Breathing in Hong Kong - six


Wowie, thanks for watching my video and thanks for the sweet comments! Always good to hear about the facts that you and I have in common c:

Anyway another post with a throwback on my HK ’13! I hope you guys aren’t tired of it yet. But I think this will be one of the last posts of my trip in HK as I’m getting closer to the end of my sd memory card..  

Wowie! Ontzettend bedankt voor het kijken van mijn filmpje en de lieve reacties! Altijd leuk om te horen dat mijn feitjes ook bij jullie herkenbaar zijn c:

Maar goed, alweer een artikel over mijn vakantie in Hong Kong afgelopen zomer 2013 en zal waarschijnlijk een van mijn laatste artikel zijn over mijn trip naar HK, want de laatste foto’s in mijn sd memory card komt in zicht..

My country needs Hello Kitty theme right now.  

 (fake) shark fin soup. 

 Having white sugar sponge cake - 白糖糕

 Obvious ate too much during my stay, but lucky me there was a track field nearby. 

My aunt has some serious cute stuff in her house! Miniature table set!


  1. You took some amazing photos. I am feeling so nostalgic for HK now. At least I know that I will be going back in 6 months for a holiday!

  2. Amazing pics!!! <3

  3. You look so happy gobbling down your white sugar cake. And maybe next time you had out on a holiday you could make a video slideshow type thing!

  4. Hi, such a happy photos! I love dog picture. He is so lovely!!!


  5. De decoratie van je tante thuis ziet er zo schattig uit!
    Ik heb nu zo'n zin in eierwafels pff, hongerrrr

  6. Soooo jealous of your holiday! Omg, that fried fish, the hello kitty drink cup, the sharks fin and those bubble waffles! All to die for! And that pug is adorable just sleeping there! Hope you had an amazing time!

  7. Lovely pictures ! x

  8. What does the cake taste like? I like how the miniature set is reflected :]

  9. Ahh so much yummy looking food <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  10. Those are such pretty pictures, the one with the pug is adorable! :) I always love seeing your posts as I know I will see something lovely and great photography! :)

  11. Oh my - so much good food!! That pug is just the cutest!! And so is that pug tote bag - where did you get it?! Love!!! Beautiful photos, as always, dear!

  12. prachtige foto's, bedankt voor t delen :)

  13. This post makes me miss HK so much!
    Really want some "little egg" waffles now hehee

  14. Oh wow! That chubby pug might be one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time!!

    xo, Rebecca

  15. oh my god that pug. so cute :) it's so funny cos now i can put your voice to what you write now!

  16. I love your HK pics, sorry to read that we are reaching the end. How cute you look with the red glasses and red gingham shirt!


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