My humid, rejoicing, foodie days in HK 4


So Jade asked me if I don’t get sad when I post a post about Hong Kong even when I’m not in HK anymore? Yup, every time. Every time I look at my HK pictures I get a huge nostalgia feeling over me. Boohoo, why do I have such great family in HK and why does HK have to have great food/shops?!

Anyway. The other day I went visiting my grandma & co. and their fluffy pet bunny. I also went with my little niece shopping at Mong Kok at Langham Place mall later that afternoon.

We ended our mall trip at Caffe Pascucci where we had our shot of caffeine. Or atleast I did because my niece who ordered the ‘yogurt cappuccino strawberry’ and all she did was eat the cream and fruit and left the coffee.


Jade vroeg aan mij of ik niet weemoed word wanneer ik een post plaats over mijn vakantie in Hong Kong. Ja natuurlijk. Heel erg! Elke keer wanneer ik door mn foto’s bladeer, dan verlang ik weer naar HK. Boehoe, waarom moet mijn geweldige familie nou weer in HK wonen en waarom moet HK nou weer geweldige   eten/winkels hebben?!

Die ene keer ging ik op visite bij mijn oma & co. en hun schattige konijn. Later die dag ging ik op stap met mn nichtje in Mong Kok, Langham Place winkelcentrum.  

Onze shoptrip eindigde met een shot cafeïne bij Caffee Pascucci. Tenminste ik dan, want mijn nichtje die een ‘aardbeien yoghurt cappuchino’ bestelde at alleen haar room en fruit op waarbij er alleen koffie overbleef die ze te bitter vond om op te drinken, de doos.

Buying breakfast. 

In the subway/MTR on my way to Tseung Kwan O with this cute bag that I've bought at Primark!

She bit my toe btw..

Awesome Hello Kitty themed props and decors! The place to be for every tourist and HK fan incl. moi of course.. 

This shop is called 'Paper' and sells unique designer clothes c: online shop: here

At Caffè Pascucci. I love their huge menu choice: coffee/tea & pastry but also savory: pasta, pizza and sandwiches! 

I've ordered:  iced coffee with ginger and mango syrup. I thought the spiciness of the ginger and mango is really interesting and yummy. However, the service who was a young boy and pretty a slowpoke as well. . 4/5

After shopping, dinner back home was awaiting for us. Lovely homemade seafood, mhmmmm.. 

Miss my grandma, mijn oma....


  1. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Oh, I love your apple bag!

    Have a great day,

  2. Great photos, cute apple bag too!

  3. Lovely pictures!! HK looks so nice and all this awesome stuff they're selling - it makes me jealous every time so that I always wonder why Germany (or rather Europe) doesn't offer these cute items.
    And I don't wanna speak about Asian food now...miss it so much =.=

  4. Leuke foto's! Hongkong staat nog steeds op mij to go list.


  5. Good question; why *does* HK have such good food and shops?! Thank you for linking back to me ^^ I've never come across that Paper shop before but already from your photo, I love the cat tee!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  6. Love the photos girl. I'd love to visit Hong Kong one day. :)

  7. this makes me miss hk more and more. not sure why i have never been to any of the cafes you have been to in this and previous posts. i need to be more adventurous!

  8. Hong Kong is seriously amazing! They just have some of the best foods and shops around! Gorgeous pictures!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. Lovely pictures! I desperately want to go to Hong Kong. Love your cat bag :)

  10. Ah, I went to that mall in Mong Kok when I was in HK over a year ago too.
    The apple bag is adorable.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  11. Oh your homemade dinner looks so delicious and fancy!! Wish I got that at home.

  12. Love the grandma and me photo and how naughty bunnies can be :(

  13. Looks amazing!

  14. Baby abalone! MY FAVORITE!!! My family and I are also in love with Hong Kong! <3

  15. Awesome photos, the hello kitty place looks so cool *o*


  16. i love your red frames and skirt. i also had two bunnies while growing up. they are funny creatures! :)

  17. You make feel like going to Hong kong D:

  18. Ooof I'd really like to go to HK and just eat my way through the city

  19. you're so lucky you got relatives there! because then you can, well like what you did, have your own "teenager time" with cousins and stuff. how envious ;___; i can never get to roam around hk like that all by myself or with someone my age because my family and i are seriously genuine tourists! augh :s sucks.

    and yeah, i agree with why does hk have to be so great :( now i miss my hk trip ....sigh. i always nag my parents for hk whenever we're going to china (bah, business trip sucks 24/7)
    ...uwaa, the prawn. poor thing lol it's twisted and dead ^^;; the way it bent itself is funny..okay, don't mind me. i'm odd haha

    ...what is that overflowing strawberry and cream thing djekfhlwk *o* looks so delicious TTvTT /drools

    hm, i assume you know cantonese then? since you have relatives there..

  20. Wat wil ik door jouw foto's graag naar HK zeg...


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