Food in Process: Japanese Cheesecake 2

When it comes to a bar of creamcheese in the fridge, all I can
think of is cheesecake. So I made cheesecake in Japanese style.
This kind of cheesecake is really fluffy and less heavy
than the New York cheesecake. 

Please enjoy it with a nice cup of tea c:

Da Recipe: 6 tbsp. plain flour, 3 tbsp. corn starch, 125 ml milk (I've used soy), 200 gr creamcheese, 4 eggs seperated, 2 tbsp. caster sugar

Da Steps:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C and sift the plain flour and corn starch together. Also, prepare a lined cake tin (18 cm)
  2. Cook the milk in a sauce pan on low heat. Cut the creamcheese bar into cubes and add it to the milk. Melt and combine!
  3. Beat egg yolk with the first tbsp. of sugar into pale and creamy. 
  4. Fold in milk/cheesy mixture! 
  5. Then fold it in the sifted flours. 
  6. Beat egg white until stiff. Add the 2nd and last tbsp. of sugar and beat the egg white stiff peaks.
  7. Fold the egg white gradually into the cheese mixture and combine well. Pour it into the cake tin.  
  8. Prepare an 'au bain marie' (pour water half into a baking try). Bake the cheesecake for 20 minutes.
    Reduce the oven to 160°C and bake for another 20 minutes. Let the cheesecake cool completely in the oven.
Good luck!


  1. Looks deeeee-lish!! En ik spot ook een gehaakt taartje ^^ supercute!! xx

  2. Wow, I really love how this recipe is simple, yet the result looks delicious! I'm going to try this out! Thanks Mei!

  3. Lovely sketch and cake :D


  4. Ooh I've actually been wanting to make Japanese cheesecake! I really love baked cheesecakes - yours looks so good. c:

  5. Hmmm looking good! I want to taste it :D

  6. oh my Japanese Cheese cake is my most fav cake, def gonna try this recipe out this weekend.

  7. Ziet er echt heerlijk uit *_* en als iets wat ik ook wel zou kunnen maken haha.

  8. It looks so yummy !!

  9. Nawm nawm nawm. I just made a cheesecake last night. Cookie dough flavour. So unhealthy. Lol.

    Ohh, those sketches are cute.

  10. i'm so shocked at myself. i don't think i ever had japanese style cheesecake. or am i mistaken? i would love to try this! although i do love new york style, too! :)

  11. Oh! Ziet er erg goed uit! Fijn dat ie niet zo zwaar valt! :D

  12. Oh this is my favourite type of cheesecake - yum!

  13. I am such a fan of cheesecake, but I've never tried making it before - this looks absolutely delicious, Mei!

  14. omgggosh looks so good!! i much prefer japanese/asian style cheesecakes over US because it's so light, fluffy and not to sweet! yours looks like a true japanese style cheesecake.. i must try your recipe!!!!

  15. omg, this.looks.SO.good. I'm pinning it in order to try it some time! your photos are amazing, you are a really talented photographer! :) xx

  16. well, tried to pin it but couldn't :( anyway, hope to come across it again!

  17. i wish i'm always there when you're working in the kitchen haha you seem like such a great cook and you certainly can BE a GREATER cook ;w; so jealous of this cheesecake~ though i'm not a huge fan of cream, japanese cheesecake tends to have the cream and strawberries all over haha i might do that if i have my own kitchen to experiment :P

  18. Love the recipe!! very original :)


  19. Oooh can't wait to try this out!
    XX, Elizabeth


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