Project: Chocolate Cookies with Lemon Glaze


Ever since I got tagged with an answer: share you favourite cookie recipe for the holiday, I really didn’t have one.

Surely I love to bake and I love eating cookies but I don’t bake them a lot because my family doesn’t really eat them or just eat 1 tiny bits, forcing me to eat the entire batch all by myself. So yeah, that’s why I don’t bake them much.

But since we are all in a holiday/food spirit, I want to share you guys a nice cookie recipe from scratch: chocolate cookies with lemon glaze!

Sinds ik getagd ben met onder andere de vraag: wat mijn favoriete koekjes recept is, had ik die niet.

Natuurlijk hou ik van bakken en misschien nog meer van het opsmullen van de koekjes, maar helaas deelt mijn familie niet echt dezelfde passie. Of ze nemen maar een luttele hap van 1 koek en laten de rest aan mij over. Dus daarom bak ik niet vaak koekjes.

Maar sinds we toch in een feestelijke sfeer bevinden, heb ik hier simpele koekjes receptje voor jullie in petto: chocolade koekjes met citroen glazuur!  

Da Recipe: 175gr plain flour, 25gr cacao powder, 3 tbsp. sugar, 115 butter (room temp.), 1 egg yolk, 85 icing sugar + few drops of lemon juice

 Molds are from Ikea c:

 And et voilà! Made with love.

Da Steps:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 200°C + line a baking tray with parchment paper! 
  2. Beat with a handmixer the butter and sugar until creamy. Then add in the egg yolk and beat until its smooth.
  3. Sieve the flour + cacao powder and combine with the butter mixture until it creates a really soft dough. 
  4. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out with a roller pin to create a nice thin layer. When this is done cut nice figures with cute molds. 
  5. The cookies goes on the lined baking tray and bake the cookies to 15 minutes.  
  6. Once they are baked, let the cookies cool down on a rack. Meanwhile! Make the lemon glaze by combining the 85gr icing sugar + few drops of lemon juice! 
  7. Decorate the cookies with your homemade glaze as I piped mine. Let them set aside to harden. 
Good luck!


  1. Your blog is so cute..seriously!
    The photographs are lovely and the end result for the cookies looks amazing.
    I have tried baking cookies several times just to end up very very dissappointed..they always burn! I have no idea what I do wrong.

  2. You seriously have the best recipes! This looks absolutely amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Ah, I'm exactly the same when it comes to cookies! No one in my family ends up eating them, so usually I don't even bother. These ones sound great though, I've never tried cookies with a lemon glaze before!

  4. these sound so yummy - i love all things lemon but would have never thought of putting it together with chocolate! must be refreshing :)) love how you packaged them - simple and cute

    rachel x

  5. Those look so good. I want to buy more cookie cutters to make cute gifts for my friends, but they're just so expensive. I might go to Daiso soon though to see if they have anything.

  6. This is a really easy recipe! Can't wait to make some cookies! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  7. Where did you get the shapes? They look really cute! ^^ Great post, everything you make look so easy but I doubt it will be easy on me haha. I might start baking again since I have more free time now. (Yaaaay for winter holidays!) <3

  8. Hmmmm ik krijg er zo'n honger van! Leuk die glazuur stipjes er ook op!

  9. i love the way you packaged them. definitely made with love!

  10. Oh yum! Chocolate and lemon sounds like a nice combination ^_^ I prefer other desserts over cookies too, but these are so cute and adorable, and perfect for the festive season!

  11. Aah, that pig cookie cutter is so cute! And these look really good, too!

    Have a fantastic Christmas time,

  12. They look so yummy and the way you have packaged them is so lovely <3

    Jennie xo |

  13. it looks so tasty! i did cookies yesterday too... with gingerbread spice, mmm <3

  14. They look so yummy! Dani is a cookie lover, he will appreciate that lemon touch as well. I love the idea of giving cookies as presents for friends, your packaging is too cute!

  15. These look so delicious! I'm totally in cookie mode right now with the holidays coming up!

  16. Those look amazing - what delicious looking presents. I am about to help my sis make some gingerbread men, so festive!

  17. Such a cute cookies! Did you spend special time on Christmas day?



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