HOTSPOT 18: Pepper Lunch


In Hong Kong last summer I’ve discovered that eating on a hot 260°C sizzling plate is very trendy. I always see a huge line of hungry people at Pepper Lunch which is a ‘fast food steak house’.

I’ve banned eating beef a long time ago, and I was hoping Pepper Lunch offers at least one vegetarian dish on their menu. Which unfortunate isn’t the case so I chose for the HK$47 ‘salmon pepper rice’ (€4,50 - $6).

Once I’ve received my food I quickly, almost running back to my table because here’s the fun part: the salmon is still raw so you quickly have to stir it on the hot plate to make it all cooked.
I was slightly disappointed about the portion (its small). And I was quite sad that I’ve finished up so fast because it was tasty.


In Hong Kong heb ik ontdek dat eten op een hete ijzeren plaat van 260°C heel erg ‘hot’ was, want ik zie altijd een lange rij hongerige mensen staan bij Pepper Lunch.

 Pepper Lunch is een ‘fast food steak house’ en aangezien ik het eten van rund allang verbannen heb, hoopte ik dat ze iets vegetarisch aanbied. Ik moest helaas betreuren en koos voor de HK$47 ‘zalm peper rijst’ (€4,50 - $6).  

Eenmaal ik mijn eten in ontvangst mocht nemen, ging ik snel naar mn tafel want nu komt het leuke gedeelte. De zalm is nog rauw en de bedoeling is dat je deze verder roerbakt op je hete plaat.
Ik moet eerlijk zeggen, de portie is klein. Ik was daarom ook beetje verdrietig toen het op was want het was zeker een smaakvolle lunch.

 I love foodcourts and this foodcourt has lots of cuisine and choices. Tho this place tend to be crowdy and sliiiightly expensive since its located at a tourist place. 

Stir fry stir fry stir fry! 

A hungry glutton ha

ADDRESS:  Stall 10 at Food Republic Silvercord, B01 Basement 30 Canton Road Tsimshatsui, Kowloon - HONG KONG
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥♥ 2/5
Interior:  2/5 Well It was at a foodcourt?
Price:  3/5


  1. I love pepper lunch! And I completely agree, I think the portion size is a bit too small and I always end up finishing it too fast and wishing for more.

  2. doet me denken aan bibimbap haha! :D Ziet er wel heel erg lekker uit! <3

  3. omg i still need to try that place! when i went in the summer last year, they were shut by the time i got there :( it will be the very first place i visit next time im in hk!

  4. Haha nice gif. This sounds like such a gimmicky place but I'm all about the gimmicks so it's somewhere I'd definitely want to try out! Also I loooved the stamp you bought a couple of blog posts ago. I need one so I can start making my own cards!!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  5. Ohhh, nom nom nom. Ziet er lekker uit! :D

  6. The food looks so delicious. I love foodcourts, especially when I'm back home in London because they're always huge! Loving your blog :)
    have a great week, Saida xx

  7. Hey girlyy [: I totally know what you mean because this is like one of my favourite food in Hong Kong! Anyway, I really enjoy reading through your blog! You're so adorable. Can't wait to see more from you [:


  8. Yum, I absolutely love Pepper Lunch! I do agree that the portions are a bit small, but the novelty of the hotplate's just too fun to resist :)

  9. Oh wow, this looks so nice!

    Corinne x

  10. that looks soo good! i've never been to pepper lunch so it's definitely on my "to do list" next time i go to HK. but omg was it only $47hkd?!?! that's like £4!! even though the portion is small that is SOOO CHEAP (well imo since you get salmon + rice which is quite a substantial meal). it's like the same price as a mcdonalds meal (i'm not sure since i don't eat meals from mcdonalds but it actually may be even cheaper than mcdonalds!)

  11. Ahhh ik heb ook Pepperlunch gegeten in Singapore! Mn broertje vond het zo lekker hahah maar ik vond het ook iets wat weinig :p fatties!

  12. Ziet er heerlijk uit!Bedankt voor de leuke reactie op mijn blog!

  13. We have a Pepper Lunch here! I've never actually been but it looks fun!

  14. Love sizzling plates so much! I recognize this mall in Tsim Sha Tsui ;))

    New Post up…

  15. I loveee pepper lunch especially beef pepper rice!! :D :D

  16. I've had something similar in the USA. It's like fried rice, but they just put it into a pot, and when it gets to your table, they toss it. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  17. It looks yummy but I agree the portion looks really small!!
    I love food courts a lot! If the place is clean and neat, and the food taste good, I'll have nothing to complain!

  18. I love eating at Pepper Lunch! I always go there with my friends. The portions seem bigger in Australia though, it costs around AU$9 (not in a meal).

  19. That's such a cool restaurant concept! Is it like the hot tofu dishes you can get at Korean restaurants?

  20. The food looks amazing ! Love your pictures !

  21. I love Pepper Lunch! But when I compare PL in the Philippines and Singapore, I notice that the beef is more fatty in the Philippines than in Singapore.

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid

  22. Sounds like a great concept!
    By the way, I don't work with kids - that Three Things Thursday was a guest post of my friend! :-)

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

  23. We have Pepper Lunch here in Sydney too, I remember it being tasty.

  24. oh this looks so good. we need it in London!! x

  25. sounds like a nice concept. but ya I do hate it when the portion is small, haha yesterday I had a nice dinner but the portion was small that I ended up going to McDonalds later, what a waste! :)

  26. for a second i kept registering that as $47 US dollars! :) it looks delicious! i love salmon. it's my favorite! i think i would've wolfed it down too!

  27. I've never been to a Pepper Lunch.
    But I will remember the name, cause it looks so yummie :)

    xo' M

  28. omg the food looks sooooo delicious :D i had one of those once in taiwan and it was sooooo good :D

  29. Awwww, great food here!
    Check out my latest post if you have time, I'll be happy to read what you think of it!

  30. I've heard of Pepper Lunch and it looks delicious but yeah, I'd still be hungry after eating that portion too haha
    atelier zozo

  31. How fun! One of the meals I enjoyed most in Japan was the okonomiyaki for the fun of making ourselves it :) This concept looks great, we should have it here in Barcelona as well :P and for 4.5€ looks like a good deal!

  32. the gif is hilarious!:D♥ and the food looks so delicious!

  33. That looks delicious. o.o But yeah, not a great portion size.


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