Project: Wonton dumplings


You might have spot a picture here where I was making wonton dumplings. And I’m gladly to share you my way of making them. They are so easy and truly a comforting student meal.

There’s not really an exact recipe for it because I just grabbed a package of premade wonton sheets and pretty much eyeballed the ingredients for the filling. I mean you can easily create a dumpling with leftovers from yesterday’s dinner for example!
Hopefully you like the idea and hopefully I got you inspired c:


Waarschijnlijk of niet zag je me bezig met het verpakken van wonton pakketjes hier. En je weet hoe graag ik mijn kookkunsten deel via mijn blog en wonton dumplings zijn daarnaast super lekker en geschikt als studenten maaltijd! Al zeg ik het zelf.

De exacte hoeveelheid van ingrediënten heb ik niet bijgeschreven. De wontons dumplings heb ik op gevoel met passie klaargemaakt. Je kunt in principe gewoon met de kliekjes van gisteravond in de wontons verwerken! Het is heel simpel, snel en lekker dus maakt ze!

Da Recipe: wonton sheetswater, any desired broth, egg wash
 filling:   prawns (season them first with pepper, starch and soy), cooked peas, fresh ginger, minched garlic and onion, surimi sticks, spring onion, hoisin sauce, vegetable oil

Ready for boil!

You should have dumplings with a pinch of sesame oil, so good!  

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Da Steps:

  1. Prepare filling: season prawns with soy, pepper and some starch and combine. 
  2. Heat a pan with oil and add diced onion and garlic and saute for 3 minutes or so. 
  3. Add sliced ginger then peas, surimi sticks and prawns, saute for like 2-3 minutes. 
  4. Then for the sauce: add tbsp. of hoisin sauce. Sprinkle a little bit of water. And for last add the spring onions, and the filling is done! 
  5. Have your eggwash ready because we are wrapping some wontons!
    - coat the edge with a bit of eggwash (I used my finger)
    - place a good amount filling in the center with atleast 1 prawn. Careful not placing too much!
    - Squeeze the edge together and twist them to seal the opening.
  6. Boil water (depends on how much wontons you've made but around 300ml soup per serving) with some broth to create soup.
  7. Once water is boiled gently add the wontons and cook for 2 minutes. They should be floating and that means they are done and ready to eat c:
Good luck! 


  1. you make me hungry, everytime I visited your blog haha. Aaahhhh, zo stom dat mijn moeder dit nooit meer wilt maken. Lang leve diepvries wontons haha :'D

  2. Ohh die zien er heerlijk uit!! Met tomaat en ei is ook erg lekker ;) Ik maak wel eens dumplings maar heb nog nooit wontons gemaakt, al denk ik dat het niet heel erg anders is. Maar bij dumplings heb je een heel aparte kookwijze, je moet het water aan de kook brengen en daarna koud water erbij doen, en dat 3 keer. Wontons lijken me wel makkelijker :P xx

  3. mmm looks good! Thank you for sharing this <3

  4. I've never thought of making my own wontons. This is going on my to do list! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. Oh this looks SO good! You always make me feel hungry hehe

    Jennie xo |

  6. Mmmmm, looks tasty! Always making me hungry :9 It's a shame I can't wrap wontons for anything, but I guess it's time to start practicing for this recipe n___n

    xx becky /

  7. These look fab and delish! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  8. Yumyumyumi! I often make wantons, fried and soup! It's easy, fun, you can switch out the ingredients and its always yummie!

  9. wow it looks really delicious!

  10. That food looks amazing !

  11. Dat ziet er echt ZO GOED uit ! Ik ga dit echt proberen :-)

  12. So going to make dumplings this weekend! I always forget the have the pre-made sheets, it's so convenient and easy --- and delicious :)

  13. Ow heerlijk. Ik krijg hier zo veel zin in heb het echt heel lang niet meer gegeten.
    En met garnaal lijkt me echt verrukkelijk!

    xo' M

  14. Mmm dat ziet er verrukkelijk uit! Ik heb wontons nog nooit zo gezien, maar het ziet er in ieder geval veel interessanter uit :) Ik dip ze altijd in sojasaus met bosuitjes en verse rode pepertjes waarover we dan hete olie gooien, net als met chinese gestoomde vis. Echt een aanrader! En als het goed is heb je helemaal geen eidooier nodig om het vast te maken! Als je de goede kant gebruikt hoef je niets te gebruiken, en anders kan water ook helpen ^^

  15. Holy delicious!
    These look amazing :) I'm definitely going to have to try these out :D
    So many talents you have!


  16. My mouth is literally watering. These look scrumptious! Every time I eat them, I'm reminded how much I love Asian cuisine! Thank you for the recipe :)

  17. i could seriously taste the warm soup in my mouth. so comforting. especially in this frozen weather we're having right now!

  18. I so want to try this out it looks so delicious!

    Esther | SILVANNIE

  19. looks so good! great for Chinese New Year too! :D

  20. Definitely op mijn lijstje voor volgende week. Omnomnommmmmm!!!

  21. Definitely I will look in my supermarket for wontons sheets, hoisin sauce and sesame oil (mental note! :P) I love comfort food, even more if it does not take a lot of time to cook :) I think I could use my mom's homemade brooth as well for the 6th point?

  22. i love stalking your instagram >:)


    the wonton looks awesome x__x ah well anything and everything in your kitchen looks awesome ;w; be my chef, please~ LOL i'm still having a difficult time differentiating dumpling and wonton. they're and the same right but sometimes menu book has wonton AND dumpling written in it and it confused me lol

  23. Ah I'm so glad you posted this recipe, going to make it for dinner tomorrow! ^__^ From your pictures, it looks like you cooked the shrimp before wrapping in it in the wonton wrapper? Or do you allow the filling to cook while boiling the dumplings?

  24. Haha DUH! I totally overlooked your instructions! Please excuse my dyslexia! You can remove that last comment I left about cooking the filling first. -___-; lol


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