Skyscraper 13


So today an ant walked on our wooden floor in the livingroom. Really irritating as I find them a lot during summer. I almost killed it by stepping on it but my dad the saviour grabbed the small living creature with a piece of tissue while saying: go outside and find something to eat! And a girlfriend perhaps! In broken Dutch.
Lol, oh papa…

Yeah the weather in Holland is still warm. There were even days where I’ve left my winter coat at home. I also can’t believe February is almost over already.

Speaking of Holland, I was just checking the Winter Games ’14 ranking we are doing pretty well at the Olympic Winter Games in Sotsji! Another funny phrase by my dad who pronounces Sotsji as ‘sushi’. Lol, oh papa

Vandaag liep er een mier over onze houten parketvloer in onze woonkamer. Dat haat ik zo erg hè die mieren, vooral in de zomer! Ik wilde de mier met de grond gelijk maken maar mijn liefhebbende papa koos voor een mildere optie met een tissue, en voegde eraan toe: zo, ga jij naar buiten toe en ga eten zoeken! En je vriendin! In gebroken Nederlands, lol oh pap.

 Het weer gisteren was lekker in ons kikkerlandje! Alle knopen van mijn winterjas mochten los!

Dat is denk ik wel anders bij de Winter Spelen in Sotsji. Ik keek net op de ranklijst en zag dat we inmiddels al 24 plakken weten te bemachtigen! We sure kick ass :P Ook grappig: mijn papa spreekt Sotsji als ‘sushi’ uit. Lol, oh pap toch.


  1. Hey there, long time no see (O.o)°
    ....time passes by really fast. ...just like the clouds in your *amazing* gif-animation.

    Vernissage ♥ Cream

  2. such pretty looking photos of the sky <3333

  3. Ahh, the sky looks great in these pictures! I love that animation too, I should really try making them more often :)

  4. beautiful sceneries! i love that rainbow you caught

  5. Beautiful pictures :)
    And your dad is so adorable haha. You should have recorded it!

  6. stunning photos! and yes, the Dutch are amazing especially at speed skating x

  7. Looking all so lovely !

  8. Very nice pictures! The other day the moon looked so big and bright.
    I so wanted to take a picture of it but my camera won't catch it good :-(

  9. nice shots! love the last photo so much!! <3

  10. That last photo is beautiful! A bit cheeky of that ant to just walk into your house, in my opinion. I don't think I would have been as forgiving as your dad! Although admittedly I'd probably be screaming the house down asking someone else to deal with it.

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  11. I love the last photo of the sky at night time. It's so lovely. I used to try to take photos of the sky at night, but my camera isn't good enough to capture everything clearly.

  12. Hey dear, haven't visited you in a while! love your photos and the ant story <3

    visit me too!

  13. such pretty rainbow! and what your papa did was so sweet and cute! :)

  14. LOL. your dad is so funny :D Lovely pictures, dear.


  15. Lovely !!
    Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  16. Beautiful sky!
    i love the first picture >.<


  17. mooie foto's! :) I hou van ''sky photos'' heb er ook een heel veel haha. You can't have enough he ;)

  18. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    That gif is so cool!

    Have a great week,


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