Peek Into My Life 37


Its time for a recap with my Peek Into My Life!

Alweer een samenvatting van mijn actuele leven.

Cherry pie! 

I've recently baked a rich chocolate cake with a classmate whom I know from elementary school!

Papa is the best, preparing crab legs for dinner!

 We celebrated my papa's birthday at a (not) surprising Chinese restaurant. His present: a water bottle by Dopper and a nice Adidas shirt. 

Most of the streetartists/musicians has bad tuned instruments, but this guy here sounded really clean! Its a shame I had to catch my train, otherwise I'd have stood there longer. 

This was on a Sunday afternoon: lots of DIY happening going on c:  

I also want to thank you for the massive positive comments at my DIY 'Love Infinity' umbrella :D

 Kiddish drink? Very. Delicious? Very! (sorry..) 

 This mini Nutella is a souvenir, bought at Munich airport. Because I love miniature and chocolate! 

What an odd flavor of this Mac creamer... 

 Lunch with brother and I felt like for a good  waffle with warm cherries  and I was like, am I going to regret this because sometimes people make the warm cherries SUPER sour. Thank God this wasn't the case, so delicious! 

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  1. Wow that cake looks amazing.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Die chocolade taart ziet er zooo lekker uit!! Zo'n dikke laag glazuur, haha :P en je gehaakte taartjes zijn ook supercute! Had je je patroon al toegevoegd aan Ravelry? Je kunt onder de tab 'my notebook' klikken op 'contributions', daar kun je het toevoegen ;) Nog gefeliciteerd met je vader! xx

  3. Warme wafel met kersen is een van mijn favo snacks/desserts. Echt yummy! You got good taste bro 8)

  4. loveeee the gloomy bear socks! too cute!
    that waffle...yum...makes me want to make an eggo right now

  5. Jeetje wat een lekkere gerechtjes zitte hier tussen ! Jammie chocolade cake ! x Jana

  6. Oh je post echt zo veel de laatste tijd! Ik heb helemaal niks om over te posten :[ Damnit!
    Ziet er weer leuk uit allemaal :]

  7. Your photos always make me so hungry! They look so good! Especially that chocolate cake you made - it turned out great and I'm sure it was so delicious!! Also, your socks in that first photo - so cute!!!

  8. quella torta al cioccolato mi ha fatto venire troppa fame (; Reb, xoxo.

    * Sul mio blog c'è un nuovo post, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  9. beautiful pics xx

  10. Seeing this made me hungry! Haha!! The chocolate cake look delicious!! <3

    xo's, Lily |

  11. You have such great food photos - yummm. Now I'm hungry again

  12. Photos are gorgeous as usual!
    And I particularly like the photo with all the Ms on your face!!! x

  13. Love these snapshots into your life! Looks like lots of fun stuff has been happening and all the food looks delicious.

    xo, alison*elle

  14. wat leuk om te zien! ik blijf altijd graag luisteren naar straat muzikanten

  15. Delicious looking food :) And nice socks btw!

  16. MINI NUTELLA! Te schattig hihi! <3 En die cherry pie ziet er ook zo cute uit.. maar die wafel is helemaal YUMMY

  17. oh the chocolate cake looks so delicious!♥ cute pictures!:)

  18. omg i thought that was waffles with red beans and thought is that an asian twist to the good ole waffle? :)

  19. Leuke foto's! Veel lekker eten zeg, vooral die chocoladetaart!

  20. Ohh, that chocolate cake looks so moist and rich and perfect, and I also enjoy waffles with warm cherries a lot!

    Have a fantastic day,

  21. Onwijs mooie foto's! Heerlijk al dat eten :) Jam. X

  22. Wow lekker eten allemaal! we hebben op deze manier echt een kijkje in je leven gekregen.

  23. Cool pictures, that cake looks sooo goood!

    xo' M

  24. The socks are so cool and everything you posted here! Very nice pictures, I liked the musician's photo and the cake (yummi!) I love cakes and the waffles with warm pies! Very inspiring pictures! Hope you still remember me, I was out of blogs (mine and all!) for some weeks, now I'm fully back! denisesplanet com

  25. The waffles look really good. I have a box of waffles in the fridge. Thinking of opening it and making some tonight! :)

  26. cup noodle! <3 when was the last time i had that haha..
    wah your father can cook? amazing! and second whoahh you have crab legs for dinner *o* i'm not a fan of crabs but i think eating that at home is just so fancy~ /o/
    i like street musicians though i haven't come across one here. the ones in indonesia are all beggars strumming guitars randomly asking for money during traffic bleh so no, there's no street musician, how lame :P
    i'd like to watch and take snapshots of street musicians someday :3 i think they're really cool in some ways... i saw one in hk back then but before i could take snapshots, i was pulled away by parents -__- bleh.
    waffleee~ <3 awesome breakfast alongside pancake! ah~ if i'm western or if i live in western countries, maybe i can have waffle or pancake as my breakfast :P


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