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My friends will be happy because I won’t cost them any money anymore. Oh yeah! My belated birthday present came in yesterday and its small, black, shiny and its futuristic, its its… a phone: Motorola Moto G! My first smartphone ever to be exact. I feel like I’m one of the ‘cool’ kids now ha.

Hence that my friends will be happy from now on because I’ll be communicating with them through WhatsApp. Before that it was call or texting with my 4-5 year old pink Samsung Star.

Right now I’m trying to get used with my new phone. The first thing I got on was Instagram actually haha. And I’m so sad someone took ‘Ice Pandora’ as username (darn). Anyway feel free to follow my Instagram because I have a feeling I’ll be taking lots of pictures c:

Besides that are there any useful/fun App that you have in recommendation for me? Please leave a message!

Mijn vrienden zullen vanaf een beetje geld besparen want ik ga hun geen geld meer kosten! Mijn late verjaardagscadeautje kwam gisteren binnen (wat een snelle bezorging die Bol.com) en hij is klein, zwart, glanst en futuristische: de Motorola Moto G telefoon! Mijn allereerste smartphone om eerlijk te zijn.

Vandaar dat mijn friends blij zijn want de ‘lieverds’ zeurden altijd dat ik hen geld kost met smsjes en bellen toendertijd met mijn 4-5 jaar oude Samsung Star. En nu kan ik WatsApp’en!

Weetje wat ik als eerste op zette: Instagram! En echt een domper dat iemand ‘Ice Pandora’ als username heeft afgepakt :c Maargoed. Je mag gerust mijn Instagram volgen want ik heb een sterk vermoedens dat ik ‘heel’ veel foto’s ga maken c:

Oja, hebben jullie nog handige/leuke App voor mij? Laat het me weten! Ben benieuwd!

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My little phone history from left to right: newest, newer, new, old. 

My first phone: Motorola T191. Once a Motorla girl always a Motorla girl. 

A little play time here with Hello Kitty. And she approval this phone c; 


  1. aaaah zo leuk! :D Erg leuke mobiel, ik heb weer once a Samsung girl always a Samsung girl :b

  2. Congrats on your first smartphone! :) I can't believe you still have all of your previous phones, I've either lost them when I didn't use them anymore or just threw them out. It's a bummer that someone took your username on Instagram, booo! I like using "period tracker", it's very handy for tracking that time of the month. Pixlr express is a nice photo editing app too. Have fun with your new phone! n___n

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  3. Haha, leuk! Ik hoop dat hij je bevalt! :]

  4. Haha, I love your instagram username. I went to follow you and found out you are already following me on there. :D

    Can't wait to see all your amazing pictures on there.
    For instagram, get squaready (for when you want to post landscape pictures).

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Giveaway.

  5. smartphones zijn handige dingen maar ook rot dingen. Je raakt er makkelijk verslaafd aan.

  6. I dropped my iPhone the other day and the screen is so bad now! i nearly cried! Instagram is a great app, hope you enjoy your new phone!

    Check out the giveaway on my latest blog post!

  7. Ohhh looking superneat!! Zeker mooi design, en mooi interface met alleen de tijd! Instagram is erg nice. Je hebt nu ook een vsco app voor android (mooi foto bewerkingsappje met iets meer functies dan instagram en die je wel direct op je instagram kan uploaden). Verder gebruik ik ook PhotoWonder.... weer een fotobewerkingsprogrammaatje maar het is heel grappig omdat het een beetje a la de Japanse purikura is! Verder...hmm Kakao Talk, Snapchat en de Uniqlo Wake Up app zijn ook allemaal wel geinig. :)

    Veel plezier met je foon! En laat 't scherm niet kapot vallen, dat is mij gebeurd afgelopen week -__-' (wordt maandag wel weer gemaakt, phew)

  8. Haha, wat leuk dat je eindelijk een smartphone hebt! Ik moet zeggen dat ik het knap vind als mensen er nog niet/recent op zijn over gestapt, ik merk zelf dat ik soms zit vastgelijmd aan m'n schermpje en dan denk ik terug aan de rustige tijd dat ik niet constant twitter en instagram checkte :')

  9. Welcome to the smartphone world! You'll soon wonder how you ever lived without one haha. Afterlight and VSCO for photo editing/filters - much better than the standard filters you get on Instagram. Followed you, looking forward to seeing what lovely food and crafts you'll no doubt be uploading to Instagram!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  10. So exciting! Congrats on your first smart phone :) I'm sure you will absolutely love it

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  11. Wow, congratulations!! Well, my first smartphone was from samsung and it was awful (laggy)..

