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Busy week is facing before me and this will start tomorrow on an early Monday morning. Oh Mondays, you are so great to me!

Anyway. I’m finally got myself into the Game of Thrones series. The famous quote inside this serie “Winter is coming” doesn’t really fit the current Dutch weather. Snow hasn’t fallen from the sky which can be a blessing yet also worrying, knowing that climate change has something to do with it…
I donate 6 bucks every month to Greenpeace btw!

Anyway! Back to Game of Thrones topic. I’ve just finished season 1 and I must, this show has got to be the most ‘rough’ show I have ever seen. And I’m about to start on season 2 because I think this show is good and Carice van Houten (Dutch actress *proud*) will be in season 2 as well!

Do you watch Games of Thrones?

Een drukke week ligt voor mij uit en deze begint al morgen vroeg op maandag. Oh maandag, wat ben jij toch leuk! –kuch-

Ik ben eindelijk begonnen met de hit serie ‘Game of Thrones’. De welbekende quote uit deze serie “Winter is Coming” doet niet echt deugd aan onze huidige weer in Nederland. Wat wel lekker is want kou is niet mijn ding maar aan de andere kant zegt dit ook iets over de klimaatverandering… 
Ik doneer trouwens 6 euries per maand aan Greenpeace hoor!

Maargoed, terug naar Game of Thrones. Ik ben net klaar met seizoen 1 en ik moet zeggen dat deze serie toch wel een van de ‘ruwste’ series die ik ooit gezien heb. En ik ga nu seizoen 2 kijken! Want onze Carice van Houten speelt o.a daar ook in als een priesteres genaamd ‘Melisandre’! Ben zo trots haha :P

Kijk jij naar Games of Thrones?
My new shampoo bar by Lush 'New' which hopefully will help me with this hairloss of mine......

My empties. 

 A new toy sorta, this 'Brita' water filtering can. It really filters all the lime out of the water! Happy tea time. 

 Recipe is here!

 Looks like a hedgehog c:

New DIY soon! 

My tomato soup was literally just a tomato soup, no meatballs (not that I'd have eat it anyway) or any other green ingredients floating. My only joy was dipping it with sliced baguette.. 


  1. Game of Thrones is on my to watch list this summer! Can't start it now because knowing me I'm gonna wanna chain watch it which is probably not good since I have assignments to do for uni! Haha

  2. Chinese dumplings ftw :)
    Die taart blijft ontiegelijk verrukkelijk eruit zien. Ik heb honger, en het is net 10 uur geweest D:

  3. I love GoT, it's such a good show! Nice pictures like always

  4. LOVE Game of Thrones - it's such a fantastic series and the books are amazing as well! Glad you got into it :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. yum lychees! I'm also craving to go to Lush and pick up some goodness :) I always get excited when people post their lush products!

  6. I love lush's freebies! I recently sampled one of their cleansers and so far I'm really happy with it!

  7. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to start watching Game of Thrones soon. I always see positive reviews about it :) The compost thing on your Lush bag is so cute! I want to go to Lush sometime and try out a few things, the only things I've tried were the soaps my sister gets, lol. Lychee-hog is so cute too <3

    xx becky /

  8. Oh wow, this cake looks so delicious! Want to eat it now :D

  9. Oh, I've used that shampoo before! I think it actually did help a bit, although you probably have to alternate so your hair doesn't get used to it. Just make sure not to get it in your eyes like I did though, the cinnamon stings!

  10. Ook al is je tomaten soep plain ik krijg er honger van haha! zo'n leuke outfit heb je trouwens ook ^^
    Ik hoop voor je dat die shampoo bar werkt:D

  11. Leuke post! Oeh ik ben wel benieuwd hoe die Shampoo Bar is! Ik kan me shampoo echt niet anders voorstellen dan vloeibaar, haha. Trouwens, wat slim dat je bij het paddestoeltje zo'n bolletjesgaren gebruikt voor de stippen!! Had ik echt nooit aan gedacht :P xx

  12. Can't get over Lush products, they are wonderful! Eeeeek to the weather, it hasn't snowed in a while here…but it rained (and had been getting oddly warm), in January, and I know the climate change is to blame.

  13. Such beautiful photos! And I love your outfit so much :)


  14. I heard so much positive about Game of Thrones but I don't find any time to start this series, booh. Aww, Germany is full of snow now! There's even so much that Netherlands could have some of it haha :)

  15. Love your pictures, always !

  16. Your photos look so nice!!


  17. Ohh ik vind je outfitje echt geweldig! Die rok staat je echt goed!

  18. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I love these posts of yours!

    Have the best week ever,

  19. i love lychee! and my husband loves the game of thrones. i watched a little bit and it was so gory i couldn't stomach it. but i know all my friends love it. i was going to buy the book to read but passed too.. but i'll revisit it later! i know i'll get into the mood to check it out :)

  20. I haven't watched Game of Thrones, but most of my friends do and are compelling me to try it! Maybe I just will. I've never heard of a shampoo bar, but it looks and sounds quite interesting! Wishing you a lovely day!

  21. I need to watch Game of Thrones. So many people love it. Gosh, all this food looks so good and that is the cutest little cake.

  22. I've never tried the Lush shampoo bars, but they look interesting! Keep us updated on how you like it.

    xxDenysia Yu

  23. Oh ziet er weer goed uit! Is dat pure Tony? :o
    Nice outfit :3

  24. Jaa Game of Thrones! Ik hou van die serie, ook al is hij inderdaad gruwelijk grof!

  25. WINTER IS COMINGGGGGGG *o* i love that quote ;w; and welcome to the game of thrones club where everyone hates joffrey and calls him "the kid with stomach cramp" lol i haven't continued to season 3 though... too many series in my list as of currently. so far, which house would you take? xD (i always treat this as an important issue haha it's like asking potterheads the same thing..) and so far, who's your favorite character(s)? :3 (we both can talk if you love arya stark too haha jk)

    what other tv series do you keep up with? :D

    the shampoo bar is...odd o_o but in a funny, adorable way. it looks like it's made of rice grains haha

    your house seems so interesting. i'm now intrigued with wanting to look at what's in your house..i have a feeling that it's like one of those comfy, heartwarming, genuinely friendly japanese home...if that even makes any sense at all haha i'd probably be gazing like an idiot if i go to your house :P

    tomato soouppp *o* never tried cooking it but i've always wanted to cook one. tomatoes are awesome <3 they're awesome because they're sour *o* i usually do a pumpkin puree (the aim is always pumpkin soup but it ends up being more of a bland, salt-less puree instead) or a cabbage/broccoli one. how does one even make broccoli or pumpkin soup without having to use cream and without it looking like a total puree instead -__-;;


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