Causeway Bay 02


The night is young is the motto of a lot of people in Hong Kong, including myself and my niece when arrived in Causeway Bay. Hello shops! And hello people!

Yes, lots of people.
It was on a Saturday as well, which means day-off for a lot of people. An important lesson I’ve learned is not to go shopping on a Saturday because its immense crowded. Serious, no one is working on Saturday?

This being said, I’m taking it for granted. I was with my bestie niece and we had so much fun together that day. No man that can stand in between us, not even when half Hong Kong has a day-off.


De nacht is jong is de mantra van vele mensen in Hong Kong waaronder ik en mijn nichtje, destijds in Causeway Bay. Hallo winkels! En hallo mensen!

Ja, mensen waren er zeker.
Het was op een zaterdag en voor vele mensen een vrije dag betekent. En dit betekent ook niet de beste gelegenheid om serieus te gaan winkelen want het is er onwijs druk. Alsof niemand werkt op zaterdag.

Maar goed, ik was met mijn liefste nichtje op stap, we hadden zoveel lol en zoveel foto’s gemaakt. Geen mens dat tussen ons in kan staan. Zelf niet als half Hong Kong een vrije dag heeft.

 I thought these stools are aweeesome! I want them :c

 Its interesting how old and modern buildings merged together here. 

 And I merged with the population. 

To Forever21! 

I decided to save my money and did not bought much except a necklace and socks. F21 has the best socks!

 To Times Square! 

Its never ending.

 Outside there was this robot. 


  1. haha, die paraplu dingen heb ik wel vaker gezien zo gaaf :). op een zondag moet je in de ochtend ook nooit buiten gaan eten haha. Dan mag je ook heel lang wachten voor een plek >.<.

  2. I adore this necklace of the kissing boy and girl!

    Have a fantastic day,

  3. Love these photos! First one looks sooo yummy!


  4. Causeway Bay is one of my favourite places ever! I loved this post :)

  5. That's a lot of stuff and people! :p Damn, would be too crowded for me!

  6. Oh wow ! Everything looks so cool !!

  7. Awesome impressions (*O*) - especially the store with those 'special kind of bags' ♥
    Take me with you when you go back there next time :D ♪

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  8. oh oh oh the smile frozen yogurt!!! my parents currently live in HK and on my visits i have frequented that place for their amazing frozen yogurt! HK is a crazy and wonderful place x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  9. Love those umbrella thingies. Why don't we have it here :(?

  10. I loveee the stools! And such amazing photos, really love it. Would love to go to Hong Kong. :)

  11. Waaaaah. Don't you get sad when you write these posts because you're not in HK anymore?! With uni work piling up, I need a break more than ever and a trip to Causeway Bay would be perfect. Love the photo of you standing still in the middle of a busy street!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  12. Super gave foto's !!! Wat hebben ze gave dingen daar zeg !! Ev die forever 21 is gigantisch

  13. Wauw wat een mooie stad, heel kleurrijk ook allemaal

  14. Hong Kong looks like such a lively city. I really like those lights in the ground and how the escalator curves.

  15. Loved these photos, I enjoyed going back to Hk through them!

  16. Ah I miss browsing around Hysan Place - their book store is phenomenal. I like riding the escalator to the top and seeing all the buildings, kind of crazy to see Sogo from such a height! Great pics!

  17. Looks like a city from the future!! Very nice quality travel photos and also, love your blog design! Following you now :)

    - zozo

  18. my husband and i are huge gundam fans. i can't believe there is also one there. :) i love the hustle and bustle of the city during the night time with lots of food and shopping!

  19. i have to agree with you, that the night is super young in causeway bay. i've heard of the saying that causeway bay is hong kong's version of new york and well, judging from how there are more people during night time compared to in broad daylight, i gotta say that the saying fits so well. hah. i'm not sure about the new territories since i haven't been there but in kowloon, tsim sha tsui, the night is pretty young too i guess.

    i love how big the forever 21 and etude house in causeway bay are. maybe not the etude house but it was pretty... fine. i've seen smaller ones in my life haha. ANYWAY, not to mention how big the Sasa store is ;A; i love staying there for hours~ *beauty junkie/japanese products junkie*

    i like that umbrella storage container thing haha really efficient during rainy days. hm.. when did you go to causeway bay again? i went there somewhere in august and there was big typhoon warning and it often rained out of the blue =_=;;
    where was the first picture from btw? :o ah, i suddenly miss CB and i wanna explore there again.... or maybe not... maybe i wanna stay in central the next time i visit hk.. but central seems super expensive pfft


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