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Happy lazy in pyjama style with foodie and movie on Sunday!

My bought snacks from my trip HK last summer is started to run out so, again, I’ve  placed an order at Candysan.com because they are cheap with low shipping charges c: Such a great way to re-stock your Asian snack storage of this glutton of mine…

Lately I’ve been hanging out in the library a lot, among reading articles (so fun) and books and writing my neverending essay. Are you like me who can’t study at home because you’ll go cleaning or do something un-study like? Yeah it sucks.


Vrolijke luie in je pyjama pakkie met snacks en filmpje op zondag!  

Mijn voedselvoorraad die ik uit Hong Kong gekocht heb in de zomervakantie raakt langzamerhand op. Klink ernstig maar geen paniek, want sites zoals Candysan.com bieden wederom hulp want ze verkopen goedkope snacks incl. lage verzendkosten!

Ik ben laatst vaak te vinden in de bieb met mijn neus in de boeken en artikelen (joepie) en de neverending scriptie. Kan jij net als ik ook niet thuis leren omdat je andere dingen gaat doen zoals schoonmaken? Yeah it suck.

A very yummy Pocky. 

This Minnie Mouse mug is over 10 years old. 

I love funny girl Jennifer Lawrence, laughed so hard at this redcarpet interview!


  1. Ik ben zelf altijd dol op noten als ik uit school kom! :)

  2. The CandySan website...dear lord, what have you done!! haha, I've added so much to my cart already. I don't think I need so many sweets.

    atelier zozo

  3. Die Pocky lijkt me lekker! Om nom <3

  4. Ahhh, die sandwich ziet er zo lekker uit. En same here, ik kan ook echt niet thuis studeren, ik blijf mezelf altijd weer dwars zitten om het toch te proberen. Komende weken ben ik ook veel in de bieb te vinden ben ik bang. En jeetje, scriptie... ik ben ergens wel blij dat het nog een klein jaartje duurt voordat ik daarmee bezig moet. Succes!!

  5. I love the look of the pocky's! Hope you enjoy Silver Linings, I love it!


  6. Oh whao. I never had mango pocky before. are they better than the strawberry ones?! haha
    and those almond biscuit looks yummy! dammit!so many yummy snacks! :))

    xoxo, Jules
    Visit my blog Here!

  7. !! I was just looking for Asian snacks today, and wondering how to get them without having to visit Chinatown. I've never tried that flavor of Pocky before. Is it mango?



  8. haha dat interview met jennifer is inderdaad geniaal :D

  9. Perfect winter Sunday plan: movie & asian snacks! :) Did you like Silver Linings Playbook? I enjoyed both their performances. Which is the flavour of the Pocky?

  10. Oooh, al die snacks Ö mmm... nu krijg ik honger. En super dat er zo'n site bestaat :D ik ga zo een kijken x') haha. Mango pocky's moet ik uitgetest hebben :P En ik ken dat, ik wil ook altijd mijn kamer schoonmaken als ik moet studeren x')

  11. Ooh, those cheese almond snacks look good! Haven't seen those before!
    Haha, I can't concentrate at home either - I get distracted by tv or searching for snacks, or even like you preferring to clean instead ^_^

  12. i haven't snacked on asian snacks in a long time. i used to have like a basket full of them. but seeing your posts makes me want to stock up! :) they have the cutest packaging too.


  14. I didn't study at home when I was still a student because I would always fall asleep and ended up studying nothing lol Wonderful photos as always! Your shots are amusing to look at! ♡ :-)

  15. I've never tried mango Pocky before, but I definitely want to try it!

  16. mango mousse pocky!! *cries* i don't think my parents would approve if i buy asian snacks online...they'd be like "why would you do that- such a waste of money" -___-;; they don't see how important it is to enjoy variations of pocky, lol. i tried the green tea mousse the other day but it wasn't so..marvelous like i expected. various flavors of kit kat taste nicer, i think.

    1. Hi, do you live in London? In Covent Garden (well, Leicester square really) I think there are Japanese sweet shops in China Town that sell pocky in, like, a thousand flavours =D if not, try the Japanese Directory on the Hyper Japan site, it will hopefully tell you the nearest sweet shop in your area. Good luck, Pocky Friend. lol


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