Grateful for Weekend Brunch


As the title of this post says, I love weekend brunches or coffee breaks or any type of occasion involving at least some caffeine (there are caffeine in tea as well).

Me, bro and dad always have one Saturday, after we finished our weekly grocery shopping at the foodmarket. Yeah, we are very civil and I’m grateful for that c:

Have a nice, fresh, bold week next week!


Ik heb graag mijn koffie/thee momenten bij een leuk gezellige cafeetje, tearoom of iets dergelijks. Vooral plekken met gratis wi-fi!

Ik, broertje en papa hebben vaak onze standaard koffie/thee momenten op zaterdag, wanneer we onze fruit en vis hebben gekocht bij de markt. Lekker burgerlijk toch? En daar ben ik dankbaar voor.

Volgende week wordt een fijne en positieve week!


  1. Love this dress!! <3 su cute!

  2. omg I love your blog!
    followed you on bloglovin, follow me back? :D <3

  3. Your dress is really cute! Sounds like a fab brunch and your photos are lovely! I must remember to take my SLR out with me more often.

  4. If you love brunches, you should come to Washington, DC - people here take Sunday brunches seriously! Haha!
    SO loving your pinafore! It's so cute!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Your posts always makes me hungry! I love the hat! I've been trying to look for one of similar style that fits my small head :')

    bijou-heart ♥

  6. i love your outfit!

  7. Het jurkje staat je heel leuk ^^ En de laarzen vind ik ook tof! Burgerlijk is soms wel prettig toch ;)

  8. Ack! I love that dotted...err... what do you call that? A dress slash dungaree thingie? Either way, you look super cute in it!

  9. Prachtige foto's (zoals altijd!)

  10. It's always a nice and warm feeling to indulge in these delicious moments! Hope you have a wonderful week. x

  11. We used to do something like this before we found out about my son's allergies. Now we just do the same at home. I also love coffee. I miss it (not drinking it while pregnant). That drink looks so yummy-licious. :) I see you're wearing your lipstick. So pretty!

  12. The polka dot dress looks cute on you! :)

  13. Lovely pictures and food ! Nice outfit too ! x

  14. Great to see your MRP dress on you, love your styling with the red t-shirt underneath. Yay for everything involving a nice café and some quality time with your loved ones :)


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