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I’m not really a makeup type of person. Why you may ask? Well. When I was a kid, I was told by my mum that wearing makeup will age you and she kind of forbids me wearing makeup. And I was like ‘okido mum, I’ll listen and be a good girl and avoid makeup’.

But recently I broke her vow and bought my first (yes I repeat first) lipstick ever. And I’m past age 20 and yes it’s shocking. Before that, I only use colored lipbalm. But colored lipbalm doesn’t last long as it will smudge immediately. I wanted something that last for hours on my lips.

It’s funny but I do enjoy reading beauty blogs. And thanks to beauty blogs I picked out the Hema Longer   Lasting lipstick #05 as I’ve read quite positive reviews about it. So please scroll down and check out the pictures and read my opinion about it!


Ik ben niet echt een makeup mens. En dat komt grotendeels doordat ik als kind werd gezegd door mama dat makeup je ouder doen lijken en daarnaast heeft mama me ietsiepietsie verboden makeup te dragen. En je moet altijd naar mama luisteren dus zo gehoord zo gedaan.

Maar laatst heb ik haar belofte verbroken en kocht mijn allereerste (ja je leest het goed) lipstick. En dat op mijn 20+ leeftijd! Schokkend hè? Maar goed. Ik gebruikte al lippenbalm met een kleurtje erin maar die houden helaas niet lang vast op je lippen. Dus ik wilde een lipstick.

Grappig genoeg volg en lees ik beautyblogs al te graag. En dankzij beautyblogs heb ik voor de Hema Longer Lasting #05 gekozen sinds deze best wel positief in de reviews staan. Dus scroll naar beneden en lees en bekijk mijn mening!

I've tried out Hema's other colors as well. 

Hema Longer Lasting 05
Promise: a matt, not staining, long lasting color

Pro: cheap (€3,50!), really long lasting even after drinking/eating though it eventually will fade away after 4 hours, 8 colors total, really nice intense color I must say
Con: it doesn't really moisturize your lips and it really dries out your lips so lipbalm before applying!


  1. The first color is soo pretty :)

  2. Gorgeous shade !

  3. Oh wow! I love the red lipstick shade!!! I'm a huge fan of red lipstick and this post of yours really fascinated me today!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth BLOG
    BIG hair LOUD mouth FACEBOOK page

  4. Great find! I'm nearing my late 20's and only own a few lipsticks too & usually stick to colored balm or lip stain!

  5. I love bright red lipsticks! I think it's okay to wear a little bit of color on your lips. :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  6. My mom used to say the same thing and I still don't own a lipstick of my own choice! You picked a lovely color though, it looks nice on you!

  7. Congrats one getting your first lipstick!
    What a gorgeous colour you've picked too :)

  8. Wow that shade is beautiful and I love how long lasting it seems!! I def. need something like this !!

  9. Haha it feels good on you!! Very nice

    Strawberry Blonde

  10. ooh that red is so bright and nice! definitely have to check it out!
    hope you stop by sometime!

    xx shirley

  11. This looks super crazy long wearing! I'm just not looking forward to it wearing off! Patchy maybe? But for the sake of going to hang out by the pool under the sun, this might be the thing if you're bothered to wear red lipstick!

  12. Haha our moms are similar because my mom also forbade me from wearing makeup. I didn't start buying makeup until I was in college!
    That shade of red is beautiful!! It looks so flattering on you!! Holy long-lasting, that lipstick really does not want to come off haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  13. Haha my mom told me the same thing when I was young too, but I started wearing makeup in high school. I'm pretty sure I still look like a 15 year old without make-up (it's that asian skinnnnn) so I'm not worried about looking aged due to makeup. There are actually lots of working anti-aging products & natural beauty products that work well with your skin by moisturizing them or offsetting excessive oils, so not all makeup is bad for you! Besides, the thing that will age you the most is stress & a bad diet. Just have to remember to always moisturize your face before bed & after you shower! I applaud your first makeup purchase & it's a good one too!! Red is such a fab color & this one is such a quality matte lipstick!! It lasts all day you say?!! I need to get my hands on this ASAP! Good review!

