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I’m having a hard time believing October is over. I also can’t believe this week is over and that tomorrow is weekend already!

This week I’ve made my first potato salad with tuna! Man, it was delicious! My actual plan was to make a baked potato in the oven with rosemary and all the jazz but I got lazy.

After boiling the potatoes, I opened a can of tuna, stirfried it with some garlic & onions, add some rocket salad and done!

Wat ging oktober snel! Ik wou dat de intercity van de NS zo snel en vlekkeloos ging. Anyway.

Deze week heb ik salade met aardappels, geroerbakte tonijn en voor de gezonde wil: rucola sla gemaakt. Echt heerlijk en zo in wip gemaakt: kook de aardappels kruimelig, roerbak tonijn met ui en 1 teentje knoflook, voeg rucola in een kom, hussel alles en klaar!  

Vrolijk weekend!

In my snackbox: Dikkie Dik biscuits and a nice crispy biscuits with coconut flavor. 

I haven't had this 'Matze' cracker with sugar on top for a longlong while. I almost forgot how good this

Homemade potato salad with tuna, so good c: 

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Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog, so sweet. I wish I could sing like her, but I can't :( haha

    Yummie snacks, that salad lookst delicious!

    xo' M

  2. OMG those look so delicious!! I just finished school and I have to work for 3 hours until 9pm.. so hungry!! ChicNikkie
    Bloglovin' | Facebook

  3. Oh really cute and delicious!


  4. YUM! Do you think you could make a tutorial on how to make GIFS or maybe recommend some good tutorials. Thanks!

  5. So yummy! Love your photographing skills, do you think you could make a tutorial on how to make GIFS? I would appreciate it a lot :)

  6. The potato tuna salad looks really good. I like to add baby shrimps to my potato salad! :)

  7. Je potato tuna ziet er yummy uit!!

  8. Die sultana koekjes zijn inderdaad erg lekker!

  9. Your salad looks so yummy! xxx


  10. I love me a good potato salad even though I wouldn't put tuna in it (I'm a veggie).
    You just inspired me for dinner though!


  11. Love your pictures as usual ! The food looks so lovely !

  12. Ah hmmm matzes zijn zo lekker. Beetje suiker en wat boter!

  13. Oooh that salad looks delicious please share the recipe!!


  14. Hey, hope you also had a nice and Happy Halloween :3
    I have never seen a potatoe tuna salad before O.O - i bet it tastes good for everyone who loves tuna ( unfortunatelly not my taste -3-)

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  15. Oh die aardappels lijken me erg lekker op deze manier! Mjamm...

  16. That salad looks really nice! I hope I can try making it too :) xx


  17. Wow. That looks delicious. The cracker in particular. Must say the pictures are gorgeous too. Well shot!


  18. hmm looking good! krijg er spontaan weer honger van

  19. Die salade klinkt zo lekker, en ziet er zo lekker uit! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  20. Mmm cutest snacks! I'm so very hungry right now the cracker would make wonders to myself right now :)

  21. potato and tuna salad sounds delicious. and whenever i'm in asia next, i can't wait to go crazy on their snacks!

  22. Hmmmm die kokoskoekjes zijn echt zo lekker!

  23. i love tuna in my salad! it's constantly changing between tuna and salmon though i mostly prefer salmon because it's more beneficial than tuna. the good thing about tuna is that it has less fat than salmon :P tuna can sometimes taste "dry". ah, but i'm not sure about canned tuna because i always use the fresh, frozen one. my family says no to canned food most of the times unless necessary like heinz baked beans for example (i'm addicted to this baked beans augh)

    but whether it's canned or fresh, tuna is awesome! :3 tuna sandwich, tuna salad, tuna anything! i refrain and avoid food found in restaurants/cafes/STARBUCKS (darrnn...) though since it's ALWAYS or MOST TIMES "TUNA MELT" pfft the cheese thing screams fat to me so i get all terrified :))
    potato salad does sound awesome but i stopped putting potatoes now since it's basically a replacement for rice or bread and whenever i count the calories after i put potatoes in, they add up like whoah 400cals salad...even without the mayo. (mayo scares me now.. :P)

    what veggie did you use there? only one kind? also, what dressing do you usually use?


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