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I’d like to share you my skincare routine of the products I’ve been using at most recent. I haven’t really found a product yet that is so essential to my skin, so whenever a product is finished I’ll just buy a new product that I’ll try out. Of course after reading the positive reviews on blogs c:

I guess my skincare routine is pretty simple. I only have 1 moisturizer for day and night! And pamper my skin with sheet masks or homemade mask with yogurt and oatmeal once in a while, if I don’t forget…

Since I follow and read beautybloggers I’m nowadays more aware and critic (cruelty free!) about products than before, which is good. I still have a long list of products I want to buy and try out!

Klein maar fijn, zo zou ik mijn huidige huidverzorging omschrijven. Ik heb bijvoorbeeld maar 1 soort crèmepje voor dag zowel nacht! En af en toe gebruik ik maskers om mijn huid lekker te verwennen.

Ik heb tot nu toe nog geen product gevonden waarvan ik zó onder de indruk was, dat die voor de rest van mijn leven bij moet blijven. Wanneer iets op is koop ik gewoon een ander nieuw product. Ik ben geloof ik nog in de uitprobeer fase..

En sinds ik beautybloggers volg en lees ben ik ook een stuk wijzer en ook kritischer geworden over bepaalde producten (anti-dierproeven!). Dankzij hen heb ik ook een vrij lange lijst van producten die ik graag wil uitproberen…

Left to right: sheet masks, Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Cream, The Body Shop tea tree exfoliating pads, Yes to Tomatoes eye cream, blinc Resurf.a.stic, face massager scrap from Taiwan, Tony Moly Intense Repair Live Snail Foam Cleanser, Daiso charcoal cleansing cream, The Body Shop BB cream

In the morning and before sleeping! 

This stick is really harsh on my skin.... therefore 1x in a month. 

And I guess a lipbalm is part of my skincare routine as well... 


  1. OMGGGG is it crazy that i want your skincare spatula so badly?! lol!!! it looks so neat and honestly i HAD sticking my fingers inside whatever jar ect it drives me nuts .. i always have to wash my hands w/ soap and water AND then use anti-bac before i stick my hands in.. which i'm sure defeats the purpose of using the moisturizer because the soap/water/alcohol are probably drying me out anyways because i'm a germaphobe lol!! thanks for sharing your products hon i'm going to check out things on your list!!!

  2. I like to use my facial massager too! I never seen one like that before. looks so cool!

  3. My skincare is pretty simple too. I pretty much use all the same products for morning and night, seems to work well on me. I've heard a few people commenting on the snail cream, saying that it's supposedly really good for your skin. Your lip balm is so darn cute haha~

    xx becky /

  4. I love seeing other people's skin care routine! :)

  5. Thanks for entering my giveaway!! and Wow i love your layout! I haven't been on blogger lately and now I'm back in full force! Well hopefully :P

    I love reading about skincare routines, makes me want to invest in new products but then again, I should finish up with my current products first!

  6. Love this kind os posts, very inspirational to apply daily!!

    Strawberry Blonde

  7. Oeh wat een leuke producten allemaal! Ik koop meestal een goedkope dagcreme (van Essence of Kruidvat), die ik dan ook als nachtcreme gebruik. Verder heb ik nog een cleansing tonic voor een matte huid. Binnenkort ga ik ook weer iets nieuws uitproberen!

  8. aaaah zo'n massage ding wil ik gaan kopen weet alleen niet waar ik zoiets kan vinden in hk. Wat is die stick eigenlijk?

  9. Hooray for The Body Shop products! I love to indulge in face masks, I think it's needed at least once a week :)

  10. Fijne producten! Ik heb ook nog niet echt een wonder product gevonden wat ik altijd zal blijven gebruiken. Ik heb ook een lastige en onrustige huid ;)

  11. I really need to get into a good skin routine, I get pretty lazy sometimes :/
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  12. aw im using the green tee tree products too :>

  13. i love having a snoop into people's skincare stash! asian skincare is so good, i wish it was more readily available in the UK x

  14. Oh very interesting your skincare routine, some populars products like charcoal cleansing cream!
    comment to me back to keep in touch!

  15. I'm always on the lookout for new products since I have such sensitive Asian skin...seems like the Korean/Jap products work the best! Gotta try out your list!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest lovey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  16. i'm intrigued by your weapons of choices, never seen those before!

  17. the face massager is so funny haha how does one use it though... xD
    the first product that caught my eye is probably the daiso cleansing foam >w< gotta love the packaging~ i've heard about snail creams being, i'm curious and i feel like buying it (especially because in here, tonymoly is cheaper than etude house LOL)
    how's the body shop bb cream though? i've stopped trusting western bb cream..i think haha the first and last i used was from clinique and it didn't blend nicely :( imma using etude house's though..

    oh hey adorable lip balm you got there~ is it from tonymoly?? i'm guessing so since tonymoly always have adorable unique packaging

  18. Love the lip balm packaging, so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

  19. I love your blog. First visit but i'm totally in love. Hope to see you soon on mine
    Caroline xx
    (sorry for my bad english but i'm a frenchie)

  20. cute lip balm! I'm sure this is a personal preference, but I was wondering why you use the BB cream once a week. I used to apply BB cream in the mornings Monday through Friday -- is it harsh on your skin to use it often?

  21. that lip balm is so cute!! :') xx


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