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Today I went to Amsterdam to an exhibition & pop up store called: Lost & Found, an initiative by our Dutch railway company NS and artists and designers. The name says it all, an exhibition with lost and found objects! And fortunately most of these objects return to its rightful owner but some don’t.

The designers and artists have recycled the abandoned objects that are never been claimed into: bags, mittens, stationery and accessories! It’s pretty cool to see and all the profits go to Natuur en Millieu!

The entrance is free and open till 14th December!


Hoewel het koud is vandaag scheen ons zonnetje! Ik was vandaag in Amsterdam voor de expo en pop up store: ‘Lost & Found’ . Een initiatief door NS in samenwerking met kunstenaars en ontwerpers.

Deze creatieve mensen recyclen en geven een nieuw leven aan de verloren voorwerpen. Zo werden er tassen, handschoenen en accessoires gemaakt en uiteraard verkocht, want alle opbrengsten gaan naar Natuur en Milieu!

Deze expo is te zien tot en met 14 december met gratis toegang!
I'd love to have this in my future home someday c: 

Its free! c:

 What does this thing called? Anyone??

 One of the artists! 

 One of the prettiest lost and found objects was this violin in kids size. If this was mine I'd go mad if I lost it really. 

These mittens are made of recycled materials. 

I did not expect for this mini exhibition to have radio + tv crew coming over. Thank God they didn't asked me ha.


  1. Awesome!
    Als ik de kans heb ga ik zeker een kijkje nemen ;)
    X, Jessy


  2. Oh wauw, fancy! Ik vroeg me al af waarom overal op CS mensen met 'Lost & Found' borden stonden, haha!

  3. Ohh what a fabulous place! I'd love to take the giant bunny home with me & the suitcase chair is awesome!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. That is honestly such a cool exhibit. I would love to take a look at it. I love how all the glasses look like a chandelier and the suitcase chair!

  5. That is really cool! An exhibition of lost items, I'd be curious!

  6. Wat is dit ontzettend gaaf zeg, vooral die suitcase chair, die wil ik later ook in mijn huis hebben haha

  7. Really nice pictures !

  8. Wat gaaf zeg! Dit zou ik weleens een keertje willen bezoeken!

  9. this is so awesome! would love to go and see! and i think that's called view master reels. wow. i remember i had one! it was the coolest thing :)

  10. wow this is when art is beyond objects.

  11. Yeah I heard about this, pretty cool!

  12. such a nice event and idea!

  13. Looks like it was a lot of fun,
    Love year pictures

    xo' M

  14. What an awesome exhibition! Lovely shots as always! ♡ :-)

  15. Wow, this place looks amazing!! I can just imagine how many awesome stuff there was!

  16. Toevallig ben ik daar gisteren ook geweest, wat gaaf hè! Vooral dat kunstbeen... Ook op mijn blog kun je een stukje lezen over deze bijzondere expositie (:

    Liefs, Janna

    PS. Ik vind je blog echt tof!

  17. I love exhibitions like this, that suitcase chair is genius!

    Hmm maybe...

  18. beautiful stuff, thank you for sharing. i love the chair! it looks like a luggage with four legs which makes it adorable and unique ;)
    i wish i live in a country where walking around the city is safe so i can roam around when i need some fresh air. sigh..
    exhibitions in here tend to happen inside shopping malls and it doesn't bring out the same atmosphere, i guess... then again, when i wanted to see the exhibitions, my parents always pull me away because they're one of those people who think "art is just blah"


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