Breathing In Hong Kong - five

My Hong Kong Photo Diary 2013. (scroll friendly)

At Hollister. 


Choconana cake McFlurry. 

 Hey mister manager, can I have your tie?

A little regret for not buying this bag..

 At MOS BURGER I had the 'pumpkin croquette burger' which is 100% vegetarian and something I can really recommend you! *DROOL*


  1. Looks good! (En erg groot ziet alles eruit! :o)

  2. Hee, er ontbreekt alleen "ice" anders had je een eigen winkel gehad :p
    Wat een humor heb ik weer >.<
    Ik heb in hk nauwelijks bij hele grote ketens gegeten, maar dat ga ik de volgende keer zeker doen!
    Jessy x

  3. Amazing photos! :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know on my blog?!

  4. Oh my gosh! Everything looks like to die for <3 <3 Is that a shopping mall with the white and blue lights? Looks crazy! The newspaper boats are so creative too.

    xx becky /

  5. Love the inspirational photos!!

  6. i want to go to Hong Kong one day. the food really looks delish. don't you hate having buyer's regret!?! that bag was too cute and the managers tie with the hello kitty...adorable!

  7. Oh man, your blog never fails to make me hungry! I seriously want to try one of those croquette burgers now. I love that animation, by the way :)

  8. Wauw wat een geweldige foto's weer!! :)

    Liefs Bodil

  9. Aww the Hello Kitty tie the manager has is so cute! The McFlurry sounds really nice. :) Ah, McDonald's in Hong Kong always has so many more things than Australian McDonald's.

  10. I love your pictures. The paper boats are so cute and the food looks sooo good. Yum!!
    Oh, and also... I tagged you!

  11. I would really love to visit Hong Kong! ♥ The McFlurry looks so yummy. They don't have that flavour in England and I adore the Hello Kitty - So cute!

  12. Loving what I am seeing as always! Part 5?! Wow, everyone has come along on your journey of Hong Kong and it's been wonderful so far.

    And this is so ironic you posted a photo of edamame, because I ate it this past week, probably for the first time because I don't remember ever having it before. It is SO delicious! Not like other peas.

  13. Wow dat ziet er echt cool uit! Ik ga dit jaar ook naar China, ben echt heeeel benieuwd wat voor leuks en magisch en cools ik daar allemaal tegen ga komen :) xx

  14. Very beautiful photos! :)

  15. Beautiful photos as always, Mei!
    Looking at these photos really makes me miss China. It's been such a long time since I've been back! >u< Thank for for sharing these photos with us~

  16. These photos are amazing! Honk kong is a city which I'm dying to visit. After going through all the posts, I want to visit it even more! :)
    Your blog is amazing btw! Followed :)

  17. That mall looks crazy huge! You could spend a whole day in there.

    I've heard so much of MOS Burger and I will have to try it if I ever see one. Also, the Hello Kitty ties are so cute!

  18. cool picture, love the duck statue :D


  19. I really love this reportage, amazing pics!!! If you want take a look at my blog! Follow each other on FB and on the other socials? Let me know! kiss :D

  20. the 4th one is adorable hehe it's moving and it makes me grin without a reason.. *mad*

    IS THAT OVALTINE!!?? lol

    ...there wasn't a chocobanana mcflurry when i went to hk!? yikes. why :( i love hk's mcflurry~ always better than what we have here -__-;;

    mos burger used to be such a hit in here... everyone fawned over it like crazy! now everyone goes to burger king the most...and then maybe fatburger sometimes. -__- bummer. i do miss eating mos burger though...the bun's jammed with fillings even though it's not as wide/fat as burger king...

    i seriously adore your photographs x___x so envious~ so jelly~ ;___; haha

  21. Oh man - I want some MOS burger right now! I really like their Prawn burger. SO GOOD. Gosh you make me want to go back to HK right this minute.

    Also - sucks that you can't always see my blog! I use Chrome at work and I had a brief time when I couldn't access the blog there either but all is ok now. Hope the problem solves itself somehow too! Thanks for stopping by anyway :))

  22. I really want to visit Hong Kong, and well all of Asia really, this looks incredible!

    That food... yum!

    Hmm maybe...

  23. Pumpkin croquette burger, I should try it! However, I have never heard before about MOS burger so that makes it more difficult :P Hello Kitty tie for the manager, that should be a must for every manager out there :) love the detail. So great to see your photo diaries!

  24. That picture of the sky is unreal !


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