I'm wishing for a stool

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 I want to continue making video’s (:D) because I kind of enjoyed making the first video so therefore I want to sit comfortable on a stool. I think it will be DIY video’s c: I have written a few idea’s down! I’ve been checking a few online shops and have formed a wishlist with dreamy stools. Yes dreamy which means lovely design, beautiful wood and overpriced, sigh. I think I’m going to check out a thriftstore instead…


Dus. Ik heb besloten om in de toekomst meer filmpjes te maken. Waarschijnlijk worden het DIY filmpjes. Want lets face it, ik kan niet zingen en ik ben hopeloos met make-up. En sinds ik best wel creabea ben, is de keuze snel gemaakt: DIY! Daarvoor wil ik wel op een comfortabel stoel zitten en heb hier een leuk maar ook helaas overprijst lijstje gemaakt. Ik denk dat ik morgen bij de kringloop check…


  1. hoera diy filmpjes :)
    ik ben benieuwd!
    de barstoelen zien er inderdaad leuk uit. Is een diy barstoel geen handig idee haha?

  2. Ohh i like number 7! Maybe because it has a back rest, but number 4 looks really cool too!

  3. It would be cool if you did cooking videos :D

  4. I love Ikea for all of my furniture! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  5. I've watched your video! Haha. Found that we have a bit in common like sleeping with gaps in my eyes. The first time my boyfriend saw that it kind of freaked him out a bit. Hahaha! And also 16A through C. I've self-taught myself with piano. So.. yeah! I hope you make more videos! :))

  6. so looking forward to your upcoming videos.. :) stools 3, 4 and 5 are my favorite!

    rachel x

  7. Those are some fancy stools haha, I quite like number 7. Who knows, you might find something nice at a thrift store!

  8. Leuk dat je video's gaat maken! Leuke stoelen zeg, ik vind ze allemaal wel wat hebben!

  9. I've been wanting a stool too... and ahhh so many options :D

  10. I hope you find the perfect stool, one is out there for you! Lets us in on the progress :)

  11. What a fun idea can't wait for your videos!
    I love the stools, there are to much options haha. But I think number 4 is my fav! :)

    xo' M

  12. number 5 is my favorite! :D


  13. Beautiful stools! I think my favorite is the finnishdesignshop one but I think I even like more your idea to thrift one! Hope we will see it in the next video ;)


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