Project: Steamed Coconut Buns


I can’t believe it’s Saterday. I can’t believe it’s Sunday tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s February already. I can’t believe how fast 24 hours can be. I can’t believe how much work I have left. I can’t believe how much idea’s I have left in my brain. I can’t believe I’m still blogging at 23:23 PM, I can’t believe I still think of food (fattie) and I can’t believe my steamed buns are blue.

Yes, lately I have made steamed coconut buns lately! Probably my mellowest and yummiest buns I have made so far.

The truth is, I want to create blue colored buns but I was late adding the food coloring so it end up not combining well which leaves this marble effect... Anyway hopefully you'll try it out! 

Waarom is het alweer zaterdag? Waarom is het alweer zondag? Waarom is het alweer februari? Waarom kan een 24 uur zo snel gaan? Waarom heb ik zoveel werk? Waarom heb ik zoveel ideeën in mijn hoofd? Waarom zit ik nog te bloggen om 23:28 PM? Waarom zit ik aan eten te denken (fattie) en waarom zijn mijn gestoomde broodjes blauw?

Ja ja, ik heb onlangs alweer gestoomde buns gemaakt. Dit keer met kokos smaak en waarschijnlijk de zachtste en lekkerst buns tot nu toe! c: 

Om je de waarheid te vertellen, ik was van plan om blauwe buns te maken maar ik was beetje laat met de food coloring. Dus ze combineerde niet meer zo goed ziet u... en dit zorgt voor de nodige marmer effect! Ik hoop dat je mijn recept uitprobeert!

Da Recipe: 300 gr. plain flour, 2 tbsp. sugar, ½ tbsp. yeast + 2 tbsp water½ tsp. baking powder, pinch of salt, 100 ml coconut milk + 30 ml water ±, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil

 Looks like its bruised. 

Da Steps:
  1. Cut baking paper in desired (square) sizes + grease a bowl. Add the water to the yeast and let it 'bubble' for 5 min. Add the coconut milk and around 30 ml water (start with less just in case), combine and set aside. 
  2. Sift the flour and baking powder. 
  3. Make a well in the center and pour in the yeast water and start kneading! Then add in a little bit of the coconut water and start kneading. Add the rest of the coconut water and knead until its absorbed and smooth. It should smell lovely coconut-ish.
  4. Add the 1 tbsp. of oil and knead until its smooth, almost glossy and elastic. 
  5. Place the dough into a clean slightly greased clean bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Let it rise for 1 hour. The dough should be doubled in sizes. If not let it rise for another 30 min. 
  6. After the rising, careful place the dough back on a lightly dusted workplace and press (gently!) the air out of the dough. 
  7. Divide the dough in desired portions and place them on the prepared cut baking paper on a baking tray and cover it with plastic wrap. Let it rest/rise for 30 minutes.
  8. Boil water and get your steam basket ready. 
  9. Once the 30 min. are up, place the buns in the steam basket and let it steam for 10 minutes.
Good luck!


  1. My dad loves to buy these buns at the supermarket! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  2. Omg, these sounds absolutely delicious! My boyfriend and I made your cranberry rolls recipe btw! And it was awesome, ours weren't as fluffy and bouncy as yours but they were so damn good nonetheless. You can see it in my decemeber bakes post! Thanks for the recipe, when I have the time I'll love to try these too!

  3. Mmmm this looks so delicious!

    Trending In Fashion

  4. Lovely pictures! These buns look absolutely amazing. I will have to try making them! M.Mae.

  5. mmm they look so nommy! i love coconut milk when baking

  6. they look soo yummy!! making me hungryyy

  7. I love coconuts<3<3<3 yum yum yum!

  8. Oehh jammie dat lijkt me lekker.

  9. Everything looks so yummy !

  10. Haha het lijkt wel een beetje alsof je ze in elkaar geslagen hebt, maar het heeft ook iets van een schimmelkaas.
    Schimmelkaas kokosnoot broodje? Klinkt wel grappig haha.
    Het ziet er in ieder geval heerlijk uit ondanks de blauwe plekken! ^^
    x Jessy

  11. What an interesting recipe! Strange-looking dish :-D But it does sounds pretty delicious.

  12. Steamed coconut buns? Wow that's creative, I wouldn't have thought to combine them!

  13. these look so yummy. i always want to start baking after seeing posts like this, which i generally don't ever get around to if i am honest, but at least i can live vicariously through amazing food bloggers like you!

    rae from lovefromberlin

  14. Adorable, these look so soft, fluffy, and delicious. My mom would love these :3

  15. Ohh, I love steamed coconut buns! They're my go to with curry!! Never made them blue though, might try that myself too! *_*

  16. Ziet er goed uit Mei!! :D ben benieuwd als ze helemaal blauw zijn next time! xx

  17. ok, this has got me seriously excited. i LOVE coconut, i love steamed buns - put the two together, and i can die happy. x

  18. Yummie! Die ga ik echt uitproberen! Super leuke blog heb je! x

  19. Thanks for sharing, looks so yummy! I prefer the marble effect, makes it looks so special :)

  20. The texture looks so good! I'm learning so many new recipes with you :)

  21. These look so terribly good - I'm going to have to try them soon

  22. just lovely and i love coconut. just need to get some steamers like these!

  23. Oh Wow looks so gooooood.....drooling right now!!


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