Food in Process: cronuts!


The cronut. The cronut which is born in NY has made loads of foodies (including me) mad. Or rather curious because how did you get inspired to deep-fry a croissant dough Mr. Ansel? Anyway making a cronut was on my bucketlist, so!

I know its pain in the butt to make croissant dough, so to save myself a bit from failing; I bought a canned croissant dough. No sweat at all, and so easy to make. With guidelines thanks to the many Youtube video’s! The cronut tasted nice and it has the signature layers! Happy!

Deze dikmakkende food trend: de cronut, is een kruising tussen een croissant en een donut en is bedacht door mr. Ansel. Het maken van deze lekkernij stond al tijdje op mijn to-do lijstje en met behulp van het easypeasy kant-en-klare deeg uit blik is het gelukt!

Dat bespaart mij ook een beetje onnodige gesloof in de keuken c: en dankzij de hulp van de menigte Youtube filmpjes kon ik eindelijk genieten van een cronut! En hij was lekkerrrr! 

 Da Recipe: makes 2 1 instant croissant dough, some plain flour for dusting, icing sugar, lemon juice, vegetable oil

1) Dust with plain flour.

2) In merge the guidelines. 

3) Fold & roll with a roller pin (I did 6x folds)

 4) Cut a round cutter.

 5) Deep fry it in medium heat oil 1,5 min each side.

6) Absorb with kitchen towel. 

 7) Icing time! 3 tbsp. icing sugar + ½ tsp. lemon juice.

 *crunch munch* enjoy :)

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  1. Eigenlijk vind ik dit er helemaal niet lekker uit zien haha! Doe mij maar gewoon een croissantje of een donut.. ;)

  2. That looks so yummy! Way better than the official cronut in NY :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. These look great! Will be trying them out soon!

  4. These turned out great! I still haven't tried a cronut yet, i've been meaning to find a place in melbourne that sells it!

    à la foliee

  5. Omg wat ziet dit er heerlijk uit, ik ben gek op donuts met een suiker topping :)

  6. that looks incredibly tasty! xx

  7. Wow, water loopt me nu al in de mond. STAHP!

  8. Wow! Water loopt me nu al in de mond. STAHP!

  9. These look amazing!! I've never thought to use canned croissant dough for this, but now I definitely want to try it :)

  10. omg i can't believe you made your own cronuts! major respect for trying this one out.. i wouldn't even know where to begin haha :) they definitely look yummy xx

    rachel x

  11. I love your pictures as always !

  12. Ik kende de cronut, of in ieder geval de naam, nog helemaal niet! Ziet er erg lekker uit!

  13. Dang it, I almost bought canned croissant dough from a store the other day but didn't, I wish I had because they look awesome!


  14. Dit ziet er veel stuk lekker uit, jumjumjum
    Wat mij betreft mag je wel een klein restaurantje beginnen met al je lekkernij.
    Dan wordt ik je vaste klant echt waar haha!

    xo' M

  15. I think I read like 4 articles on this! I can't even remember the celebrity names, but one tried to cut in line and got sent back because she wasn't so popular. Wow, they must be something! :)

  16. Hehe, the name cronut is cute and funny! Wow, a fried croissant donut? Sounds yummy ^_^

  17. this looks so good. i've been wanting to try one but it never crossed my mind to make my own. will have to try one of these days!

  18. Oh you finally did it!!! Looks so so good ♥

  19. You make them look so simple!! Would love to try these out, thank you for sharing!

  20. Yum!! And so easy too -- perfect idea. :)

  21. dat vind ik dus echt geniaal! Ziet er wel lekker uit hoor, vind ik dan :D.

  22. Oh wow, you did amazingly! Your cronuts look delicious. Well done!

  23. Lekker, lekker! Wat een goed idee!

  24. Wow!! You made a cronut?! Even from pre-made, that's such a good idea! It looks delicious!!!

  25. FINE! I admit it: I drooled on top of my keyboard okay?! :P
    No seriously, this looks delicious! Cronut.. GENIOUS! I want it. Maybe it would be nice to add some cinnamon and sugar in between.. Oh the ideas.. I'm so gonna be fat in the future :')



    *drools everywhere disgustingly*

    i wish i can teleport to your kitchen or something! ah~ it's so nice when you can bakeee TvT i can only consume and maybe criticize, not create pfft... *hopeless*

    i suddenly have the imagination that kaya-filling cronuts may be a nice try.. wow,i don't even know how the idea suddenly jumped into me. maybe because kaya-filled croissant tastes good (one of my favorite kind of croissants!) so i thought why not...

    aahhh,then again I CAN'T BAKE =___= pfft...


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