My Camera wishlist

Ah, please Santa?/ Ah, toe Kerstman? c:
By the way, this website is awesome:


  1. I don't even own a proper camera but the fisheye lens for sure. I'm sure you've been good this year, so I hope Santa spoils you!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  2. I really like that faux leather camera bag. Much nicer than the normal black, obvious-you're-carrying-a-camera sort!

    atelier zozo

  3. i really want an olympus too, my DSLR is too big and heavy to carry, so now i just take pictures on my phone...

  4. oooo i want the filters and reflector too. i am in need of a new camera myself

  5. Dat roze tasje is ontzettend leuk!! <3 Ik wil nog heel graag een nieuwe camera.. hihi

  6. great what you want, hope you get some

  7. Aaah zo'n camera clutch lijkt mij perfect! Of zo'n mooie cameratas, gimme. Ik wil nog heel graag een polaroid camera, lijkt mij zo gaaf :D

  8. The faux leather camera bag (#7) is so chic! love it.

  9. love the red bag! <3
    I also want to buy 50mm lens next year hehe
    anyway thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ><

  10. lovely blog <3

  11. I love camera bags! I just recently got the rebecca minkoff craig camera bag! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  12. the number 7 bag is really pretty! very classic and wearable to everything! i love i always have to try not to buy things from them because i will always go overboard.

  13. Mooie wishlist! Vooral de tasjes zijn leuk :-)

  14. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    Love bag number 6!

    Have a great weekend,

  15. Those camera bags are gorgeous! It's always so hard to find a pretty one.

  16. Nice! ;P Ik wil de camera strap met Bokehlicious van DigitalrevTV wel hahah :p

  17. A tripod stand and f1.8 nikkor lens is on my wishlist too!

  18. Cool wish list, the camera clutch (2) is my favourite!

  19. an awesome list! i've been on the hunt for a nice film camera. hopefully one day :)

  20. ugh.

    everything. almost everything in your wishlist.

    them filters. i've always wanted filters and it's impossible to find colored / special purpose lens filters here! everywhere i search, they all only have the usual UV filter, neutral density (even this is hard sometimes) and polarizer. i have all them three just because i have had my time being all crazy towards filters. now, i just want the special purpose ones TT-TT

    what are the filters you are currently using?
    i really wish there are marumi special purpose filters here :((

    olympus pancake is such a cute lens! xD olympus has crazy price for their mirrorless line TT-TT i'm too poor to afford their Omd em-5 ...end up settling down with a pentax q10 instead bah
    if you end up buying omd em-5 i think i'd be the one freaking out! hahaa that camera is awesomeee~ (forget canon mirrorless pfft :P)

    pocket sized reflector is so helpful!! TT______TT great. now you're making me browse photojojo and then drooling over all the items there. augh.

    people might kill me for saying this but i really like that you put fujifilm and olympus there..forgive me if you're a canon or nikon user but i like seeing people giving a chance to other brands, y'know.. i don't mean to offend you but yeah i hope you get the idea. it's just that.. i'm tired of people criticizing my choice of cameras just because they're not canon or nikon :P

    i've been meaning to ask, btw, what's your current dslr? the one you always take for daily photo taking? oh oh um do you happen to like bokeh too? or...what kind of composition do you like?

    ...ah sorry i get all super talkative and annoying T>T i'm just...excited.

  21. Great camera wishlist! I am always on the hunt of a cute messenger bag with inserts for the dslr camera and cute camera straps. Usually this is a problem becasue the hubs & I share the same camera so nothing to cutsie ;P Ohh that mochi store is definitely making me procrastinate from all the work too many cute things to look at :)


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