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I always have mixed feelings when it comes to the month december. Sad feeling that the year is about the end soon, but also happy because it’s a month full of holidays! And holidays mostly comes with food and presents!

And so lately I’ve bought really cute stamps that helps me cute up giftboxes, envelopes and wrappers!

What are you holiday plans?


De maand December brengt weer gemengde gevoelens teweeg. We moeten binnenkort afscheid nemen van 2013, helaas. Maar ik kijk er vooral uit naar de Kerst en misschien ook een beetje naar mn verjaardag, want: eten & cadeautjes!

Ik heb daarom laatst super schattige stempels van de Hema gekocht die je cadeaupapier, enveloppen, kerstkaarten opleuken!

Wat ga jij doen in de feestdagen?

 You have no no nooo idea how much I adore this rotating stamp <3>

Available at Hema


  1. omgg zulke schattige stempels zeg!

  2. The stamps all look so pretty! I love December - I can't wait until the holidays either. A week off work is so anticipated! I'm already looking forward to next year too (without wishing the year away) because hopefully it will be an even better year!

  3. I've been looking for a stamp and the rotating one is perfect! So adorable.


  4. I love these stamps!! So adorable!! And I feel the same way about December. It's so bittersweet

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  5. I can't believe it's already December! 2013 is at it's last month!!!

  6. the rotating stamp looks really cute! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  7. I have a passion for stamps, so I can guess purchase better than yours! My plan for Christmas is going to my family town in Italy and spend holidays all together!
    Have a nice day!
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  8. There are cute stamps!Because I accentuate, I love the stamp.


  9. Oh goodness, natuurlijk! HEMA! Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar betaalbare en leuke stempels (en alfabet stempels) en nooit gekeken bij de Hema, haha wat stom! Ze zijn echt supercute! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Heel cool die stempels!

    xo' M

  11. These stamps are so lovely. Love the vintage effect on them. The rotating stamps must have been really fun!

  12. Those hearts stamp!!! so cuteeee. I love december cos i always look fwd to Christmas. You should be too!

  13. Die stempel met al die tekstjes die is echt zo leuk!

  14. i have a tiny stamping collection as well. really great for wrapping and little notes! i love december for christmas. my favorite holiday. and my mama's and my birthdays are this month. january really gets me down though. it's a new start but after all the festivities it seems so dull and quiet! ;)

  15. I hate wrapping gifts, let alone pimp them, lol :-) I'm a bit like the grinch when it comes to Christmas I guess, lol. I look up to people who manage to create these uberprofessional-looking gift wrappings though, and I bet you are one of them!

  16. Jeetje wat schattig! Vind de Hema vaak leuke dingen hebben maar ik loop vaak bij de food afdeling en minder vaak bij de stationairy afdeling hahaha xD

  17. Soms weet ik niet of ik een comment heb geplaatst of niet... omdat ik niet ben ingelogged op google : (

    even ter herhaling: Hema heeft echt cute stuff! Moet vaker langs de stationairy spullen en minder vaak langs teh food :p

  18. Ik heb er ook een aantal, zo leuk!

  19. i used to have no feelings for december since it's just another month for me to live by.
    now, i'm sad because wow what holiday, really... pfft i only get two weeks break starting from dec 23 to jan 5 which, for me, is really short compared to what i got during semester 1. guess my college is getting stingier as semesters go by. sigh. so the 2 weeks break will just be me loafing around, at home, trying to get some sleep and temporary fun with games and tumblr before finally going back to class and get bombed by deadlines. sucks. -__-

  20. i love those stamps. especially the one with all the cute phrases. i plan on playing in the snow with my son a lot this winter. i can't wait until more snow drops !


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