Holy Tony Moly Macaroni // HAUL


This post is about makeup brand ‘Tony Moly’ and all its glory. I’ve promised you guys a makeup/beauty haul from my trip in Hong Kong last summer, so here we go!

People who are close to me know that I’m not really a makeup-junkie, preferable skincare. But if makeup doesn’t win me over, then cuteness did. And it happened at a Tsuen Wan mall, when all my attention was drawn to these cute looking packages. My body set course to the entrance of this shop, without knowing what shop name is.

Later I found out it’s namely named Tony Moly. Why hello! A lovely shoplady (sometimes pushy) helped me during the shopping, and had successfully avoided me from leaving the shop empty handed! Scroll down to see what I’ve bought!


Een beautypost met niets minder dan met mijn aankoopjes van het merk ‘Tony Moly’ die ik in Hong Kong gekocht heb!

Ik heb eerder voorkeur voor verzorgende producten zoals voor je huid/haar dan voor makeup (sorry!). Soms een BB-creampje her en der. En ik wil een lipstick dragen maar weet nog niet welke kleur. Ik heb ook voorkeur en zwakte voor schattigheid, ietwat Tony Moly heeft. Ik had daarvoor nog nooit van Tony Moly gehoord maar mijn lichaam zette gelijk koers richting deze wink der schattigheid.

Pas later kwam ik achter dat deze winkel der schattigheid Tony Moly heet. Aangenaam! Ik werd geholpen door een lieve winkeljuffrouw (soms opdringerig) en ze zorgde ervoor dat ik de winkel niet met lege handen verliet. En dat is gelukt!

How can you ignore these? You can't. 

Left to right: 'Intense Repair Live' snail cream + eye cream + foam cleanser // 10x assorted sheet masks // jelly mask for smile lines // 2x 'Petite Bunny' gloss bar  

I've bought this with the intention not using it. Its too cute!

 Probably the most expensive facial cream I have ever bought in my life. Review soon!

 Tony Moly was also very generous with giving freebies! 

Shop Tony Moly worldwide at: Ebay, Sasa.com


  1. Such a cute blog post !

  2. aah zulke leuke producten zeg, vooral die lipproducten haha :D. Ik heb van tony moly de applex honey cream dat zit in een apple verpakking zo leuk haha <3

  3. Wat schattig! Die gloss sticks <3

  4. Ahahah I just love the name! But the packaging is super cute too!


  5. Cute stuff especially the gloss sticks

    xo' M

  6. I've never heard of this brand but I am a huge sucker for cute packaging. I will definitely be stores for that gloss bear :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. I have those gloss sticks too! They're so cute, i keep one in my pencilcase ^^
    Korean cosmetic brands and their packaging gets me everytime!

    à la foliee

  8. so much cool stuff together! love it!

  9. you've been using a lot of tony moly 'O' have you tried laneige? i've been wanting to try their water sleep mask

  10. Those rabbit glosses are too cute to pass up! And the moustache patch is awesome :)
    I'm looking forward to the snail cream review!

  11. tony moly has really good sheet masks, especially their pulp essence ones!

  12. oh em gee, ik ben verliefd op alles, wat een schattige spulletjes!

  13. Ok, I waannnnnnnnt! Ik zie dat 't Koreaans is, definitely even mijn schoonzusje vragen in Seoul om wat mee te nemen hehe :p Die smile line patches zijn briljant!!

  14. De Petite Bunny gloss bars wil ik ook nog steeds.. zo schattig!

  15. Oooh I got one of those lipglosses too, a very pale pink one :-) It looks so adorable.

  16. I see you supporting out Korean cosmetic brands! I used to use Tony Moly so much in high school, I loved their lip balms. xx

  17. great haul, love their packaging. too cute.
    x http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  18. Their cosmetics are so cute! xx

  19. I have bought my sister the Tony Moly lip gloss crayon product before, it seems like a great product. I love their packaging - it's definitely really cute!

  20. Those bunny gloss bars look so cute! I probably would've bought those as souvenirs for my friends, if I knew they would work well.

  21. That smile line patch is seriously too cute!

  22. Love the haul. You always have such cute items!

  23. Aw, those items are too cute! ;) I can see how they caught your attention! ;p xxx

    Chicnikkie's Blog | BlogLovin' | Facebook

  24. love the gloss sticks xx

  25. So many cute products! I'm a huge Tony Moly fan, because of their packaging! Thanks for sharing the products! The smile line one looks so cute. >u<

  26. tony moly always have adorable packaging! them and etude house both always compete against each other for the adorable packaging. not sure about the tonymoly in hk but in where i reside, tonymoly comes out cheaper than etude house... while in hk, i didn't bother searching for tonymoly because there's this big etude house store in causeway bay and i was like "oh man this is my chance!" so i bought quite a lot of stuff there lol masks, bb cream and whatnot :)) also, it's cheaper than the ones in indonesiaa TT-TT

    hm, maybe ....personally, i'm leaning more towards etude house instead of tony moly or maybe that's because the tony moly here isn't as big or complete as the ones overseas. ha, there are only like... two tony moly stores here? pfft, bummer. can't really explore their products, to be honest. i did buy some of their skincare stuff and the cat wink mascara just because the packaging is that of a cat -__-;; i'm a cat person (..who owns a dog,what lol)

    those bunny gloss bars <3 so adorable :3
    i'd probably get scolded if i buy beauty products again augh... i spent too much on eyelashes i should stop looking out for adorable products. they are dangerous!!


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