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This post is completely scroll-friendly because this is what I’d say in Chinese ‘好無獠’ or without a serious content in this post (sorry..). Call me crazy but I just love taking pictures and if my quirky mind thinks it looks beautiful or interesting I snap it. This includes signs. 

Deze post is heerlijk scrollbaar want hij is lekker lauw en beetje zinloos. Mijn familie zou het ‘好無獠’’ noemen. Tja, ik kan ook niet helpen dat ik van fotografie hou en als ik iets zie dat mooi en/of interessant is dan leg ik het vast, punt. Zelfs waarschuw tekens en borden.   

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  1. Hello, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    That chili bean sauce pot is so amazing - I want it for my house! :-)

    Have a great day,

  2. Haha, my parents say that to me all the time lol.
    "Why you spend so much time blogging la?!"
    Love the photos, makes me miss Hong Kong even more D:

  3. Hahaha, geweldig. Sommige van die redenen zijn best wel grappig. Ik vraag me trouwens af, overal staat engels onder... spreken mensen in Hong Kong eigenlijk ook veel Engels? Of gaat alles in mandarijn/kantonees?

  4. the only thing on my mind now is french toast with peanut butter & bacon...
    (great photos btw!)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ho mo lieuw? -can't read that much chinese characters yet haha- no hwaking is to dingen verkopen? Doet me denken aan mijn badass oma die dat wel gewoon doet hahah. Ik zie french toast omg ♥

  7. goed gedaan, mooie foto's. je hebt echt een leuke blog!
    kijk je ook eens naar onze blog kunnen we volgen

  8. Wauw, echt geweldige foto's!! Heel gaaf zo al die borden.

    Love Bodil,

  9. Love all these photos!! So in love your blog :)
    Love, a follower of your's

  10. Ahhh I miss HK. Bring on next Summer...

  11. Your pictures are always so lovely!

    xo' M

  12. Ik vind die tekens zo mooi allemaal!

  13. haha fun signs - your photography is perfect, as usual :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  14. I love seeing everyday things in travel photos! I like the one that says "this handle is disinfect 4 times a day" haha.

    zozo @ atelierzozo.com

  15. I love seeing different signs in other countries, or other states! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  16. I really enjoy looking at your photos - you've a great and interesting eye for detail ^_^

  17. It constantly amazes me how you manage to make the ordinary seem extraordinary and beautiful! Your photos are always the best.

  18. great photos, and I like photos of signs too! especially ones in Asian countries haha.

    Metallic Paws

  19. Great post with very interesting pics =) Surprised about the omelet dish that costs $33 tho haha!

  20. Love all these photos! I wish i could read them haha


  21. I really enjoyed these sign photos! My favorite is the one about the door handle being sanitized four times a day haha Your posts often make me miss Hong Kong! Hope you're doing well~

  22. HK is a weird place for me sometimes.
    Always says you cant do what, you cant do that...


  23. OMW, the pictures are amazing, I wanna live where you live XD I'm always amazed at pictures of Hong Kong like the "this door-handle is disinfected 4 times a day" I never see things like that down here in the South! Amazing pictures!!

  24. that is some fantastic signage. I love the graffiti cat and 'this handle is disinfected 4 times a day." awesome.
    Chic on the Cheap

  25. So many surprising signs! :) Great idea for a post and great eye to take pictures of that daily things that are usually overlooked.

  26. I think these pictures are amazing and artistic and not useless at all! I even think some were hilarious x') (do not climb) I wonder who has done that before Ö or we disinfect this handle 4 times a day x') You don't see that in Belgium. Loved it, hope to see more post like this! xxx London

  27. My favorite is the smiling back rest :)

  28. i think just the way you do, when it comes to taking pictures. i think it's a lot more fun and precious (time worthy, even) to stop and pause and just look at even the tiniest details people often find unnecessary or ugly to be the subject of our camera. whenever i'm out, overseas or not, i always take the time to approach something up close just for a snapshot, even if it's just...say, a weird bug by the fence, etc. i did find a weird looking bug/insect that one time and i quickly took a picture of it, despite my mother shouting, freaking out about the possibility of me getting stung, etc.

    but it's those kind of "unimportant" stuff that i like to see. i think it's just a matter of seeing things differently, or maybe it's just me trying to sound smart lol. i also took a picture when i was riding china's public bus and my parents thought i was wasting my film roll haha... i'm like whatever because before taking a picture of it, i can already imagine how i want the outcome to be.

    i love your pictures. i always have. my favorite is the last one, i think. i like how you pay attention to details and just snapshot the things people usually take for granted :) personally, i think it's the photographer's job to find an interesting subject, instead of waiting for the subject to appear.


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