Sanity is restored


Since one of my good friends has her own apartment, I’ve been crashing at her place quite a lot lately for dinners, homework and movies! It made me realise I should start to find a place of mine I think… But yeah first I have to find a pile of money.

 When I was little I always dreamed about my own place and how I’d decorate my home. Especially with the great interior pictures in the internet world.

Oh and it hailed! And disappointing no snow :c I actually don’t mind to have some North American weather right now, I want snow!

Een van mijn zeer goede vriendinnen heeft onlangs een eigen huisje. En ik kom graag over de vloer bij haar voor het avondeten, samen huiswerk maken of gewoon filmpje pakken. Het realiseert me dat ik misschien ook mijn eigen huisje moet zoeken. Maarja no money! Oh well. Het enige wat ik wel doe is dagdromen over mijn toekomstige huisje met de leukste meubeltjes…

En onlangs heeft het flink gehageld bij ons! Helaas geen sneeuw… Hoewel ik liever van warmte hou, in de winter hoort sneeuw en die moet echt wel komen hoor!

Seriously thinking to cut my hair again. A bob again maybe?

There's always food at my friends place luckily...

The Taiwanese drama show 'Meteor Garden' truly my favorite 'Boys over Flowers' show of all. 

The hail reminds me of sago and I instantly craved for bubble tea.... 

I'm Feeling: motivated
Music: Foster the People - Coming of Age - I love this band!
Food: cracker with sea salt
Drink: hazelnut flavored coffee


  1. meteor garden ♡! Ik hoyd van die drama mijn moeder heeft ook de dvds maar nietin zo'n grote box haha. en wow je haar is best wel lang!

  2. Mmmmh, ziet er lekker uit. Fijn toch, zo 'op een ander' gaan eten. En wat is je haar lang! Een bob is leuk, lekker lenteachtig!

  3. ahahaha meteor garden! I was a big fan of them! :))

  4. Zijn dat kokos vlokken? Of denk ik te exotisch :p?

  5. mmm that chocolate ice cream looks SO good!

  6. It's nice to have your own place. Maybe you can get a part time job? That's what I did when I went to university and I made enough to live on my own.

  7. meteor garden! those were the days...

  8. the first photo looks like it's coming from a 35mm film camera since it has that kind of soft, grainy ambience/feel. love it ;)
    people i know who have long hair end up cutting theirs to either bob or shoulder length hairstyle, i wonder if it's a trend..meanwhile here i am dreading the fact that why mine doesn't seem to be growing at all x__x

    tuna pastaaaa *o* i love loveeee tuna <3 /drools

    haha meteor gardenn~ i remember how famous it was back then... and the guys being called F4 pfft oh man... it was hilarious back then.

    now that you've mentioned bubble tea i'm craving for one... been skipping bubble tea for about..2 months? :<

  9. looove the last photo!

  10. Yummy food! It's lovely to have wonderful friends <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. Hahaha sago so good in mango coconut drink :) I think you would look good with short hair!

  12. Oh man, ik heb alleen de Japanse en Koreaanse versies van Boys over flowers gezien. Meteor Garden gaat nu zeker op mijn to-watch lijstje. En nu heb ik zin in een toetje!!! Whoa!

  13. i always had a thing for decorating my place. and rearranging any chance i got! i always got bored and with the changing of the seasons, i always had to change up the furniture. but as i got older and got more adult furniture, it became harder because the furniture was heavy.. but sometimes i still find myself trying to switch up little things :)

  14. It's always good to have a friend with an own place when you still live at home! I've been living on my own for about 7 years now and well, I love it!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving some nice words on my last post!


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