A day in Antwerp


In one of the last days of 2013, me and some friends went to Antwerp for a nice shoppingspree, knowing that the sales are started and we wanted to be the first to get the best items of course!

The day was really lovely to my surprise which makes shooting pictures a lot more pleasant, because apart from shopping I was also sightseeing. I love Antwerp.
After setting our foot on the streets, old buildings and architectures are there to greet you.
Yeah I love Antwerp!

We went really early to avoid rush hour and
arrived in Antwerp around 11:00. Despite we have spend the entire day in Antwerp, I didn't bought much. F21 was really disappointing which was my main goal of this trip -sigh-. I think I've spend more money on food! Haul in my next few post! 


In een van de laatste dagen van 2013 gingen ik en een paar vriendinnen naar Antwerpen! We wilden een lekkere en ontspannen winkeldag houden omdat de sales daar al volop aan de gang waren.

Het weer viel ook lekker mee! Dit maakt foto’s maken ook een stuk plezierig, want naast winkelen was ik ook beetje de toerist aan het uithangen. Ja, I love Antwerpen! De kenmerkende mooie oude gebouwen van Antwerpen geven zo een andere dimensie aan tijdens het winkelen! Yeah I love Antwerp!

We gingen expres vroeg op pad om de drukte te vermijden en kwamen rond 11:00 aan. Ondanks dat we zowat heel de dag in Antwerpen waren, heb ik niet veel gekocht. F21 was heel erg teleurstellend wat eigenlijk mijn hoofddoel was. Volgens mij ik meer geld uitgeven aan eten... dikzak lol. De aankoopjes komen in de volgende posts! 
 Missing the Christmas deco already. 


There were lots of sales in many shops but in all shops there's a rule that you cannot just buy 1 discount item. You have to buy 2 items at least to get discount. Which they kind of force you to buy more. 

Antwerp has lots of old buildings and architects and same goes with this Zara. Must be the pretties Zara store I've ever seen! 

My lunch! It has a nice marzipan filling in it c: 

 "Touch it = pay" 

 At Belgium Mcdonald's. Here I've tried out their 'parfait cassis'. It's like a huge blackberry sundae with whipped cream. 

Of course, I can't leave without eating a Belgium waffle! They are SO GOOD.


  1. Wauw, ziet er erg leuk uit! Ik wil er ook zeker een keer heen! :D

  2. wow, i love the architecture there! so old-world :)

  3. Leuke foto's! Ik ben er gister geweest, het pand van de Zara is inderdaad super mooi!

  4. Thank you for sharing with us the sights of Antwerp! Loving your red coat :)


  5. omg those belgium waffles. looks so good. love your first pic. i have a thing with blurry shots. :)

  6. adore your spot-on photography as always and super jealous of the wonderful buildings/design there...you'd laugh at my city lol! looks like you had fun - hope you had a good new year!

  7. Looking good in red, Mei! The architecture in Antwerp town is beautiful! When I go shopping in my town, it's just... buildings :/ Shopping would definitely feel more magical if there was an archway here or there or fancy brickwork. And the staircase in that Zara!! :O

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  8. Your pictures always are so nice !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a bottle of Burberry Brit,

  9. Ow awesome photos!! I love architecture as well

  10. Ah, ik was een week geleden ook in Antwerpen. Ik blijf het zo'n mooie, sfeervolle stad vinden <3 Ik heb er zelf ook weinig geshopt, de F21 ben ik niet eens in geweest met de drukte haha. Prachtige foto's!

  11. Aww, yeah I really miss all the holiday decorations around the city as well! One of my favorite times to go shopping is right after Christmas/New Years as well because there's always amazing sales happening. I love the red jacket and hat you wore. Even though the holidays are over, you still look so festive and happy! : )


  12. it looks so beautiful there. the architecture is so pretty.

  13. Ah you really brought Antwerp to life. Your day looked so fun and memorable. Thank you for sharing.Great post.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  14. ohh I love your outfit here! so festive :D and looks like the streets are crowded and fun. hope your 2014 has been awesome so far and will get better!

  15. Wow! Antwerp is such a beautiful city. I'd love to go there someday, I love the buildings. Looking very cute in red, too! :)

  16. I wish I can take beautiful pictures like you and OMG I'm loving that red coat!

    Kah-Feh Yen

  17. Wow, I never even knew that a rule like that existed! I love these photos by the way, it looks you had an amazing time :)

  18. You took some amazing shots! I love Antwerp. When I still lived in Belgium I went there a lot, often with my mom, to do some shopping and enjoy some nice food. One of our favorite places is Da Giovanni, awesome pizzas :-)

  19. i love antwerp <3 leuke outfit mei :D cuteee!

  20. Sounds & seems like a fun day - full of treats ;)

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  21. Stunning photos!


  22. Wat een prachtige foto's! Forever 21 is eigenlijk nooit echt super tijdens de solden.

  23. Warm cherry waffle and blackberry sundae Oh! That only makes it a perfect day :) Beautiful mosaic floors and old buildings!


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