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Recently Firmoo, the online eyeglasses shop contacted me for a little product review. I’ve heard about Firmoo before and I thought they have nice and affordable glasses. So you can understand how happy I was to pick out a free pair of glasses!

I couldn’t make my decision between this, this and this. I wanted something that’s not so cliché so I decided to go for a cheeky transparent pair. And I love it.

The delivery itself was pretty fast and took around 8-9 days and the parcel came in a good shape. If you like glasses and want to cooperate with Firmoo you can! Just click this link here.


Kort geleden heeft Firmoo, de online optiek winkel, aan mij gevraagd voor een product review. Ja graag! Ik kende Firmoo al en ik vond hun brillen collectie modieus en betaalbaar, wat niet onbelangrijk is natuurlijk. Dus je snap wel dat ik heel blij was dat ik een gratis bril mocht uitkiezen!  *vreugde dansje*

Ik wilde deze, deze en deze kiezen. Ik wilde iets niet clichés dus ik ging voor een transparant paar. En wat is hij mooi en gestroomlijnd!

De bezorging was vrij snel en binnen 8-9 dagen werd er op de deur geklopt (geen Sinterklaas) met mijn pakje! Firmoo biedt daarnaast allerlei leuke samenwerking met blogs. Dus mocht je interesse hebben, hier is een linkje!   
 I was first a bit clueless of what this keychain thingy is but turns out to be a handy tool! Now where are my broken sunnies... 

 I love my glasses + they fit perfectly! I love the fact that its transparent, giving a nice illusion of 'not' wearing glasses c: 

TOP: fast delivery/service, lots of choicesaffordable prices (free pair voucher here), good quality, no 'toyglasses' feel. 
Con: /


  1. I would love to have a new pair of glasses :)
    Ik ben er echt aan toe xd
    Die bril staat je heel goed! Ik ga zeker een kijkje nemen op de webshop. X

  2. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  3. You look so good in these glasses! I would have never been able to pull it off <3


  4. Ik vind hem heel mooi zeg! Hij staat je leuk :) Ik kende de website eigenlijk nog helemaal niet

  5. You look great in those glasses and Firmoo is a great company. They really live up to their claims. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  6. You wear them well! They quite quirky :-)

  7. Can't believe you still look great with specs (: stunning. x

  8. this is the first time i saw glass with transparent!!! and you looked beautiful..this is the first time i'm commenting on your blog. you have a cute blog.

    xo josephine

  9. that transparent frame looks really good on you! good choice!

  10. Great post .thanks for sharing and I like the glasses frame on you
    xo tali

  11. no way, its fantastic!!!
    hope to see you in my blog sometimes xoxo

  12. So cute! You pull off those glasses perfectly

    - zozo

  13. What a lovely blog post and you look so cute !

  14. wow you look so good in those glasses! If i wear glasses they don't look good on me so you are lucky ~

  15. Those are so stylish! And the keychain+fixing tool is so handy!

  16. These are really a beautiful pair of sunglasses, they look great on you!

  17. Those glasses are so cute on you! I've always loved the look of clear frames :)

  18. These look very chic on you.

  19. Amazing. And I love your photos!

  20. These are really cute, I love the clear frames/tortoiseshell arms contrast!


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