Peek Into My Life 43


-          First, thank you for your support of my school and my pain in the butt survey task :P

-          I’ve a wonderful week with meeting up friends and receiving gifts last week!

-          I’ve finished watching Game of Thrones season 2… I’m going to finish Supernatural season 8…

-          I’ll be making carrot cake soon!

-          Have a great week folks!


-          Allereerst, bedankt voor jullie support op mijn enquêteren opdracht :P

-          Ik had vrij een aardige week achter de rug: met vriendinnen afgesproken en cadeautjes ontvangen!

-          Ik ben net klaar met Game of Thrones seizoen 2… Ik ga nu Supernatural afkijken…

-          Ik ga binnenkort weer eens carrotcake/worteltaart maken!

-          Fijne werkdagen mensen!

I've won Jessie's a.k.a EverythingIsMakeable's giveaway! I didn't want to rip open the presents as they were wrapped up so beautifully c: I'm motivated to wrap up my giveaways in the future haha!

 My favorite color combination c; 

 Pretty neat birdfeeding station! 

 A very delicious homemade lasagna with carrots, onions and spinach c:  

 So I have did some cardreadings with my friend........ 

 Spekkoek which is so gooood!

 Having Japanese food in my belly, HOTSPOT post soon c: 


  1. Cute pictures and items !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a free Vichy skin care product !

  2. Oehh gefeliciteerd dat je de giveaway hebt gewonnen! Die pakjes zijn inderdaad supermooi ingepakt.. Roze en mintgroen is ook mijn favo kleurcombi ^^ Ik heb spekkoek nog nooit geprobeerd.. toch maar eens doen dan! xx

  3. I love the color mint, and pink as well! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. such a cute kitty! & that lasagna looks delicious!

  5. Congratulations on winning the giveaway, I've only ever won one giveaway and that was like 3 years ago or something. And you make me crave lasagneeee

  6. I am a Supernatural junkie! That reminds me I need to catch up a little. Such cheery photos and another wonderful near peek into your life post!

  7. Lasagna looks delicious!! Lovely photos Mei :D

  8. ooh never tried BB cream from the body shop before. Is it any good?

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. *__* I love all of your photos! Any food related pictures on any of your posts always have me drooling. Love the gifts and cards, so fun! <3

  10. Gelukkig zijn helemaal heel aangekomen!
    Ik ben benieuwd naar de hotspot. Het eten ziet er namelijk verrukkelijk uit :D
    Hoe bevalt de bb cream? :) Ik zie het zo vaak voorbij komen!

  11. I just love all of your pictures! They're so beautiful and I like the vibe of it. :)
    The gifts and the packaging are so nicely wrapped, if I were you I would not unwrap it either. xD
    P.S.: Do you do card readings?

  12. Your cats so cute mmmm what is that cake thing look delicioso!!!

  13. cute kitty cat. i just finished season one of bates motel on netflix and wow! that is a crazy one :)

  14. Wat een grappige foto's allemaal, ik krijg echt spontaan honger door al het eten haha. :)

  15. Very nice! :D
    Which carrot cake recipe are you going to use? My favourite is the one from the bbc, here

  16. d'aww i love how pretty the present packaging is! and isn't game of thrones SO good?! i refuse to watch the previews for this season because i know i won't be able to wait haha

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  17. I love your "peeks into my life" ! : )

  18. wowww haha you're so fast with spn.. oh well, i kinda stopped watching after season 2 after my favorite female died :( sigh. haven't started game of thrones season 3 yet though ....i'm too caught up with teen wolf at the moment to pick up GoT and/or Spn lol xD also am being distracted by almost human and arrow :P

    your cat is so cute ;w; i love black - white cats >< they remind me of cows hehe

    spekkoeeeeeekkkkkk x___x whatttt i'm craving for it's ironic because when we have it on the table, i wouldn't even touch it haha

    how's body shop's bb cream? is it good and easy to blend? i'm quite skeptical with western bb creams...i used clinique's once and it was difficult to blend and my face sorta looked like a ghost for a few seconds before the cream seeped in :(

  19. Love your peek into my life posts! :) precious kitty! Her gif is so funny!! I almost can hear her meow. Beautiful color wool combo, what are you knitting with them?


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