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When I was in Hong Kong last summer, I’ve tried out this Japanese based restaurant, specialised in udon noodles. It’s a chain restaurant so I wasn’t really expecting any wow factors but I love eating udon noodles so I was still looking forward eating at Jika Udon!

It’s saddening but true but my only experience with udon are the instant ones. So having actual ‘real’ udon from a restaurant is pretty a wow factor already haha..  
And I could definitely taste difference between the ones from home and Jika Udon: smooth and silken texture!

We had to wait for about 20 minutes until there was a free spot for me, my aunt and my cousin. So that’s a good sign for a restaurant right?


In de vorige zomer in Hong Kong heb ik bij een Japans restaurant dat gespecialiseerd is in udon noodles gegeten genaamd: Jika Udon. Het is een filiaalbedrijf dus ik verwachte niet echt heel spectaculairs maar had er wel zin in c: En om eerlijk te zijn heb ik tot dan toe alleen maar instant udon gegeten dus het was wel een spannend moment om eens ‘echte’ udon bij een restaurant te eten!

De verschillen tussen die van thuis en die van Jika Udon is overduidelijk al zeg ik het zelf: zijdezachte textuur!

Eenmaal aangekomen bij het restaurant moesten ik, mijn tante en neef 20 minuten wachten totdat er een plek vrij kwam voor ons. Dat is een goed teken toch? Geen crisis bij Jika Udon!

I've ordered a 'hot udon with sauce'  and a coddled egg. The name coddled egg intrigued me so yeah. It turns out to be a soft, silken smooth boiled egg with a runny yolk <3 i="" love="" runny="" yolks....="">

I saw people dipping their udon noodles in these black cups and I immediately want to try it out! The flavor is really subtle and clean and the udon noodles were silky smooth! 

My cousin ordered a bowl of udon as well along with his wagyu hamburger.... 

ADDRESS: Shop 301-308, Level 3, K-Point, 1 Tuen Lung Street, Tuen Mun  - HONG KONG
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  3/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. OMG UDON♡. Ik houd daar echt van, lekker chewy daar moet ik dus echt een keer heen wanneer ik in hk ben. Hopelijk heb ik tijd om er heen te gaan haha ^^. Ik heb echt honger nu

  2. Oh wow! Looks so yummy!!! I wouldn't mind some Udon now! Great pictures. And yes, I find with experience that if you have to wait for a while for a table at restaurants it means they are very popular! M.Mae.

  3. OMG I never heard of that restaurant, seems interesting, will definitely try it out this summer when I go back to HK :3

  4. The udon noodles look really good. Unfortunately I've only had the packaged udon from the supermarket, and I've never had actual udon noodles from a restaurant.

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. What a pretty bowl! I've tried udon once and decided that the only kind of noodles that I like is the extremely unhealthy instant ones. 8)

  6. I am very much craving udon now! It's so nice to have on a chilly day :)

  7. Gosh that looks incredibly good!
    Ik heb hongerrrr haha

  8. So in the mood for some Udon now! Looks so yummy!

    Much Love, M

  9. Udon is een van mijn favorieten!! Ziet er lekker uit, maar heeft van de foto's inderdaad wel een beetje een keten-gevoel. Lekkerrrrr!

  10. Het ziet er echt heerlijk uit; als ik weer naar Azië ga en een van de restaurants in de
    buurt zijn ga ik zeker even langs :)

  11. Oooooooooooh dit ziet er lekker uit, ik heb nog nooit udon gegeten, maar als ik dat wil eten moet ik dat waarschijnlijk ergens in de chinese wijk gaan zoeken xD haha en ik kan nooit aan die winkels uit in de chinese wijk. Het eten ziet er in ieder geval super uit ^_^


  12. omg looks so delicious! I want udon now!!! xD

  13. These look so yummy - I love such kind of food!

    Have a nice evening,

  14. mmm the noodles look so tasty!:)♥ lovely photos!

  15. Is this a new chain because I've never heard of it before :O
    Will definitely have to give Jika Udon a visit next time I'm in HK. Udon is my favourtie type of noodle!

  16. I 've never heard of this restaurant, but it sure looks yummy ! I think I've had udon noodles once or twice before, but the other times, they were the instant ones too hehe.
    The fresh ones are a lot better!!

  17. looks delicious. udon is one of my favorites!

  18. eeehhh~ i'm surprised...the udon you've always had before this have always been instant ones? o__o eh wow...anyway i like udon >w< but i think i prefer cold soba instead :P

    ah! you ordered kamaage udon~ /o/ contrary to people saying how kamaage udon is too plain and/or boring, i like eating it and also the way to eating it >:) my mother used to think we eat it directly from the wood hotpot -___- lol and i had to laugh at her because it's not like eating a normal soup ramen :)) and she was like "what the soup is the soy sauce??" hhahaha really ^^;;

    the soft boiled egg is perfect!! *o* runny yolk is so good lookinggg <33

  19. I loveeeeee udon. It's one of my favorite noodle dishes! This place looks delicious. I like that they also did dipping style udon too. Dipping ramen is also a new thing that is fantastic if you've never tried (it's called tsukemen). & that good & so orange! I can never get my egg to be cooked like that. I need to figure out how haha.


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