oh man, I love Kimnori so much! Just looking at this reminds me that I need to stock up on more, haha.

  3. Everything looks so yummi x)


  4. Oh it IS indeed hard to actually post every week. As you said I for myself am not creative enough to do that. xD So I already admire you for posting almost every day lately and still having such a high quality within your pictures and content!
    Ugh it's already past midnight here and your post made me hungry again and crave for these delicious sweets! Especially those crispy seaweeds! Gosh! I think I ought to buy a package myself tomorrow at our local asian food-shop, haha!

    much loves,

  5. oohhh.. so much good snacks!! that maltezer milkshake looks so yummy!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. Bahaha congratulations on being able to update once a day! I think people who find time to update more than once a day....are either updating from their phone or aren't necessarily updating things with great content OR they have tons of things they want to publish already pre-written...or they aren't particularly busy with their life.

    I feel like it's a small accomplishment when I can update even just once a week! But anyway, those snacks all look really good, even if you're not a huge fan of that Pocky one. There are so many flavors of Pocky! The mango flavor is pretty good & the green tea is probably my favorite.

  7. ahhh all these snacks look delicious! yummy!! especially that maltesers milkshake! yumm!

    xoxo, charlene

  8. Dude, these food are like my life, my asian snack heaven. AHHH YUMM. But the chocolate things I've never tried before, but that look yummy and drink at the top...interesting...probably have to find that and try it. :D
    Love the photos!


  9. You always have delicious foods/sweets. I wanna try the Maltesers Milk Shake but I don't think we have that in our country. Have a great day!
    x, http://shekinahjoy.com

  10. Die jip en janneke rozijntjes zijn trouwens echt heel erg lekker haha!

  11. Aah die matcha chocolaatjes, ik wil ze weer <3 Ik vond het weer gisteren ook stom, ik had het veel warmer en zonniger verwacht =/

  12. Ahh Jip en Janneke! Sweet memories :3 Ik kan het ook niet begrijpen hoe sommigen zo vaak kunnen updaten! Ik zie wel dat de craftbloggers met grootste aanhang veel minder vaak updaten, eens in de week of 2 weken ofzo, dus no worries! ^^ Al is het wel leuk om iedere dag weer iets nieuws te lezen :P xx

  13. Is that green tea chocolate above? It looks so nice and delish :)

  14. Wow een overspoeling van chocola! Nu heb ik zin in chocolademelk met heeeel veeeel slagroom en caramelsaus.. hmm geen goed idee xd
    En wat knap dat je elke dag schrijft! Ik zou het echt niet aan kunnen. Ik ben na twee weken nog steeds inspiratieloos haha.
    En ik heb nooit zin om de foto's te bewerken :p Behalve als ik huiswerk heb natuurlijk; dan wordt bloggen opeeens HEEL interessant haha.

  15. So many snacks! Oh man that Malteser drink sounds like a really good idea haha.

  16. You go! Everyone loves your post so why not? :)
    Oh I'm digging all the snack posts, too!

  17. congrats for blogging every day! and i too admire folks who can pop out multiple blogs a day!

  18. Oh alles ziet er zo lekker uit haha, ben heel benieuwd naar het drankje bij de maltesers!

  19. omg that all looks amazing!! xx

  20. Everthing looks so nice and yummy :D

  21. Nom nom nom. That looks delicious but also kind of dangerous...

  22. Waar haal je al die lekkere dingen toch? :o


    à la foliee


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