Flying with Lufthansa 02


Leaving Hong Kong is always an emotional happening for me, as I can’t seem to help but bawl my eyes out, every time I’m saying goodbye to my love ones at the passport gates. Dang. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I serious can’t eat anything or enjoy the dutyfree stuff. Let alone to sleep inside the airplane. Btw, I remember how stormy that day was and when the plane took off it was shaky as mad, really scary as I almost convinced we were going to crash down. Luckily that did not happen.

But I sure love being in the airport atmosphere. I don't know why... But I think I can live there like Viktor Navorski from the movie The Terminal


Alle goede dingen komen ten einde, net als mijn 2 wekenlange vakantie in Hong Kong. En dit ging gepaard met watervallen bij het paspoort poortjes. Oh man. Afscheid sucks.

Ik ben dan echt van mn stokje en ik kan gewoon niet eten of van de taxfree winkels genieten… en ik was toch al blut anyways. En slapen kan ik al helemaal niet in het vliegtuig. Ik weet nog hoe hard het stormde die dag en toen het vliegtuig opsteeg wiebelde het aan alle kanten als een gek. Ik was ervan overtuigd dat we gingen crashen maar dat was niet het geval, gelukkig.

Ik weet niet maar ik ben dol op vliegvelden. Het heeft iets. Een gevoel van nostalgie en het gevoel dat je op avondtuur ga, naar een nieuw bestemming! Ik denk overigens dat ik net als Vikktor Navorski van de film The Terminal in een vliegveld kan leven!

So, you are allowed to have 8kg hand luggage right? But what if you passed the securities and you start crazy shopping at the dutyfree section? 

 No goodbye is complete without crying like a baby.... ugly cryer for alwaaaays.

After being in the airplane for 10hours, I kind of refreshed myself with these :')

On my bucketlist next time.....

This was taken at German ground.

 And this one at my Dutch ground! I've noticed that ours are a bit more squary lols. 

Flying with Lufthansa 01


  1. Wij zijn niet voor niets de lage landen, helemaal plat en zonder bergjes haha. Kan je beter in rechthoeken verdelen :p
    Jaa toen ik naar huis ging stormde het ook zo erg! De motor van onze vliegtuig was ook kapot dus we moesten zolang wachten en daarna met veel lawaai de lucht in.. echt eng ;c

  2. Oh goodbyes are so hard. I hope that little adorable tub of Nutella cheered you up a little! x

  3. i know exactly how you felt, saying goodbye is the hardest! anyway, this set of photos is so pretty <3
    You're such a great blogger!!

  4. Wow your pictures are incredible !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a Vichy skin care product !

  5. wahhh!! how cute are you when you fly! i always look like such a bum lol.

    omgosh did you layover in munich?? i saw those napcabs last time too and i really wanted to stay in one but our layover was only an hour boo!

    lol. i totally do that too.. i'm always so dry when i fly the first thing when i get off the plane is to look for lotion hehehe :p

  6. oh, i really love these photos, i never think to take my flying. Great idea ! :)

  7. Yeah, I know the feeling when you leave a country that your family lives in.

    xxDenysia Yu

  8. nice view from the airplane <3
    I also cry when I leave my hometown ;p

  9. amazing pics!


  10. i love your pictures as always!
    oh my i've never seen a nap cab before, it looks so awesome, i would really like to try one day just for the hell of it haha.
    GASP, German ground looks really pretty! So much green!

    oh the tiny Nutella is so cute, i love seeing tiny things that i usually see full size of, that's why i loveeee travel items haha

  11. Wowwww prettttty. It's too bad you always get so sad whenever you leave HK, but at least you had a nice time. Your outfit looks really nice though!

    Napcabs!! How amazing hahaha, I wish they had those at our airports...or better yet, at our schools hah! Kind of expensive, but I think it's worth it if you need a place to nap!

  12. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post! I always highly appreciate it when you take time to comment!
    That tiny Nutella is so cute!

    Have a great day,

  13. It's a strange feeling, being in an airport, I feel like I want to go somewhere far away!
    Nap Cab!? It looks interesting!!

  14. Oh wow what kind of genius made nap caps??!!! Awesome!!
    I love going to airport too :)

  15. Hele mooie foto's,
    Afscheid nemen is altijd zwaar vooral, van een plek waar je graag bent…

    Much Love, M

  16. aah, dat heb ik ook altijd wanneer ik op HK airport sta en dan weer naar huis moet :(. Weer mijn familie voor een paar jaar niet meer zien, naja eigenlijk thuis al want mijn opa en oma gaan nooit mee naar vliegveld omdat we altijd de avondvlucht hebben.
    Echt zulke mooie foto's en die eerste gif is echt heel erh mooi! Die napcabs zijn echt grappig maar wel een beetje duur XD

  17. oh my goodness. i have never heard of nap caps before. :) i love airports. does this sound crazy? but i love not being rushed and checking everything out. i mean airports like in the areas for international flights. domestic is boring. ha.

  18. Those bed capsule things look so cool! I have yet to see one, unless I just missed it while at the airport last time. I love airports so much - shopping, eating, and just the thought of getting ready to go on a new adventure. I hope you have a better plane experiences with nice weather, turbulence and rain is so scary.

  19. such lovely shot
    glad that you had fun!
    style frontier

  20. Nap caps???!!!! I´ve never heard of sounds handy but a bit claustrophobic for me.

    Nice blog!

  21. whenever i went to hk, i always tell my parents to pick up the latest ride back to china (because yea we always go china->hk->macau->hk->china phase then from china we go back to indonesia)....and we always choose the afternoon or night, if possible, train ride :( and then before time's up, i tend to go back to sasa and go all mad on the beauty products, especially the hair dyes and hair treatment products lol

    hm i'm not sure why people love dutyfree, to be honest.
    okay, maybe because there are chocolates there and stuff but yea then again, i never went back home from hk directly so.. maybe it's different than the one china has (which sucks,imo)

    hehe ice watccchh >w< i'm so proud my watch is photographed by you haha

  22. I really enjoy travelling (to a destination, not back), but never been as far as HK.

    That mini Nutella is adorable though.

    Hmm maybe...

  23. Those nap cabs are interesting... how do they work?


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