WhenIcomeHomeSnacks 16


My latest nom noms. The snack pantry has been tackled a lot in the holiday season!   
Mijn recente snacking! De voorraadkast was sowieso toegetakeld in de feestdagen.

These mini chocolate chips fits every mouth and they are good!

 This soup is seen alot on the commercial these days so I've decided to try them out. They are nice!  

 "An appetising food for children's with boiled rice and beer" Beer?! 

 Something I got from Santa: these limited organic chocolate by Tony's Chocolonely. One has chili in it but unfortunately didn't taste much chili... going to try out the dark with cherries and meringue soon!


  1. All these snacks remind me of home too! Hawaii has a huge Japanese and Asian influence in culture, lifestyle, and traditions, and with a background in Japanese, I grew up with a lot of these snacks! love it! I always stock up when I go home :)

  2. Everything looks so yummy !

  3. Ooohh waar heb je die mini koekjes vandaan? Die at ik altijd toen ik in Tokyo was!! Zijn ze serieus te koop in Nederland, of heb je ze online besteld. Ik vond ze zo awesome dat ik een paar (= 8 stuks xD) vanuit Tokyo heb teruggenomen, maar heb er nog maar een over!

    1. Hey ik kon je blog niet meer vinden, dus laat ik een reactie hier c:

      Die koekjes zijn lekker he?! Ik heb ook de hartige series uitgeprobeerd.
      Ze komen helaas niet uit NL, ik heb ze gekocht toen ik nog in HK
      was Xx

  4. Oeh, Tony's is very nice! :D Alhoewel ik nooit de special flavours geprobeerd heb hahah

  5. Looks yummy!! The mini cookies are so adorable. I heard chili in chocolate isn't actually supposed to taste like chilis, but instead give it a more smoky/enhanced flavor~

    xx becky / star-violet.com

  6. Ooh I love eating seaweed! But there's always so little in one pack I end up eating so many of them haha. :')

  7. Chili tasting chocolate... I wonder how it taste like...
    Mini choc chips are so cute!!

  8. I love snacking on salty seaweed too...


  9. Rice and BEER!?!?! Lol. For kids? That's kind of funny. xD

  10. Funny about the soup, I am going to make cheese broccoli soup this week! Great minds think alike :)

  11. The mini cookies are so cuteee!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. Those cookies look so gorgeous!

    Check out my giveaway on my most recent post!

  13. i read the boiled rice and beer and went huh?? too :)

  14. yummm :D I've been snacking A LOT this holiday season too! :)


  15. oh korean seaweed!! i can get through packs and packs of that stuff. thankfully i don't have any at home right now ;) x

  16. Aw those little cookies are so cute. The chocolate sounds good, but I've never had a taste for seaweed!

  17. Those chocolate bars sound so good! I love having fruit in mine. They have these ones from Lindt that are stuffed with orange jelly and they're so tasty.

  18. Hahaha I've had the same reaction; beer? Maybe they mean it has malt or some other beer-related cereal? :) Great tastes for the Tony's chocolate!


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