Project: Peas and Broccoli Risotto (VEGAN)


Most of the time I receive positive comments about my cooking in the past posts and thank you for that! I wish I have the ability to teleport so that I can cook food for all of you! Yeah I love to cook for myself and for others and most of the time my food aren’t so hard to make. Just don’t ask me how to prepare a lobster because I really don’t know.

Today I want to share a quick student comfort meal: risotto with broccoli and peas. Its freezer friendly since I've used deep frozen vegs (saves lots of time in chopping and washing). And its vegan as well! You can still add butter if you want the extra creamy effect, but I think after the holiday season our body really need that detox boost so ditch the butter!


Meestal ontvang ik positieve lieve reacties van jullie wanneer het op een recepten post aankomt en super bedankt daarvoor! Soms wens ik door slechts met mijn vingers te knipperen mezelf naar jullie kan teleporteren zodat ik voor jullie een lekker maaltje kan voorschotelen! Ik kook sowieso vaak simpele ‘comfort food’ voor mezelf en vrienden en familie.

Vandaag wil ik een snelle studentenmaaltijd delen met jullie: risotto met broccoli en doperwten! Ik heb diepvries groente gebruikt en is veganproof ook nog! Je kunt altijd nog boter toevoegen, maar ik denk dat ons lichaam na die feestdagen echt een ‘detox boost’ nodig heeft, dus dump die vette boter!

Da Recipe   serves 3-4: 3 cups of water (750 ml), 2 tbsp. olive oil1 cup risotto rice (200 gr ±), ½ cup green peas (frozen), 1 cup broccoli (frozen)1 diced onion and a garlic glove, 1 broth cube, any desired herbs (oregano, sage etc..), salt & pepper

A mouth watering effect guarantee once you've heat up the pan with this oil by 'Jumbo' because this oil smells sóóó good! So really for all the Dutch readers out there, try it out!

Its ok to add the still frozen vegs, they'll be cooked within 5 minutes. 

Da Steps:

  1. Get a pan and fill it with the 3 cups of water and the broth cube and let it boil. Set aside. 
  2. Heat up pan with oil and add the chopped onion and garlic and saute for a few minutes.
  3. Add the cup of risotto rice and saute for a minute. 
  4. Reduce to medium heat and add the first cup of broth into the pan. Stir occasionally!  
  5. Once the rice has absorbed the first round of broth, add the second cup! Stir occasionally!
  6. Repeat step 6. This is the last round adding broth. This is also where I add the broccoli and peas. Stir occasionally! 
  7. Once the risotto is creamy and ready, add and combine the herbs, pepper and salt to your liking. 
  8. Remove from heat, serve and you're done! 
Good luck!


  1. Lovely blog post !

  2. Mmmmm deliciouso!
    Het is dat ik niet vaak kook, maar dit ga ik zeker een keer uitproberen!
    Het ziet er verrukkelijk uit :)

  3. I love risotto but I all of that stirring is intimidating!
    This recipe is so simple though so I might try it!

  4. Die van de Jumbo ga ik zeker eens halen! Jammer dat de Jumbo altijd zo'n vrieskast is! D:
    (Ik ben een appie fan, tis alleen jammer dat ze mijn favo kaas en thee niet hebben :[ )

  5. Haha you're so healthy! I can never say no to butter. This looks nice!

  6. I've never tried risotto before, but this looks amazing! I'll definitely be bookmarking it for when I go back to uni :)

  7. That looks so good! Risotto is great, since you can easily switch up the flavor by changing what vegetables and herbs you use.

  8. Oh my gosh, this looks and sounds so delicious! o: If I can find a broth cube like that, I'd love to try this recipe! >u<
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Mei! Please share more!

  9. Yum, looks tasty! I love broccoli and peas. As a kid I'd always skip the meats and go straight for the veggies, as horrendous as it sounds :P I've been wanting to try risotto, but I guess it's something I always forget when I go shopping for groceries.

    xx becky /

  10. I am tempted to do this... but I am not a very healthy person, so maybe one day! But it looks yummy! :)

  11. Looks delicious! Will definitely need to try! :)

  12. Looks so delicious and healthy! Another great recipe from you!

  13. This looks so yummy and really easy <3

    Jennie xo |

  14. wow this looks so good, definitely going to try this out at Uni!

    Be sure to check out my giveaway on my most recent post!

  15. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    We love a good risotto around here, too, with plenty of white wine! :-)

    Have a great day,

  16. This looks so tasty :)

  17. Mijn vriend ik en zijn beide helemaal gek op risotto! Ik varieer dan ook zo vaak mogelijk: erwtjes erdoorheen, wortels, asperges, boontjes, champignons, noem maar op! Bedankt voor deze tip, ik heb er nog nooit broccoli bij gedaan, dat ga ik zeker weten de volgende keer eens proberen! (dit soort recepten posts zijn trouwens wel echt mijn favoriet, gewoon met hele mooie, maar duidelijke foto's. Soms kom ik op (professionele) sites en zijn de foto's alleen al zo lelijk dat ik het recept niet eens uit wil proberen hihi :p)

  18. delicious. i wish i was more into cooking earlier. i just recently got into it. for the life of me i could not handle the cooking and washing dishes on top of school/work!

  19. Dit lijkt me wel lekker! Mooie foto's weer <3


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