Can we make up before winter arrives?


I don’t like the fact that time is going so fast. Next month is my birthday month which means adding a year -sigh. Again. I sometimes wonder if I have done enough in the year 2013. And can you believe that 2012 suppose to be the end of the world is almost a year ago? Imagine if it was. We would have never seen the 2nd part of The Hunger Games. And I can’t wait to see it c:

Have you seen/read The Hunger Games?


Soms haat ik dat de tijd zó snel gaat. Volgende maand is alweer de laatste maand van ‘13 en tevens ook mijn verjaardagmaand (joepie?). Ik vraag me af of ik 2013 wel goed benut heb, en of ik alles heb kunnen doen wat ik wil doen. Kun je nog herinneren dat 2012 de wereld vermoedelijk ten onder zou gaan? We zouden o.a. nooit de 2e part van The Hunger Games kunnen zien. En gelukkig kunnen we hem zien c:

Heb je The Hunger Games al gezien/gelezen?

'Kiss Me'

Fallen golden delicious apples in the front yard.


  1. De tijd vliegt echt snel voorbij ja. Heel jammer, want het is mijn examenjaar en voor mijn part kan de tijd iets langzamer XD

  2. I know right, time REALLY flies. And I hate it, too. It's all going way too fast!

    As for The Hunger Games, I haven't seen it yet. I never really got into that whole hype.

  3. Dit jaar is echt voorbij gevlogen. Ik ga vanavond naar The Hunger Games, yay! Ben erg benieuwd. Mooie foto's weer!

  4. Het is allemaal zo snel gegaan,
    wil nog niet dat het winter wordt hou niet zo veel va kou :(
    Ben erg benieuwd naar de nieuwe Hunger Games!

    Leuke foto's!

    xo' M

  5. Amazing pics!
    lovely blog!
    I am following u dear!
    Keep in touch<3

  6. i will watch Catching Fire next weekend, i was supposed to watch it tomorrow but i have to study :(
    may the odds be ever in our favor <3

  7. omg i love these pictures! you are really good at photography <3

    Kisses from Hong Kong :*

  8. i still havent seen the hunger games. sister kept bugging me to watch it so i can watch the second one with her lol austum leaves are so beautiful

  9. Gorgeous photos! You've definitely captured the feel of the season.

  10. Lovely photos, I love the colour that fall brings to nature!

  11. lovely photos as usual! :))
    Oh my gosh! saw Catching Fire a day ago! It was so good! ^^)
    And I have read all three books! Super fan here. haha :3


  12. great photographs <3 <3 really love your blog template!!

  13. I've never read the Hunger games, I did watch the first movie!

  14. De tijd gaat inderdaad zo snel voorbij. Jammer en soms ook niet. Haha, je liet me hier echt over nadenken x') Genieten van het moment dan maar :P De foto's zijn echt prachtig en ik heb "The hunger games" gezien, maar vond het niet zo pakkend, maar heb gehoord dat de boeken echt een pak beter zijn, dus ik ga ze wel lezen ^-^

  15. Ik weet inderdaad ook niet waar de tijd blijft, de weken vliegen voorbij! Ik heb helaas Catching Fire nog niet gezien, maar ik ben heel erg benieuwd!

  16. Thank you so much :D
    i love your pics :)

  17. i am always wondering as well if I have done enough in the year, but you should def. take the time out on your birthday to celebrate all that you have already accomplished! And i am super excited for the 2nd instalment of hunger games too! I have never read the books but I did enjoy the first movie quite a bit!

  18. beautiful photos, love the fall season.

  19. Ik vind laatst ook dat de tijd zó snel gaat! Ik wil helemaal niet dat het weer koud wordt :( En dan zijn er de deadlines van school die pijnlijk dichterbij komen.. maar we kunnen het!! ^^ Prachtige foto's! xx

  20. i can't believe this year is really ending. and i just realized that next year is the year of the horse! that's my sign. i remember in 2002 when it was the year of the horse... i can't believe 12 years passed! just like that! :) i never watched or read the hunger games. i heard it was gory??! but i am curious with all the hype!

  21. Acon picture's amazingly beautiful!
    I can't wait to watch the new hunger game movie too :D

  22. i'm in the thg fandom! Lol.
    hm..i haven't read the second and third books yet but i spoiled myself from wikipedia. the thing is... my favorite character(s) died in the first book and i haven't been able to move on. i've got issues with fictional characters especially when they die.. i can't let them go lol. but i pretty much know what's gonna happen in book 2 and 3 so yeah..

    the new movie, the catching fire was pretty okay. am still mad at the first movie though since they cut this one scene that features my favorite tributes :P

    it's actually..funny and weird how back in 2012, everyone was freaking out about the world coming to an end, etc but wow look we're still here now. sometimes, i tend to laugh at this silliness. i honestly don't believe people who say they can foresee the world's end etc because, idk, i think even now humans are destroying the planet so... haha, can't really say..

    anyway, beautiful photographs as always. love how you capture the feel of autumn like you're telling stories from these pictures :)


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