Project: a veggie burger


Do you know Kati from AlmostStylish blog? No? Good! Then I can recommend you to visit her versatile blog right now c:

This lady DIY her way through fabrics, spray paints, old furniture’s, props and create really cool stuff out of it! And she also loves eating and have made a veggie burger which I got inspired to make my own, so here we go: a veggie burger!

I didn’t write down the recipe because in my opinion, making a burger is chopping, mixing and spice everything up into it’s one big mushy consistency. Then you just gonna shape it into a disk, pan fry it and you’re done!


Ken je Kati van AlmostStylish blog? Niet? Mooi! Want dan kan ik je lekker aanraden om haar veelzijdige blog te bezoeken c:

Dit mevrouwtje heeft magic fingers betreft DIY want ze kan écht alles maken met stof, verf, oude meubels en andere prul! En ze houdt ook van lekker eten zo blijkt uit haar kookkunst in het bereiden van deze heerlijke veggie burger! Ik dacht: "hey ik ben vegetarisch so why not try it?"

Ik heb geen recept toegevoegd omdat, nou, een burger naar mijn mening alles fijn gehakt, tot moes geslagen is en deze in een schijf vormt en zo hup, in de pan bakt. Dus heel easy dus!

Eet smakelijk!

I'm Feeling: ok
Music: Amy Winehouse - Rehab - I love this oldskool song, in fact I love many songs by Amy really. 
Food: a raisin
Drink: chai tea 


  1. Oh dit wil ik proberen! Ik ben ook vegetariër maar heb soms wel zin in een hamburger ;)

  2. Looks really lovely !
    I have a giveaway on my blog, win a dress worth 44$ !

  3. This burger looks really delicious. As a vegetarian myself, I am always searching for new recipes to still the hunger and this looks like a great addition to the list. :) Thank you!

  4. Amazing post! I love it! :)
    I invite you to join my first INTERNATIONAL giveaway, win a gift of your choice! The rules are very simple. I REALLY hope you'll join. Good luck :) xx
    xx, Tina

  5. this actually looks nice! ive been wanting to try veggie burgers for a while now. the closest ive tried are quorn products lol

  6. Looks good! I rarely eat meat. by the way, really like the little status updates at the end--"I'm feeling.." Hope you don't mind if I start using variation of it on my own posts :)

    atelier zozo

  7. That looks really good! I've tried veggie burgers before. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  8. Oh, this is so great! I always love eating a good veggie burger!!

  9. Thanks for mentioning me and your lovely compliments - I feel honoured!

    Have a great day,

  10. Yummy :) I absolutely love veggie burgers. Yours look delicious!

  11. This looks so yummy! I'm a veggie and there's nothing better than a good veggie burger :) xx

  12. Ik hou van veggie burgers, ziet er lekker uit die van jou!

  13. looks incredibly delicious. i don't think i ever had a veggie burger. veggies sandwiches.. yes. but not a burger. looks totally worth it though. yum!

  14. This looks really delicious, plus it's healthy, too!

    I'm your new follower! I love your blog, it's so beautiful! ♡ :-)

  15. This looks delicious! i don't know if I'm a confident enough chef to pull this one off though!

  16. Omg, I love veggie burger and I think I will try and make this soon.

    Kah-Feh Yen


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