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Apart shopping in fashion boutiques and loving clothes, I love to shop or just stroll around in a bookstore and go flip books. Maybe I love this even more. After leaving the manga exhibition ANI-COM & Games (post: here) me and my lil’ niece went to this Taiwanese Eslite Bookstore at Causeway Bay. And this my friend, aren’t just your ordinary bookstore.

It has 3 floors with: books (obvious), art, mini gallery, stationery, café/tearoom and a lecture room. I had to pinch myself for a bit because I thought I landed on heaven. Almost. So, smartphone off and start reading or just flipping through books  rather buying it (guilty..), ha.  Definitely going back for sure to this place next time in Hong Kong.


Volgens mij beschikken de meeste meiden wel van ‘shop-genen’ en voldoening voor winkelen, ik in ieder geval wel. Naast de mode boetiekjes ben ik dol DOL op boekenwinkels. Zo was ik in Hong Kong op hol geslagen toen ik ‘Eslite Bookstore’ binnenliep samen met m’n nichtje.

Why? Nou, omdat deze 3 vloeren boekenwinkel uiteenlopende categorieën van boeken heeft, zowel in Engels als Chinees. Dus, smartphone uit en ga lekker snuffelen en lezen. Niet te vergeten: kunst, schrijfwaren, galerijtje, café/theehuis en een lezing zitten ook in deze winkelpand. Hoe vet is dat! Mij zie je sowieso weer terug in deze winkel c:   
My partner (and camera-woman) in crime: my niece! 

Before, we had lunch at some foodcourt with variety choices of cuisine. We picked Hokkaido Dairy Farm because me and my niece love silky smooth eggs that's prepared with hokkaido milk. 4/5  

Inside the Eslite Bookstore, we discovered this small white gallery room with nothing but some wallpaints and a tv with a portfolio work of this artist. Kind of interesting.

Spending some time with books. I've bought some cookbooks. 

Why are these Asian magazine so thick? Not the magazine itself but because of the freebies (could be a tote bag, makeup, stationery, slippers) inside! I've bought 2. Because I'm a sucker for freebies in magazines c:

I did not forget papa and purchased some of his beloved Chinese herbal tea. 

According to my niece, they serve the best bubble tea in HK. Hence the huge queue we had at that time, and we were super bumped out when we saw the tapioca pearls were temporary out of stock! Grr.

Me and my niece were determined to have bubble tea no matter what, and waited until the tapioca pearls came back in stock. So that being said and did and got rewarded. 

 By the way: Happy Halloween! 
spending mine with Supernatural episodes *cough* 


  1. Looks awesome! Making me hungry and wanting your headband!

  2. Leuk die kattenoortjes! Hihiii :P Ik mis het soms dat je in China half-verkleed over straat kan gaan xD Happy halloween! Ik heb vandaag een pompoen gekocht :D ben nog aan het twijfelen of ik pompoen soep of taart ga maken.. misschien kan ik 1 partje gebruiken voor een minitaartje :) xx

  3. Oh my goodness! I love that bookstore!! And your bunny ears - so so cute!! Oh, and P.S. I love Supernatural, too!! So perfect for Halloween night :)

  4. Aaaahh daar moet ik heen haha, toen ik in hk was ging ik ook altijd naar boekenwinkels maar die waren nooit zo groot als die :o.

  5. I love the bunny ears you are wearing! :)

    xxDenysia Yu
    <a href="”></a>

  6. this makes me really miss hong kong! glad i'm going back soon!
    lovely photographs, too!

  7. This looks like the best place ever! Hong Kong features among the places I would like to visit someday. Looks like you had a great time there too :D


  8. Oh this bookstore looks so amazing! Lucky duck!

  9. ack i stayed in causeway bay and i didn't find this place! W H Y lol now that makes me sad :( i wasn't that smart enough with the map, it seems. sigh. i did walk around causeway bay but guess didn't explore enough... i end up using the MRT to walk around tsim sha tsui then central and sheungwan lol

  10. A lot of Japanese things sell.
    I love masking tape !


  11. Ik houd van boekenwinkels! Je oortjes zijn zo schattig <3

  12. dat lijkt me echt een fantastische winkel, ik kan echt uuuuren ronddwalen in een goede boekenwinkel

  13. Love your outfit ^^
    Leuke foto met die wallpaint!

  14. Hey love your ears hahaha I love tenren mingcha they make the best tea in the world :)

  15. Omg, I love your head band! :-) Great pics, looks like you had a great time again. What a huge book store.

  16. Leuke boekwinkel! Heerlijk zo'n dag snuffelen! :D

  17. ahahha aw looks like you had lot of fun :) i'm studying in HK btw and will definitely give a try to the bookstore you've mentioned hihi :3 anw love your top and you look pretty! have a nice day xo

  18. I like the bunny ears! It looks so sweet:)

  19. You're soo pretty! <3 love your look so much! xxx

    Bloglovin' | Facebook

  20. Your photos are so great! I'm looking forward to every post from you now. I feel it's such an honour and pleasure to be able to see little bits of your life and travels. <3


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