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As promised I’d show you guys my oh-so exiting haul from Antwerp trip. I was really happy to visit Antwerp and to go shopping but the sales were quite disappointing. Especially F21. But I was determined not to go home empty handed so here are the things I’ve bought:  

Zoals belooft: mijn aankoopjes van het dagje Antwerpen! Ik had het erg gezellig gehad in Antwerpen en samen met m’n vriendinnen keken we er naar uit naar de sales. Maar dat was vrij teleurstellend, vooral F21. Maar ik wilde niet met lege handen naar huis gaan, en dus heb ik de volgende spulletjes gekocht:

The Bill

Appel’s Checkered dress (50%)      


H&M red bowler hat
Forever21 pair of socks
Panos Palmier frangipane  

Mcdonald’s parfait cassis
Belgium waffle with cherries



  1. that hat.. that dress.. :O
    They are perfect! *stealing them from you* ;P

  2. Such a lovely dress! Great choice with the bowler hat! <3

  3. Super leuke outfit! En zo bij elkaar vind ik het eigenlijk wel heel leuk uit zien!

    x Angela

  4. The hat looks really cute! I've been meaning to pick up more hats. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. Haha, 'total damage' :') Jammer dat de sales niet zo leuk waren, maar je hebt alsnog een leuke combi gescoord!

  6. I really like the dress you got! Belgian waffle with cherries sounds so good...

  7. everything is so cute <3

  8. The dress is so cute !

  9. That's a cute little haul doll, I really love the hat..hope the H&M in the UK have it too :)xx

    The Belle Narrative

  10. oooo that dress is so fun and pretty!! I love the black and white checkers, and the red hat is the perfect compliment. Those socks are just the cutest!!

  11. Ooh, the checkered dress is just so cute and pretty! And the red hat complements it nicely ^_^
    It's a decent haul, even if the sales were not that good! Seems like you ate some yummy food too~

  12. love the dress! OMG the socks are so cute!!
    Happy New Year. I really like your blog design now ^^ I wasn't active in blogging in the past 6 months so it's new for me! :D

  13. Cute Blog!

  14. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    I can see the dress and hat worn together...!

    Have a great day,

  15. I think this red hat for only $10 was a great choice! I love to go for sales shopping, but I actually love it most when I do not find too many things so that I do not spend too much money haha ;)
    Come along my blog if you like and let me know if you wanna follow each other!
    Lots of love

  16. Wat jammer dat de sale tegenviel! Je hebt toch mooie aankopen gedaan, zie ik. Het jurkje vind ik heel tof!

  17. Naw, too bad Forever 21 disappointed you. I really want to go to Antwerp sometime too, just for the Forever 21 but now I know not to expect too much. Still, you bought quite some lovely things! Those socks are adorable!!


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