I'm not gonna be addicted! I'm not gonna be addicted!


Its been exactly one week since I have started using my first brand new smartphone ever. I must say, this whole smartphone thing is quite pleasant and I’m started to get used to it. Its so handy to check your email in an instant. Or to see if your train/metro/bus has got any delay. And I finally have checked out my blog for the first time through a phone screen :P

And the apps! And thanks for the nice app recommendations by you guys, I’m gonna check them all! So far I have Whatsapp and Instagram on my homescreen. I didn’t add Facebook because I’m afraid my eyes will be stuck at the screen for 24/7.

But I’m really loving Instagram. I feel like I can leave my SLR camera more home often now. Here’s a quick photo diary through Instagram:


Het is net een week geleden dat ik mijn allereerste smartphone in ontvangst mocht nemen. Ik moet zeggen dat er een wereld voor me openging en het is zo handig! Vandaar die naam ‘smartphone’, duh. Ik kan nu gewoon onderweg mijn emails checken of kijken of er vertraging is met het openbaar vervoer. En ik heb eindelijk mijn blog gezien door een telefoonscherm :P

En niet te vergeten de apps! Bedankt voor de app suggesties door jullie trouwens, ik ga ze allemaal checken! Tot nu toe heb ik op mijn startpagina Watsapp en Instagram. Ik heb expres geen Facebook bij gedaan omdat ik niet met mijn neus 24/7 in het scherm wil duiken.

Maar ik hou van Instagram! Iemand die van foto’s maken hou kan het ook niet anders. Dus hier een snelle samenvatting van mijn Instagram:

My new crocheted beanie (DIY here) // this quote was taken at a Vero Moda store // books at Urban Outfitters // checking out filters

My type of breakfast // afternoon tea with this 'chocolate bavarois' // winning a giveaway // what I've worn

 I'll never order an espresso ever again // checking out Flying Tiger store and saw these cute hats with cat ears! // a nice morning sky // dinner: risotto with broccoli and peas (recipe here)

 Having fun with the front camera // twin lychee // Disneyland Hong Kong 2012 // something I've worn

W.I.P. wallpaper making // a selfie with the front camera of my phone // Candysan.com parcel! I'm gonna vlog this :D // preparing a healthy lunch

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  1. i got a smart phone for the first time recently too! for me, i'm glued to pinterest and reddit on it haha, but i keep forgetting to use instagram! i feel like there are way too many social media to keep up with =P

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Love it!!! Instagram its the best!!
    If you wanna follow me its olweis


    Strawberry Blonde

  3. Haha, instagram can get addicting. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. Smartphones are the best - once you get one, you'll always wonder how you lived without it.
    Also, I'm following you on Instagram now :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. I remember when I first got instagram, I think I averaged three photos per day for the first month. Who would have thought a photo application can cause an addiction.


  6. I stop posting about instagram photos few months ago...I think I will post it again :p
    Anyway...please make a little tutorial of making pixel art ><


  7. I've been addicted Instagram as well! I kept telling myself after I got my smartphone that I wasn't going to be on it ALL the time, lol so much for that notion. What phone do you have? It takes amazing photos! I haven't quite figured out how to use mine to it's full potential (Samsung Galaxy S4).

  8. wow, for someone who has just got a smart phone you already have a beautiful collection of photos on your instagram! beautiful xx

  9. Congrats on winning that giveaway!

    Have a fantastic time,

  10. Instagram is waaaaay too addictive. I hate how a simple photo sharing site can consume so much of our time.

  11. Leuke profile pic met je beanie! :]

  12. I love your instagram posts! I remember when I got so addicted to that app too when I first got my smartphone!

  13. You're a born Instagrammer, you! Love the shots you made.

  14. ah leuke instagramss!!! ik ben ook echt verslaafd haha

    May // ohmaygod.com t

  15. I'm sorry to say you that it will be really hard not be addicted by your new device!
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara
    Bloglovin Bonjourchiara

  16. I'm also addicted to instagram :) i love seeing other peoples' photos from their travels & daily life in general.


  17. ooh i love your crocheted beanie!! sooo cute :D love all your pics :)


  18. lovely pics! i haer you!" I´m buying one smatphone soon and i already accepted i´ll be addicted! ;)


  19. Instagram is so addicting! I tried to avoid joining another social networking site, but then my friend made me an account and since then, I can't seem to stop checking my news feed. D:

    Congrats on your new smartphone!

  20. HI!
    Such a cute photos. I love melty kiss chocolate too.


  21. I think I'm addicted to Instagram.
    Love your photos! :)

  22. Hahaha, je instagram feed is erg nice! Door jou heb ik nu ook meer zin om regelmatiger wat te uploaden haha. En goed idee dat je er geen facebook op zet!!

  23. Your instagram feed is so gorgeous! You are the cutest :) xoxo

  24. love your pictures! still can't get over how cute your raspberry knit hat is!

  25. Jammer genoeg heeft mijn mobiel een nieuwjaarsduik genomen, dus ik kan niet van jouw prachtige instagram foto's genieten.. tijdelijk dan hopelijk.

  26. Welcome to the world of smart phones : ) It's sooo addicting! I have my phone on my 24/7!! And I'm always checking Instagram, Facebook, and my email. After awhile, it's hard to imagine how you functioned WITHOUT a smart phone!! : )


  27. Oh, I'm not sure if someone recommended these apps already to you or not but yeah, I like searching for good camera apps (instead of snap and then use instagram filters)... maybe you can try these: snapseed, cymera, camera360 (personally, i'm bored with this but everyone around me seems to like it), pixlr express, aviary / photo editor by aviary, vscocam (i just knew vscocam's available on android now! and it's probably the most popular/widely used camera app by...almost everyone? xD obviously the tags #vscoph and #vscocam are starting to roam around instagram like crazy)


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