  14. That's a great colour on you!

  15. Nice colour, it looks good on you!

  16. De kleur staat je mooi zeg!! Ik heb ;m zelf ook en vind hem heel fijn! Maar een lipbalsem gebruiken is idd wel nodig van te voren

  17. That shade is so pretty! I own a couple of lipsticks that I rarely wear, instead I usually end using only gloss, which disappears as soon as I step outside my home :P

  18. That is a beautiful shade of red. I dont think wearing and experimenting will do a permanent damage. You are still young and it is fun to play and discover what works best. I remember how my mom told me the same thing and as I get older I have to partially agree. I have never been a makeup person and rarely wear heavy makeup. In a way it can age a person especially when you don't know what shade is right for you and wearing excessive amount of makeup products definitely can suffocate skin. I have seen some women in her early 20's with more noticeable wrinkles than me (given that I am in my 30's).

  19. the color looks great on you!

  20. Ooooh, rood als eerste lipstick! Nice! En hij staat je goed! Zelf moet ik nog een goede rood scoren, ben nu vooral van de rozige tinten, niet te licht.. maar van die oudroze-rood kleuren zeg maar. Thanks voor de review! Misschien kom ik binnenkort ook wel bij de hema :)

  21. I have dry lips which is why I don't usually wear lipstick. That shade looks good, unfortunately my colours clash with red. Hahaha.
    But I swear I couldn't live without makeup. As long as you use good products AND take them off every night, it's fine.


  22. Wow, really impressed by this - and so cheap!

    Have a fantastic day,

  23. Really lovely photos, and very informative review too. Ooh what a bargain lipcolour ! ^^ Plus the shade looks great on you.

    x Satu

  24. Wow, your lip colour is cool and sexy!
    The lipstick matches your black hair very much!


  25. Oehhh die is wel mooi zeg! Staat je goed!

  26. Holy heck that is one heavy duty lipstick! And congratulations on your first one! You picked a perfect color for you :)

  27. wow! your blog is so nice :)
    don't forget to check my blog ♥

  28. Die heb ik ook. Ben er helemaal verliefd op hij is echt heel goed en zeker voor die prijs!
    Leuke post :)

    Much Love, M

  29. For a first color you chose reaaaaaally well. I always thought red looks awesome on you. It really brings out your skin tone and facial features. Does it stay on over night? How do you remove it when you go to sleep?

  30. yaay!♥ congrats on buying your first lipstick!:) the color is so beautiful! lovely review!♥


  31. Awww congratulations on buying your first red lipstick! haha for some reason, it's like a rite of passage to womanhood to own red lipstick :3 the red color on the lip balm is gorgeous, I love the wash of color on your lips! <3

  32. I used to be extremely boyish (boy haircut and all) and I was like "ah screw it. make up sucks, being girly sucks" but now i find myself breaking that vow. I'm not a make up junkie, not a beauty junkie either but I like eyeliners. I guess I first broke my vow when I was obsessed (still am) about this anime character from Death Note, L whose eyes have this black under eyebag look and I was like "i wanna be like that~" so I taught myself to wear eyeliner haha

    And then everything escalated when I get into the whole harajuku fashion. again, not a beauty junkie because I'm only up for eyeliners and mascara (lashes, lashes) and that's it (circle lens too but that's not make up, i guess?). I never really care about shadows or lipstick, to be honest. wait...I don't think I like wearing lipstick either haha. too "sticky" :P I settle down with lip tint and gloss. never really touched my one and only naked colored lipstick :)) (idk why i even bought it...what)

    Like you, I like reading beauty reviews too haha (especially when it's japanese products :P)

    Sometimes, I feel like I should probably get a lipstick like yours, the color i mean..since i like going for the punk-ish rockish (?) look recently...black smudgy liners and all but i'm not confident with such lipstick color :( also, i'm afraid looking older than i am so... *dilemma dilemma?*

    the color fits you though :) it's nice. and it's awesome to see people rockin bright colored lipstick.

  33. I got one of the HEMA brand lipstick and it is super long lasting , its like a lip stainer . The colour you got looks so pretty :)


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