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Last week I had a blogmeeting with Carmen of Creacarmen! I’ve been following her crafty blog for awhile and also being a fan of her work. So when she contacted for a meet-up and to knit/crochet things together, I of course said yes! After all I've still got a lot to learn in knitting.

So that being said, we have set a date and we’ve decided to meet-up in Rotterdam.

My first impression of Carmen: what a short sweetlooking girl! And she was really nice as well. Even though it was the first time we saw each other, it clicked immediately. Did you know she can speak Chinese/Manderin? I so envy her!

We've spend a lot of talking, eating and of course taking photo's. Lots of photo's for you to enjoy!

Vorige week had ik een blogmeeting met Carmen van Creacarmen! Ik volgde haar blog al een tijdje en ben ook een enorme fan van haar creatieve brei/haak werkjes! Toen ze vroeg of we samen konden afspreken voor een brei/haakmiddagje samen zei ik natuurlijk ja! Gotta love spontaniteit niet?

Dus zo gezegd zo gedaan en al snel een datum geprikt. De plek van ontmoeting vond plaats in Rotterdam.

Mijn 1e indruk van Carmen: wat een klein schattig meisje! Ze was ook heel aardig. Ook al zagen we toen elkaar voor het eerst, het klikte meteen. Wist je dat ze volleerd Chinees/Manderijns sprak? Hoe vet is dat?!

We hebben over van alles gekletst, onze buikjes rond gegeten en natuurlijk ontbreekt foto's maken niet! Heel veel foto's trouwens: 

We have left our traces at the following places: Ten to Three Bakery // Harolds // Vapiano // Piekfijn // Gamasot // Boguette

A quick bite at Ten to Three. I had my first  salted caramel cupcake! It leaves such sticky hands and mouth but the cupcake was yum!  4/5

 All their signs are made out of cardboard!

I've bought this adorable plate! 

For only €225,- its all yours. The pedals are broken by the way...

Being a blogger c; 

Being a first-timer at Vapiano, I didn't know how this card work. Noob. Anyway, I managed to get some food eventually.

We both have chosen for the  pumpkin soup  with a drizzle of balsamic and slices of baquette! It was a lovely thick, creamy soup!   5/5

Man I looked tired... anyway, we swapped gifts: I got her my 'strawberry cheesecake' ring and I got this most adoooorable orange crochet kitten! THANK YOU

After finishing our pumpkin soup and chit-chats, we finally got down to business with crocheting. And we've made a garland!

A cute miniature tree at Harolds. I've purchased a new HB pencil here. 

My 'matcha' greentea flavored bubble tea was ok. Too much milk I think.  2/5

We've ordered a batch of these dummies 'dumblings' they were tasty and vegetarian as well!

Apart the dumplings we've also had  fried prawns, kimchi, the salmon 'binimbap' and miso soup.   4/5



  1. Carmen's crochet kitten is adorable! I've fallen in love with salted caramel but I've only ever had the ice cream and hot chocolate. I NEED to try the flavour in cupcake form :o

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  2. Gamasot is soooo yummy!! Wanna go back!

  3. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

    Tina from the Style Sinners
    Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
    Instagram - @tina_stefanovic

  4. Couldn't help but laugh at the typo "dumbling" :) Clearly somebody ought to tell them to proofread their menu... Anyways, looks like you had a great time. My friend and I have made a mini tradition of mailing each other crocheted/knitted gifts once the cold front hits. Right now I am really dying to knit and crochet a new set of winter accessories.

    Colette @ Established In The Tropics

  5. Lovely photos!!! And the food looked divine!! :3 I have always had a soft spot for crocheted things but I have never done it myself. Props to you two! ^__^

  6. aww your blogger date looks SO FUN, i wish i could have joined in haha! so many tasty treats- especially that caramel salted cupcake nomnomnom

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Gorgeous pics! I love everything you've posted!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  8. Leuke foto's! Lijkt erop dat jullie het gezellig hebben gehad! En die ouderwetse naaimachine vind ik zo leuk! :)

  9. prachtige foto's heb je op je blog!
    ziet er super uit


  10. Ziet er uit als een leuke dag! De foto's vind ik erg fijn!

  11. Your photos are beautiful, you're such a good photographer! Also that pumpkin soup looks amazing! I'm definitely craving some now!

  12. Ziet er echt super leuk en gezellig uit! Ik kende haar blog nog niet dus ga eens even neuzen! Ik wil het ook kunnen haha

  13. it must be nice, being able to meet a fellow blogger TTvTT also, i find it, how to say, awesome that both of you are enthusiasts for knitting and handcrafts.. i don't get how people have the patience for making such tiny things so i'm always in awe for that haha i'm stupid in crafty field and i don't think i can even treat those little things nicely either :P i feel destructive what the heck

    pumpkin soup is awesome! i tend to make pumpkin puree too at,i call it pumpkin "soup" but i don't know if it can even stand on the same ground as the official (restaurant-served ahem) pumpkin soup, not in terms of flavor but in terms of appearance. then again, pumpkin soup started off from pumpkin puree right? :P
    and yea pumpkin soup with bread is delicious :3 sometimes, i change pumpkin to cauliflower or broccoli too bahahaha

    ah, the menu's written, dutch language, isn't it? i read it out loud and it was like trying to speak french aka i kind of roll my tongue and lips weirdly haha language is fun~ xD
    gah, now i'm drooling for chap chae (lol, i thought it's supposed to be japchae but whatever bah) :P and the bimbap ;w; every time i hear korean food, though, i had to sigh because kimchi.... i'm not eating kimchi. i don't like kimchi (or how it looks? apology, even though it's veggie and i love veggie) OTL it's like forcing me to eat wasabi, something i will never do. haha

  14. What a fun time you had! I cannot believe there is such a thing as a cheescake ring. I want! You and your new friend are very talented. Everything you created looks amazing!

  15. Ohhh how fun that you guys met up :-) She sounds like good fun.

  16. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Looks like you had the best day together!

    Have a fantastic day,

  17. Wederom prachtige foto's! De pompoensoep ziet er net als bananensplit uit hihi, jummy! En het gehaakte bloemetje is ook erg mooi!

  18. Your pictures are always so lovely !

  19. It looked like you had a great time! :)

  20. that cupcake is calling my name, so is every single food and drink you have there! can imagine her mandarin being sooooo much better than mine, clever girl :) i have forgotten how pretty crochet products were *.*

  21. lovely pics <3 xx

  22. It must be so nice to meet other Bloggers! Looks like you gals had a lovely time. I should start finding some Bloggers from Korea, but, they seem scarce :(

  23. looks like a great time! and there is a vapiano's where you are? there is one where i am too. i love going there :)

  24. It looks like y'all had fun! And she can speak Mandarin? That's awesome


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