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I’m reading that bloggers have their first fall of snow already! No snowflake spotted yet at my doorway, but it was surely cold, wet and windy today. I wore a skirt and leggings and my goodness,

So, instead of walking I ran to warm up my legs. Ran from the busstop to home (6 min.) because a parcel was waiting for me on the doormat! My aunt from HK sent me some magazines/books because I couldn’t take them with me in the luggage because of overweight (grrr). So thanks aunt!

I’m also preparing some new products for my Etsy shop, can’t wait to show them!

Ik lees dat sommige bloggers al sneeuw hebben gezien van dit jaar. Maar bij mij nog geen sneeuwvlokje gespot maar het was vandaag zéér  koud, nat en winderig. En misschien niet zo slim om een rok en legging te dragen vandaag, brrr.

Als je niet warm gekleed bent dan moet je maar bewegen. Dus. Ik ging rennen. Gerend van bushalte naar huis van 6 minuutjes want thuis lag een pakje voor mij klaar! Mijn tante uit HK heeft me tijdschriften/boekjes gestuurd omdat ik deze helaas niet mee kon nemen vanwege overgewicht bagage (grrr). Dus bedankt aunt!

Verder ben ik bezig met nieuwe producten voor mijn Etsy, kan niet wachten totdat deze klaar zijn c:

 Involves these free slippers c; 

 Some items are anything but budget buy lol yet inspiring for the upcoming holiday boxing days?

Thrifted ceramic teapot shaped plate that I've bought with a blogmeeting: here! Not sure if I'm going to use it as my beauty dish, its quite small. 

 At HEMA: hazelnut latte. Not my cup of latte, bleh.  

A free tall Starbucks drink when turning in these cover foils. Go Starbucks! More of these deals please c: 

  I've used a Masterchef Australia recipe to create this gooey chocolate cupcake with a melted center, so good! 

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  1. Ik had vandaag ook een jurkje en leggings aan haha, big mistake! Leuke post! Ik verheug me op je nieuwe Etsy spulletjes ^^ En die cupcakes zien er zoooo lekker uit mmmmm! Ik wou dat ik ook zo goed kon bakken als jij :P xx

  2. leuke post hoor! en ook erg leuke foto's
    ken je onze blog al?

  3. Ik trotseer de kou gewoon met mijn panty's! Zolang mijn bovenkant warm aangekleed is, vind ik het altijd goed te doen haha. Je cupcakes zien er heerlijk uit en het theepot schaaltje vind ik geweldig <3

  4. I have a small dish that I use on my desk! I'm actually debating if I want to switch it out. Haha.

  5. those cupcakes look so delicious!!! yum!

  6. The clay/dough(?) in the last image is very satisfying to look at! It hasn't snowed in London yet but it may as well have because it's that cold. Ooh what were you trying to buy from H&M online? Share!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  7. From your photos it looks like you have a very fun life!

  8. Yummm, that cupcake! I wonder what the last photo is, love their colors :D

  9. Love getting packages and I download tons of Asian mags even though I can't read them :x Those chocolate cupcakes look decadent! <3

    atelier zozo

  10. Those cupcakes look so delicious! Getting mail gives you such a warm and happy feeling. Our bipolar winter ended up strangely warm today - but I'm not complaining :)

  11. Oh how I wish it snowed here, even for a while! I love love love your pictures tho - cute ceramic plates, and the Starbucks promo? Cool. Your outfit is really cute too, that striped sweater is fantastic =)

    - Che

  12. Your pictures always are adorable ! Love your blog xx
    I have a giveaway on my blog, win a dress worth 44$ !

  13. oh my goodness that melted chocolate center just melted my heart! why do i have such a soft spot for cupcakes and doughnuts?! :)

  14. We are also still waiting for the first snow here in Germany (^___^).
    Yay for that free Starbucks drink (^3^) - btw. do you know something about a so called "secret menue" at Starbucks? I recently stumbled upon some menues from different countries - need to ask for at my nearest store ^^. If you got any experience, please tell me :3

    xoxo from rainy Germany
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  15. you're so lucky starbucks has that kind of deal there ;___; sigh. other countries have all the nice "weird" unique starbucks flavors while we here don't, haha. the only deal we have here is to use a specific credit card to upsize our drink :P
    i like that your father knows how to cook and is fond of it. i wish my father does it too but too bad he's more of the um... "guys don't go to the kitchen; it's a woman's job" type and it's really annoying because it's just another old fashioned stereotype. old fashioned mindset can be really frustrating it makes me go wtf sometimes... =___=;;

    the hazelnut latte looks.... err.... -__- hm, i don't know how to say it but it's not my cup of latte either. at first i was like, "this looks more like melting frappuccino" ....i don't know why haha

    uwowww masterchef's recipeee *o* /drools/ wish i can teleport there to snatch some of those awesome looking cupcakes ...though i'm not much of a cupcake fan :P

  16. Super leuke post! Bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog,over het filmpje,het klopt sommige zijn verlegen! Maar is juist wel grappig!

  17. Ohh those cupcakes look SO yummy! <3

    Jennie xo |

  18. That's so sweet!
    You looked stunning darling

    xo' M

  19. Oh boy, I need to try that cupcake recipe as well! I looooove anything chocolatey, and if it's molten on the inside? Awesomeballs!

  20. Such a cute post with tons of things to comment about .. but I'll start with that Oriflame -lipcream, I love it too - such a sweet chocolate scent. :) And I checked out your etsy, there's already some very cute items for sale there :)

    And also thanks for the comment you wrote some time ago already xx

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  21. Wow beautiful photos! The cupcake looks so delicious! It doesn't snow in the Philippines. It is a little colder, but not winter cold hehe :-)


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