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I finally get to meet up with my friends last Sunday and we went to see the movie a lá ‘The Hunger Games II’! I have enjoyed the 1st part and I was pretty excited to see the 2nd part! And I didn't check out IMDB first to see the score.
 Tho I had hold back my excitement a little bit since 2nd parts can let you down or are usually not as good as the first part.

But THG II was good! Really good! Maybe even better than the first one. Therefore I was a little bit sad when it was over and now I have to wait for the 3rd to come out. Maybe I should read the books?

Ik heb eindelijk weer eens afgesproken met mijn vriendinnetjes en we zijn met z’n allen naar de film ‘The Hunger Games II’ geweest! Ik heb genoten van de 1e deel dus ik kon niet wachten voor de 2e deel! En ik heb niet stiekem op IDMB gekeken voor de scores.
Alhoewel ik een beetje terughoudend ben over de 2e deel sinds deze vaak tegenvallen dan de eerste.

Maar THG II was goed! Heel goed zelf! En misschien nog ietsjes beter dan de eerste :P ik was ook een beetje van slag op het einde toen het afgelopen was terwijl ik nog zoveel open vragen heb! Misschien moet ik het boek maar eens lezen?

Congratulations Ana Airam for winning my Rosegal's giveaway!


  1. Amazing pictures as usual :)

  2. Leuke foto's! Gebruik jij eigenlijk een polarisatie filter?

  3. I think you would definitely enjoy the books! They are much more graphic in them in regards to violence but the first book is especially good (though I do agree with naysayers who say it's a copy of Battle Royale). Love that first shot of the sky too.
    atelier zozo

  4. I watched the hunger games 2 yesterday, i loved it! but now i really got to start reading the books to fully understand the ending

  5. Prachtige foto's weer! Ik ga van het weekend naar The Hunger Games, ben benieuwd :D Het boek kan ik zeker aanraden ^^

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

    I neither watched the films nor read the books - should I? I guess, because everyone's loving them...

    Have a great day,

  7. I was in love with the second Hunger Games movie when I saw it too. Definitely read the books! They're even better. :)

  8. I also loved THG 2!!
    Just watched it today and I cannot wait for the last one!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  9. I love the Hunger Games! Definitely give the books a try, they're a pretty easy and fun read.

  10. You should read the books! I personally really liked the books! I have yet to watch catching fire. I'm planning on watching it maybe next month. :)

  11. such gorgeous photos!

  12. Jij maakt altijd zulke mooie foto;s! <3 Ik moet nog kijken naar de hunger games haha.. Je hebt trouwens mijn 'My new bag' winactie gewonnen! Omdat je andere mailadres je oude was kun je me misschien een mailtje sturen op :D Dan kan ik je mailadres doorgeven aan My new bag!

  13. Lovely photos,
    glad The Hunger games was fun!

  14. Love the first photo!

  15. Mmmm, yes! I saw the second Hunger Games a few weeks ago and it was so intense and good! I loved it even more than the first. I've read the first two books and half of the third (it was boring :D) so I'm really excited for how they will end the film series. Love your sky pictures :)

  16. was it really that good? maybe i should really try to get into it. i heard it was gory? i can't watch gory movies..! but jennifer lawrence is so funny and i love her so maybe i should give the movies a try too ;) and the books as well~


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