Breathing In Hong Kong - three


Missing my Hong Kong even more when going through these pictures!

The temperature is finally starting to drop in Holland and sooner or later the first snow flake will fall on the streets, covering it like a blanket. Do you guys have ‘winter toes’ issues? I do and it gets really itchy around your toes and its super annoying :c  

And some of you might throw some suggestions like: “get a pair of Uggs, so warm and fluffy” but I’m sorry I just dislike Uggs. I might give those colourful ones the benefit of the doubts, but again I reeeally don’t like Uggs. So I’ll just have to do it with the thermal socks which gives a lovely sweaty and smelly feet as well. Anyway have a nice weekend!

Even weer wat vakantiefoto’s van Hong Kong doorhalen met een mok thee in mijn hand.

Ik denk dat het echt gedaan is met het warme 17°C + weer. De pepernoten liggen er niets voor niets lang en breed in de winkel en ik begin toch weer een beetje last van 'wintertenen' te krijgen. Klink onschuldig maar tis het niet want je krijgt loads of jeuk aan je tenen en dat is niet lief van moeder natuur :c

“Koop dan Uggs, lekker warm!” sorry ik pas’em ik hou echt niet van Uggs. Misschien zijn die kleurrijke Uggs nog te doen maar dat is dan ook gedaan met die Uggs. Dan nog liever thermo sokken kopen want die helpen ook! Ik heb dus daarom flink ingeslagen bij de Bristol met hun 21% taxfree actie. Anyway het is zaterdag dus dat betekent: ‘Ik Hou Van Holland’ kijken! Zo leuk is dat met die lolbroek van een Jeroen!  

Streetfood fishballs. 

Gotta love supermarkets from foreign countries c: 

Having Hong Kong milktea style at Cafe de Coral

 Gorgeous Lui Seng Chun building. 

Dinner with aunties and uncles. 

I'm Feeling: relaxed, cold
Music: Christina Aguilera - We Remain - I like this powersong by miss Aguilera!
Food: tangerine 
Drink: tea


  1. I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong! The pictures are stunning!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. I miss Hong Kong so much now :(
    I wish I could have some good hk café style food in the Netherlands. French toast, milk tea and more mmm

  3. Liever bevroren tenen dan Uggs!

  4. all your photos of Hong Kong really makes me want to visit Hong Kong and eat all the yummy food. I still have never been.

  5. I would like to go back to Hong Kong, since I don't really remember much. I only remember the incredibly tall buildings and seafood markets.

    Whenever I'm in foreign countries, I also like to check out supermarkets. It's fun to see local brands that I have doing different flavors and products.

  6. I didn't know there's "winter toes" something cause we don't have snow here :( Ow Hong Kong looks safe and beautiful :)

  7. I am seriously considering visiting China in December, if I don't go back to San Francisco, because my old college roommate will be there! Another great Hong Kong post :^)

  8. I also like supermarkets from foreign countries! They're always a visit worth and just remind me of an adventure haha :)

  9. Nice pictures !

  10. Wow dat ziet er echtt zó tof uit!

  11. oh, Hong Kong looks amazing! and the photos are awesome ♥

  12. Awww I miss the milk tea in Hong Kong and the diners!

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  13. I used to hate Ugg Boots too. But now I've gotten used to them. I just only wear them around the house. I have the same issue with toes and circulation. I believe it happens when they rapidly change from warm to cold, etc.

  14. So awesome baby! i love this photos! new follower!

  15. Drie paar sokken aantrekken en je hebt helemaal geen Uggs nodig ;) Hele mooie foto's, het eten ziet er lekker uit!

  16. oh hier wil ik echt zooo graag eens heen! het lijkt me een fantastische en ontzettend intrigerende stad

  17. Maybe one day i am going to visit Hong Kong, too x3
    Oh and really forgot to translate the taste of that Capri Sonne Fairy Drink - it taste like apple, banana and strawberry mixed together - in one word: super sweet strawberry-apple :D

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  18. Amazing photos!

  19. Vraagje: De balk van etsy, F, DA, P, V en x (wat is dat?) blijft dwars door mijn beeld staan! :o

    Tip voor de wintertenen: Je kan even kijken naar Palladium schoenen (met wolle voering) of Panama Jack (Timberland en PJ lijken op elkaar, PJ is alleen goedkoper en naar mijn mening beter, en zijn dik gevoerd met katoen ipv synthetisch materiaal.) Zorg dat je schoenen niet te strak zitten, anders heb je toch niks aan je zoeken.
    Wol is het warmst, dit isoleert het beste. Zorg daarnaast voor een schoen met een dikke zool (kou komt ook van onderen) en lekker dik leder/nubuck/suede etc... Succes! :]

  20. Gorgeous photos! I would miss Hong Kong too, if I experience it like this! The Lui Seng Chun building is so beautiful!!!

  21. Nice post!

  22. I always really enjoy your pictures of Hong Kong Mei! It always looks so amazing! :)

  23. I know exactly how you feel about Uggs but I cannot get over how warm they keep my feet. At the end for me, it's warmth and comfort over fashion, sadly

  24. Heeeele fijne foto's. Ik wil ook nog eens graag naar HongKong!

  25. I miss HK fishballs :3 i think it's a very Honkie thing because most ppl who aren't from HK don't think its that good LOL

    à la foliee

  26. first off, something wrong with your blog layout? the position of your navigation sidebar is overlaying the blog post hm... :s

    anyway, on to the topic: yay for another hk post! i loooove your hk posts >w< (cough)hkaddict(cough)
    in which you're annoyed at winter toes while here i am, wishing that i live in a country with four season :( it's always summer here ugh i'm meltingggg :))

    them hk street food curry fish balls <3 but sometimes it requires a lot of wandering around to find the "right" booth for the right fish balls. :s i have yet to find one in causeway bay last time... i knew there's one in tsim sha tsui though :\ but forgot its exact location ^^;;

    love the supermarkets in hk. the one i went to in CB was wellcomm... was that also the one you went to? anyway, i love staying in those foreign markets since their fruits are also a lot cheaper than what i find here in my local country =___=;; my dad was like seeing heaven when he compared the price of cherries in hk lol

    ....i miss cafe de coral :P not sure if all cafe de corals serve milk tea in a big bottle but the one i went to in china did that haha it was like drinking beer :P

    oh btw, this part of hk is in new territories right?

  27. I'm planning to visit hongkong with my bf on the future :D those pictures look's really amazing!

    I invite you to join my October "giveaway" which is open international!



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