Some of you might spot this ‘ask’ box back in the previous posts and I’d like to share some of your questions so far + my answers of course with you guys!


Misschien hebben jullie hem al gespot, de ‘vraag’ box in de vorige posts en dit betekent dat er de gelegenheid is voor jullie om vragen aan mij te stellen! En deze vragen ga ik hier beantwoorden!

What is your ultimate dream project? By Creacarmen

I have this crazy idea to open a café + shop where I sell homemade baking goods but also my art stuff. And also the possibility to have workshops and to teach people and to make the world a more happier place!

 Do you study? If so what do you do? By chloe_e

Coming from an Asian family, there’s no way that I don’t study. So yes I study lol, right now I’m in my uni senior year and graduate in ‘pedagogy & education’. Not so artsy as some people might think I’m afraid :P  

How did I start in doing photography? By Jiru

Long before I even started blogging, I was making pictures with my crappy cellphone. The more I get into making photo’s the more I want to learn and know and soon I knew the cellphone wasn’t going to help me making good quality pictures. Soon after I purchased my first SLR camera and self-taught this whole photography thing!

What is your favorite season and why is that? By Sarah
I think all season has its own beauty but if I had to choose one I think I’ll go with summer. The weather is nice and all the green has bloomed up and of course the longlong break!

What was or is currently inspiring to you during autumn & coming winter?
Is there anything you consider as a source for creativity? By Jyun

Its cliché but the WorldWideWeb is my inspiration source really (Pinterest, Tumblre, blogs etc..) nowadays. I try to make less use of it as possible and to be more outside in the real world. Of course armed with my trusty camera c:


  1. Thanks so much for your visit and comment

  2. Your dream project sounds wonderful :) And me too about the source of creativity. I love Pinterest and blogs for that :)

  3. I would love to visit your cafe/art store one day, my dear!

  4. what a great post on sharing both sides of contribution. Cafe + shop, hope this dream will be realised soon :)

  5. I would like to visit you cafe shop one day. It most be cool no doubt about that!

    xo' M

  6. Het is leuk deze antwoorden te lezen! Zeker je droom! Die is zo leuk! Een shop met je kunstwerken, bereidingen en een plaats voor workshops! Moet zo leuk zijn!

  7. Je dream project klinkt echt heel erg leuk :D

  8. I like posts like this, thanks for the answers! It's fun to get to know you a little bit better this way.

  9. I didn't know that you're studying pedagogy and education! o:
    The Q and A is a great idea. c:

    I also think your dream of having your own little cafe is really great! >u< I have a similar dream haha~
    Thanks for sharing your answers! :'D I might throw some questions your way too, Mei!

  10. I really enjoyed reading your Q&A! I love when bloggers do this! Also, your dream to open up a cafe/shop is so similar to mine! ;)


  11. wow, pedagogy and education! those sound like really cool subjects. and i love your dream of opening up a cafe/shop!

    cute & little

  12. I would love seeing you open a café and shop - I'm sure it would be awesome!

    Have a great day,

  13. I love reading Q+A's of fellow bloggers! Love getting to know you more! You should definitely sell your homemade baked goods - from what I have seen, they all look delicious!


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