Scrapbook 8


I know I know I should be drawing and illustrating and showing my sketch work more often. My art portfolio is really pathetic and it serious needs some pimpin’ up. Sadly to say I rather spend my time on crocheting and plus there is always school who’s stealing my precious time.

But lately I have spent some quality time with my sketchbook and sketched a few new pretty ladies. And not only did I spend quality time with my sketchbook and if you have been following my Instagram, you’d know I was also proactive on Photoshop! Yup, I don’t use it just for photo editing only you see c: I can’t wait to show you more of that later!

Ik ben echt heel slecht met het leveren van nieuwe tekeningen en illustraties. Mijn portfolio heb ik in de steek gelaten en is eigenlijk toe aan een opknapbeurt. Helaas besteed ik liever mijn tijd aan haakwerkjes en die school is er altijd nog die mijn vrije tijd afpakt. Zucht.

Maar geen gezeur en gehannes want ik was proactief geweest met potloden in de weer laatste tijd! Daar heb ik weer zoals gewoonlijk mooie dames getekend. Daarnaast ben ik ook bezig geweest met Photoshop. Ik gebruik deze namelijk niet alleen voor het bewerken van foto’s c:
Later deze meer over!

"Dimsum Fish"

Apple and nut pie c: 

"Lots of idea's" 

 "Cupcake Craze"


  1. Mooie toevoeging van Aziatische invloeden.
    Ga zo door! haha :) x

  2. Dimsum fish is such a cute idea <3 I've been trying to draw/sketch some more too. I think I'll try to color one of my sketches in Photoshop this weekend, though there's no promising myself that lol.

    xx becky /

  3. waaa I love your drawings <3

  4. Wish to see more of your portfolio! Yummy, that reminds me I have a cafe date with my friend soon!

  5. aaaaa, love your work. and seeing your portfolio is amazing.
    like i wanna come here again to see your next post. nice to know you.
    and think to follow your blog :)

  6. I've always dreamt to be able for draw but I'm a complete mess with a pencil on my hands; my drawing techniques have not evolved since I was 5 ;). Keep showing your sketches & final work, it looks rad!

  7. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I'm so friggin jealous of your drawing talent!

    Have the best weekend ever,

  8. amazing drawing! love it!

  9. I love your drawings! They always look that awesome and I'm really envying your skills :) You should post more of these beauties, Mei.

  10. I love your drawing,I want see more!!! <3


  11. Haha where did you come up with the idea of dim sum fish? I particularly like the "lots of ideas" drawing. The lightbulbs are really cool!

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  12. Love your drawings

    xo' M

  13. I am amazed! Drawing are very beautiful! :oo :)

  14. amazing pictures! ;)
    would you like to follow each other?:)

  15. you're sketches are so interesting! you've definitely inspired me to add more to my art portfolio (it's rather lacking in work!)

  16. YOU. DRAW. AMAZING. I should sketch some more, too. Haven't done it in a loooong while :(
    Your drawings look so neat! There are no trails of erasing. Are you just perfect at once or, what's your secret? c:

  17. Ik vind jouw tekenstijl echt zoooo prachtig! Zoveel talent! Jammer dat school altijd zoveel tijd afneemt Ö
    Keep drawing :D Would love to see more!

  18. you can knit, you can cook and bake and you can draw and illustrate.


    i'm so envious i might cry now lol my sketchbook isn't full yet and it probably won't ever be full :( because i'm too distracted with tumblr and writing stories on the pc ....ugh, i'm an art student but all i'm doing when i have free time is write stories and poetry. my hand's so lazy to sketch and doodle djekhflwk i'm screwed if this goes on LOL

  19. you are such a talented lady!

  20. Oooh love your sketches, is there anything you're not the champ of? Thanks for sharing your drawing, made my evening so joyful:-) Have a great day

  21. Lovely drawings! It's been ages since I have been drawing things..
    Probably should start it again :)
    Where did you get that sketchbook from? Would love to have one of those, have been using only loose papers hehe :)


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