  12. I remember when I got my first (and only) smartphone ! It's just so cool ! I hope you'll get an instagram to share your cool pictures ! :D

  13. Yay - I'm adding you on Instagram!

  14. yay on the new phone! i wish i had all my old phones to do a little chronology. i think it would be totally fun to see! :)

  15. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I still cost my friends money since I don't have a smartphone! :-)
    Have fun trying things out with your new toy!

    Have the best day ever,

  16. gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe telefoon! welkom in de wereld van te veel whatsapp berichtjes te moeten lezen en dagen van instagram feed scrollen.. tja. :p
    Ik heb je gevolgd op instagram :)!
    de bloglovin, gmail, google chrome.youtube, shazam, fuzel, soundcloud, whitagram, blogger... en nog veel meer apps zijn wel handig :p

  17. omgosh i can't believe you still have your 1st phone that's amazing!! congrats on your new phone i need a new smart phone too hehe :p

  18. Great post! Amazing blog you have!

  19. There's a handy little blogging app called dayre that you can use to do mobile blogging when you don't feel like using a computer to blog.

  20. Wow i love the pic showing the new to oldest phone! it's so awesome to see technology grow! and I love the use of light and color is your pictures! :D You have a lovely blog.


    Jen x

  21. Jeej! Een smartphone is veel leuker :P Heb je Plants vs Zombies al gedownload? haha :) Oeh of WeChat, de meeste mensen in China hebben dat, dus misschien kun je dan chatten met je familie! Die gouden Samsung heb ik ook gehad, wat een toeval! xx

  22. Aww that little Hello Kitty set up is sososo cute!! >_<

  23. Congrats! I've just recently got my first smartphone too. I'm following you on instagram. Great photos like always! :)

    <a href="http://sweetlikehani.blogspot.com"

  24. hi! congrats sis! i've got my first real smartphone a few months ago too! i'm actually one of your reader in these past few months. i love everything about your blog! you have a really good and neat time to do the photo thing (and you also have a really good lightning omg 0_0) anyway, I wanted to follow you on instagram, sadly my phone said your username is not available. did you change your username or something like that? let me know! and can you please do check my blog and instagram?

    blog : http://www.vionaaeu.blogspot.com
    instagram : http://www.instagram.com/vionatimotius

  25. For me, it's once a Sony Ericsson girl, ever a Sony Ericsson girl. Glad that you upgrade to a smartphone.

  26. For me, it is once a Sony Ericsson girl, always a Sony Ericsson girl. Glad that you upgrade to smartphone.

  27. I recently joined the club too! ^___^ Yay! lol /cheer!

  28. uh oh, been MIA for quite some time now i need to catch up with one of my fav blogs' entries (ahem your blog, i mean.. >w<)
    I'm not sure why i'm all smiling here...maybe because for once, you're a rare case. like..i mean, usually people who chirp about having new phone will either be fawning and waving their new samsung or iphone 5 because they're the hot stuff in the market now. but you... you're a motorola girl and it just.. makes me go, "wow a difference! yeay!" lol ironic because i am an iphone user myself...but heh, i'll defend myself because unlike everyone else who thinks that upgrading to iphone 5 is so important, i'm still using the old iphone 4s :P

    like you who are a motorola person, i'm a sony addict :)) for android, while everyone else is busy fawning over samsung galaxy, i'm all up for sony :P and it irks me when people judge my taste for sony phones, saying they're not popular anymore blahblahblah -___- really funny because you can really depend on sony mobile cameras (which is even better than iphone's, to be honest)

    ANYWAY, as for app recommendations...um, it depends on what category you're aiming for. (wow seriously i almost forgot good apps on google play... /facepalm/ OTL has been using iphone more than my android -__-)
    oh, maybe if you use whatsapp, you can use LINE too? xD i mean..it's like everyone nowadays uses LINE lol

  29. oops sorry for double comment...

    P.S: i followed your instagram ;) - jarofdays


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