Another post of me being a total ‘otaku’ at the Ani-com & Games in Hong Kong. A place where otaku’s stocking up their toys, collectables, comics and so on.

Me, of course didn’t left my wallet unharmed and bought here and there from the stalls that me and my cousin has visited. And that pretty much succeed. Check out the things that I've bought at the end of this post, enjoy!


Alweer een artikel over een nerd (ik) die op avontuur geweest was tijdens de Ani-Com & Games evenement dat plaatsvond in Hong Kong. Net als de andere aanwezige nerds is het kopen van toys onvermijdelijk.

Ikzelf liet mijn portomonnee 'bloeden' en samen met mijn nichtje struinde we langs elke kraampje voor aankoopjes! En dat is ongetwijfeld gelukt. De aankoopjes kun je zien onderaan deze post, enjoy! 
You'll shocked stiff if you know what the price are for these hands.

A cosplayer 'Haruhi Suzumiya' also trying the selfreezing coke! 

'No-Face' of the movie 'Spirited Away'. He/she looks lost haha. 

For die-hard chicks collectors. 

I never understood these card games. 

So this strawhat is actually from the cartoon One Piece, but I thought it looked really nice and good enough to wear it as daily basis accessory. In the summer of course. 

Nothing wrong with a bit of selfdefence right? c:  

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  1. Hele leuke foto's! Hoe heb je dat zwaardje door de douane gekregen haha?
    En Spirited AWAYYY :) Blijft een leuke film ^^

  2. Wat een toffe foto's :D


  3. Wow sweetie really cool event. So many cool stuff!
    You´re really lucky! Oh wow spirited away, Card Captors Sakura cosplay so cool.

  4. Love the pictures! i wish i knew what the anime of the otehr cosplayers
    The one who cosplayed cardcaptors is really good!

  5. Oh gosh I would LOVE this! I secretely am a nerd as well. Boyfriend's nerdiness rubbed off on me.

  6. Haha of course we all need mini keying swords. I would honestly buy them for the purpose of being prepared if there was some sort of food that needed cutting that I wanted to eat. Love the cat ears, of course and I really weirdly like those hands! They're creepy but I wouldn't mind have a few of them lying around on my table. They remind me of the hand of glory in Harry Potter!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  7. It all looks so amazing! I really like the no face character! :)

  8. I would really love to see this in real life once!

    Have a fantastic day,

  9. your writing style keeps amazing me!
    The event looked looks really nice, I need to go to something like this as well :D
    Ow, and your strawhat is just tooooo adorable *w*

  10. I'm so curious about the self-freezing coke! It's sounds so weird :P And I have one of those bread-dough thingies :D So awesome~~ They smell A-mazing! I'm curious what the hands costs btw, €50? :P

  11. Do you like Japanese animation?
    This is great event!


  12. Wauw, dit ziet er echt gaaf uit! En je hebt hele mooie foto's gemaakt!

  13. haha lijkt me inderdaad echt fantastisch daar!

  14. totally love it! is there a specific show you're watching now? or manga you're reading?

  15. Gaaf! Je hebt leuke dingen gekocht! :D

  16. SPIRITED AWAY!!! my all time favorite movie EVER!!

    what a cool event!! looks like you had a neat time :)!


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