HOTSPOT 19: CupcakeChic


Being a sweet tooth, the Dutch CupcakeChic is not the place to be ignored because they obvious sell cupcakes and macarons, cookies and chocolates! All handmade by 2 young lads. Whaaa, handmade by 2 men? Yup! That’s what this amazingly friendly saleslady told me about, as I was at their store!

CupcakeChic bakes fresh cupcakes every day which is a plus for me! They are sold in these cuuute plastic containers individually (please scroll down!) and allowing to store the cupcakes up to two days in room temperature! But who wants to store them so long? I ate mine straight away c:

The cupcakes are tad pricier than elsewhere and boy, how lucky I was that the wanted cupcake (redvelvet) was on sale! I also bought a batch of macarons.


Ik als zoetekauw zijnde kan de CupcakeChic natuurlijk niet missen en moest deze uitproberen! Naast dat ze cupcakes verkopen, hebben zij o.a. ook macarons, koekjes en chocolade in de vitrine staan! Allemaal handgemaakt door 2 jonge mannen? Whaaa, 2 jonge mannen? Yup! Dit werd mij verteld door deze lieve verkoopster toen ik in hun winkel was!

De cupcakes worden iedere dag vers gebakken en afgeleverd, en verkocht in individuele schattige plastic bakjes!

Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat de cupcakes wel ietsiepiesie duur zijn dan elders en wat had ik mazzel toen ik juist die cupcake (redvelvet) wilde uitproberen in de aanbieding was! Ik heb ook een doosje macarons gekocht.

There was this really friendly and sweet lady with great service! 

I thought these were tastier than Ladurée ones. Is that weird? 

ADDRESS:  Schiphol Plaza 1118 AX Schiphol Airport - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 5/5
Interior:  3/5 
Price:  2/5


  1. This post was as cruel as someone drinking a glass of icy-cold water in front of a severely dehydrated person!
    I WANT THOSE CUPCAKES! [Throws self to floor and wails] xD

  2. Ooh here come the midnight munchies again... Wat ziet alles er verrukkelijk uit!! Misschien dat ik morgen maar even langs Schiphol reis :P xx

  3. oh my they look delicious!!! i am a sucker for cake but sadly i have NEVER tried macarons :(

  4. Awww, i want a pink vanilla rose cupcake right now (^3^)!
    I have never seen any bakery here in Germany that sells cupcakes with rose shape icing (*.*)...

    xoxo from Germany
    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  5. Mmm all these delicacies made my mouth water. Delicious. And remind me that I should bake. Bf actually requested cupcakes the other day hehe. ^^

    In case I don't have time to stop by before holiday,
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x


  6. Your pictures are always so adorable ! Love the macarons box !

  7. some of those look too pretty to eat!


  8. ok, this is my kind of heaven. how gorgeous are these cakes?! x

  9. As always you have me drooling! I want those macarons here right now :)

  10. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Ha yeah, I couldn't store them for 2 days either...!

    Have a fantastic day,

  11. It's midnight here and I'm drooling, craving for those yum yummy food! Nice photos as always :)

  12. So cute! I love cupcakes :) There is something so fun about eating them! That is so great that red velvet were on sale—yum!

  13. Oh briljant, er werken altijd zulke aardige mensen bij Cupcake Chic! Ook in hun normale winkel in Den Haag. Ik heb hun macarons nog nooit geprobeerd, maar als je ze echt lekkerder vind dan Ladurée moet ik ze zelf misschien ook maar eens proberen :p

  14. My goodness these look delicious

  15. yum. that red velvet one looks so good.

  16. Wow, I've never seen any bakery here who stores macaron in a plastic box like that.. i mean, don't plastic boxes like that break the macaron easier? since it's such a fragile pastry and stuff... unless we're carrying it carefully then that may be a different question...i think? just wondering. the macarons i've bought so far always use boxes (like laduree) and even when i was careful carrying it, some of them broke lol

    red velvet cupcake seems to be such a thing, everyone's favorite. funny how i like dessert but i don't like, they look pretty and stuff but i don't find them at all interesting (once you remove the frosting they look just so..ordinary) :P people i know around me loooove cupcakes though... xD


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