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When I received an email by Homespun, I thought it was just another spam mail and I almost targeted in the spambox with the rest of the 100 spammails. I’m so glad I didn’t because Homespun featured my crocheted ‘red velvet cake’ as ‘Another Cute Idea’ in their magazine! And this fell on the doormat today!

Like O-EM-GEE. Ok first thing first. How did the Australian Homespun found my piece of work in the big blog/craftworld? I mean, I’m ok with what I’m doing but I’m sure there are tons of people who are so much better than me. Anyway I’m really happy! So thank you Homespun AU c:

By the way, Homespun magazine contains really lovely DIY’s, interviews and inspirations in nice pictures!


Toen ik een emailtje ontvangen heb van Homespun dacht ik dat het weer de zoveelste spammail was. Ik had het dan ook biiijna in de spambox gedaan maar gelukkig heb ik het niet gedaan want Homespun heeft mijn gehaakte ‘red velvet cake’ als ‘Another Cute Idea’ gefeatured in hun tijdschrift! En deze viel vandaag in de brievenbus!

O-EM-GEE! Hoe vet is dat joh? Ik ging uit mn dak serieus. Ok, allereerst hoe heeft de Australische Homespun mijn werkje gevonden? De digitale blog/knutsel wereld is zo groot met mensen die ongetwijfeld beter zijn dan ik. Hoe dan ook, ik ben heel blij en super bedankt Homespun AU c:

Homespun tijdschrift bevat trouwens leuke DIY’s, interviews en inspirerende foto’s! Ik wou dat er een Nederlandse versie was.

 "I'm in therapy and sewing is cheaper than a psychiatrist - Anonymous"  so true c: 

( click to enlarge c: )
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Music: Lorde - Team - I adore the amazing Lorde and I hope she stays true to herself c: 
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  1. Congrats Mei!! Hier kan je zeker trots op zijn! Het tijdschrift ziet er inderdaad leuker uit dan de brei/knuteltijdschrijften die we in Nederland hebben :P

  2. Congratulations for such a wonderful achievement! <3 What a great news to (nearly) end the year 2013. :D

  3. Yeeeh this is amazinggg!! :D congratulations! you deserve it xx

  4. Aaah wat tof! Gefeliciteerd :D Je verdient het hoor, je bent zo creatief en goed in wat je doet ^_^

  5. Lovely !

  6. Congrats on getting a piece in a magazine! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  7. Oh wow, congrats on the feature! I definitely have to go looking for this magazine now, haha :)

  8. Congrats on the article! those little things you made were so cute!


  9. Well done for the feature, Mei ^_^ Of course you deserve to be chosen! The first of many, hopefully!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  10. Ohmyword! How cute is that!? Congrats! :)

  11. Oh My God!!!!! I am so so excited and happy for you!!!!
    Congratulations!!! That's biggg, girl :D

  12. woah!! congratulations!! :D :D :D

  13. Heel leuk! Congrats en heel attent van ze om jou het tijdschrift op te sturen ;-)

  14. Congratulations. That's an amazing achievement. <3

  15. Congratulations!!!!! Your red velvet crochet cake is a cutie! :) Homespun has a great eye.

  16. So cool! Congrats!

    xo' M

  17. wee~ omg congrats! your DIYs deserve the exposure; they're great, so are you for spending time making them up and telling the world on how to do it :)
    sometimes i wonder how does one achieve this kind of path from blogging haha.. maybe i should post really really often to give my photographs the exposure like this haha but..who knows...not that my pictures are always constantly cool.

  18. So cute! :)


  19. holy moly! that is wonderful! congratulations!

  20. That's wonderful! congratulations, you deserve it :) x

  21. Congratulation!! Such wonderful thing to happen :D

  22. Congrats! That's so cool to be featured!

  23. OMG that's so cool! Congrats :D


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